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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


Ludia could solve the whole I spent money and dna on a now worthless dino by just allowing us the ability to de-evolve dinos, to farm back their dna as coins or as the original DNA, of course with some kind of tax. But being able to deevolve my now (potentially) worthless Monomimus back to the original Monolophosaurus DNA would give me the ability to use it for something better, and not lose the real money, ingame money and time investment.


It would also be a feature that Pokemon Go doesn’t have…


Monomimus is still going to be useful, but just in a slightly different role. Probably more of a cleanup role now.


to many cleaner uppers out there. need more usefull dinos.


My head is spinning, so many changes! I’m waiting for Metahub’s in depth analysis before making any decisions right now… as always, they’re on it!

I’m excited about the arena changes… our complaints about the 1,000 trophies to the next one have been heard (thanks, Ludia!) I thought I’d never get to the beautiful aviary and now I’ll be in it :heart_eyes:

As for Alliances, my only concern is that some players may be left out… can they still be competitive?

Only time will tell. Overall, well done, Ludia!


Damn that’s crazy


Just realised i will be in jurrasic ruins haha thats great :grin:


Didn’t even notice that change! Sneaky sneaky Ludia!


If nobody has already answered you, it’s referring to level 26


Going by the last time we updated if we go on trend its 4 days until the next update drops


Good eye, I hadn’t noticed that I’ll be in Lockwood now apparently.



I replied in a thread last night about the possibility of a Tupandactylus and Dimorphodon hybrid and played around with the naming. One of my names was Dimodactylus. Now seeing these notes, I freaked out like - “Ooommmmggg I called it!” I am so psyched! I also remember chatting to someone who was making that poll about new dinos that we would like to see - Diplodocus. Now we got a tail-whipping long neck that will spank all them theropods in the face Indiana Jones style! :sunglasses:Whooooooooo! :hugs::hugs::muscle::v::raised_hands::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::clap::clap::facepunch:

I am so psyched foe this update! All these new dinos are going to be a treat to work for! I knew all that Triceratops Gen 2 DNA was gonna come in handy!!! Got mine to level 11 and still collecting that stuff… My only concern is now all that Dracorex DNA that I have to now collect :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face:

I am a bit deterred about my slight Monominus, Stegod, and Trago nerf, but they’re not at Level 26, so I ain’t too phased at them yet; they’re still okay I’m my book x3

In any case, I am just so happy for this! Thank you Ludia for all this new stuff for us to look for forward to! Can wait to start these Alliances :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


When’s this going live?


If things arw the same as last update it was dropped 4 days after release notes


Still waiting for Tanytator to happen…


So I’m 4900 trophies always fall back before 5000.

Question when upgrade goes live and I’m in Avairy presumably. How do I get 2 one time offers?


Drop down a level to go up again haha


Hm, all those Tarbosaurus and Dracorex gen 2 that I didn’t dart.
I’m overal happy with update, just concerned about turn to DoT & Immunity meta.


Man those “healing” moves are going to be so important for this update since SS is nerfed.


Haha got plenty of tarbo just dracorex tenonasaurus and lynthorex dinos i need now