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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


I’m tankin’ just to be sure to get the offer, plus it’s fun to play some of these alt dinos again! :wink:


Sorta glad I didn’t bother to level up my Stegodeus too much right now, and instead focus on other dinos that use the same ingredients :sweat_smile:

Really excited for this update. Just a shame I never see Tenontosaurus around here. I don’t think mine is higher than level 7…


With the change in arena requirements, will you be able to buy the arena incubator of the arena you end up in after the update if the update causes you to jump to a different arena? (I’ve never been to Lockwood but it looks like the update will put me there)


My Stegogod is ready to level, should I not bother?


Is the diloracheirus buff to health a typo? That is current health at 26. @Jorge?


I think so because there is a typo for tragod too. It says hp lowered to 3900 when that is actually a buff at level 26


It only lost 90HP, it’s not that bad


In regards with this updates… who among this event dinos are worth catching for then??? Anyone knows??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Awesome super excited about this update!

Just a couple questions:

  1. Monostegotops also has Stunning Impact, but it wasnt mentioned in the list of dinos effected by the stun change.

  2. Does Shielding Strike replace Short Defense since it has the exact same icon from what I can tell?

  3. Since Pinning Strike prevents swap for 2 turns now, does Lockdown now do it for 3 turns?

Thanks guys and keep up the great work!


Also, utahsino faster than rinex - intended?


But its counter is gonna pierce armor now at least. Not bad.


So monostego is better than monomi

Bring on the era of Trex famalamadingdong and bleeders

Gons is the era of tanks haha


mark, what is instant distraction…no explanation yet?


It’s the rename of Instant Cripple


Interesting how it says that utarinex will be affected by the greater stunning impact thing. Considering that instant charge is already 75% stun chance. Why would it be affected ? Because of low stunning strike ?


Tryko just became a montster.


And i wanted to get indoraptor


Does this update screw anyone else over or just me. Why buff stegosaurus it was powerful enough from last update and it still wrecks my team to this day.


So we only have the silhouette of the new flying hybrid… Am I the only 1 who thinks it looks like the monsters from pitch black? Changes look interesting, we will see a big change is the arena and a lot more variety, Im excited.


Losing one of its rampages for instant distraction just adds more gamble into tryko imo. They could throw a trash attack into it if u guess wrong. Same with II. It will still be good but it had enough gamble with II alone i feel like