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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


Ankylosaurus and Sinoceratops. I’m closer to creating Diorajasaurus, so it’s Anky for me.


They voiced out their concerns because of the amount of coins spent to level up those dinos.
Not because they’re not willing to adapt.
Coins are resources. And they aren’t cheap.


So Magnapyritor is not receiving any love😑


Oh ok I see, so Stunning Impact isnt becoming Greater Stunning “across the board” for all dinos necessarily like the notes suggest. Only the dinos that have a basic stunning strike of some kind that also had Stunning Impact are getting their basic stunning strike removed, while the Stunning Impact becomes Greater Stunning.

So Monostegotops, for instance, still has Stunning Impact with the 33% chance? That’s what I’m assuming (wasnt in the list of dinos effected by the change).


That .5 counter and the speed make it one of the best dinos out now but that still depends on what changes we cannot see of course.

It’s a major buff just wait and see.


so keen for this meta change, looks like bleed and immune dinos will be a big thing. super excited for thoradolosaur.


Those fixes better include doing something about failed game connections. Nothing worse than watching the game straining to connect a battle for 2 minutes, forcing you to restart the app, only to find the game went ahead and connected your opponent but not you, leaving you stuck in the middle of a battle you now cant win.

Speaking of; where’s our forfeit button, and why cant disconnects just end the game in a loss? I would honestly rather be able to get back into looking for another game after a dc than be forced to sit through a doomed battle.


500 trophy arena separation!
Need higher arenas, but yay on the not stuck in the marshes forever!


Iam hehehehe lvl 14


@Ulfhednar why? Do u have lots of Sino??


They are dammed if they do dammed if they don’t. I have to decide which Dino’s to level due to lack of coins (and time to collect other DNA too I guess) and then my smart correct decision to chose dino x is wrong and I should have gone with Dino y instead it is annoying but they have to make changes or the game will become stale and boring. I pretty much cop nerf after nerf every patch it sucks but I get why they do it.


That bullet hit every player in the game though


Pretty much anything you didn’t want before


Monomin is not gonna be worthless but that’s not the point. It’s not as good as what you paid for, which is unfair I agree.
I definitely would have balanced my team better instead of spending every coin I had on Tragodistis and Stegodeus. I got nerfed HARD in this one


Yeah it’s a long boring road to Trykosuarus and if this is another nerf it’s a hard pill to swallow. The Sino road keeps getting buffed which is a bit unfair because both the Sino legendaries are fun and useful. 15 attempts today Ankylosaurus or Sino (I’ll take the boring as hell option and get Anky although I’ll still need another truck load of Kentro DNA)


I sent them a message in the game regarding the arena incubator and they said there is no way to back track it unless trophy count is lower. Time to lose a bunch of battles


I said the same thing as you basically although your comment “like the rest of us” isn’t really fair or true. Some of us F2P have to wait weeks to level up a single Dino with almost every single Dino flashing level me up. My highest level Dino’s were Tragodistis and Stegodeus which is literally months of coins that will now be, well not great anyway. Adaption for some is just clicking on other Dino’s to level up but if you don’t have coins then that’s not an option. So it’s not just adapting tactics and strategy etc. but I agree with the fact that the games gotta evolve.


Its ok you don’t want it now


It’s looked down upon by some but this whole game is strategy and that is a logical strategy this is wat my friend (or enemy? I’m getting lost in my own analogy). Anyway do it why not? Your (like the rest of us, going to need time to learn the new meta anyway).


No don’t bother
This was a HUGE nerf.
IMO they should have just put a 3/4 turn cool down on the SS move but they completely destroyed it.