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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


Exactly lol I am so damn close to 5000 but keep getting knocked down. Curious how that’s going to work for the new arenas because we will be up 2 new ones


People complaining that Ludia has screwed with their dinosaurs and they deserve compensation really need to understand that to prevent the game becoming stale the meta has to change from time to time and that includes dinosaur attacks/stats/abilities.

You have to learn to evolve and adapt same as the rest of us.


Update is today, next day, next day for next day? In next weekend? In next for next weekend? In end this year?


If it’s like last time probably Monday


Thanks for God


If its last time its going to be here in 4 days


Same situation here, also same question


This is a long time for me.


I am close, but I don’t even have stegodeus yet, even with the event attempts. :disappointed_relieved:


Stegodeus is still worth a spot in the team i may move trago out for a bleeder when it drops


@Colin_Goodman problem is lack of coins, people sitting on 70ish Dino’s that could be levelled but lack the coins, when its 100K+ to level a dino (so a lot of coin grind) for a dino that is then useless, people are not going to be happy as coins are so hard yo come by. Big changes need a huge influx of coins to players so they can recoup their losses


Rare at max no epic?


That would’ve been too easy…


Hopefully they will allow Epic at some point in the future once any issues or bugs are ironed out.


Well. I’m gonna have to learn the game all over again :joy:
Just as I get comfy in the mid ruins.

Hello Marshes again!


I’m wondering if I should start tanking battles now so lower my trophies so when I hit the new arenas I get the incubator. I’m currently at 4880


Give vulnerability strike to some legendary and unique dinos, this abillity is long forgotten on high level arenas, i want to see all kind od abillities, so minimal wounding strike would be also cool in some epic legendary and unique dino. Please keep it in mind.


Mine is 26 so … ah well, glad I’m not playing in the arena anymore

I will go back to just collecting and filling dino dex


If you’re currently in mid-Arena 8 you’ll find yourself in either 9 (starting at 4,000) or 10 (4,500+). Don’t worry about landing in the swamp again!


I want the opportunity to purchase the arena incubator though. Currently at 4900