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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


There is now the chance to get legendary/unique DNA through arena incubators?


no, it shows what that DNA can get you


It was long coming. So no. Don’t try to act as if you didn’t see a change coming. Tanks being able to beat any, and all by beating them in damage, speed and cleanse themselves. If you believed that would last you are a minority, and you were naive. Compensation? Haaaa


Newsflash, there are always going to be dinos that are on top, and you people are going to complain that they are OP. The difference is, we all have to pay whenever they do an update. The only winner here is Ludia.


Hope youre right. My tryko is level 25 lol


Something else, the notes say they adapted spawns to their strength, which I would say means “the stronger the rarer”.
However, metahub seems to have a party going because of this rebalance cause that means we get the stronger ones more.
How do we interpret this announcement? :sweat_smile:


this guy really hurting though??


All that wasted Allosino DNA :joy:


lol im sure he has 100k more just waiting…


sure is stubborn with that tuo though lol


You will never take my sea urchin!!!


I disagree, updates will always have bitter sweet elements but this 1 seems to focus heavily on making more dinos viable, more strategies viable. I think if you view it a a cynic you’ll only see a cash grab but if you view it from the perspective of making the game better you do realize that the developer does seem to be listening



We all who? You all who knew it was way too powerful for what it was and still invested time and money into it?


Some of the same OP dinos got more powerful. Is there a point you’re making for the overall meta?


Yes. He spent thousands on that team and now it’s much worse. Ludia screwed him. I guess you never want a level 30 dino?


i dont think hes screwed at all. considering all the teams around him. like i said… if some are truly unusable, which i doubt… he will replace when need be but i bet he still holds rank. and who knows if he doesnt have a level 30 spinotosuchus or something awaiting…


plus… he also has almost a max damage monomimus compared to most… so its still very usable to him. nothing on mimus changed but the hp… so if its level 30… what did he lose? id be worried maybe about the new nullify dino i guess.


Yeah before you basically had to either use an Inmune or Tyranosaur and hope they didnt crit the thagomizer or the superiority impact


Change is the only constant.

I, for one, was forced into the “whose Stegodeus was higher level” just before the last tournament.

Lucky for me, some of you pointed out about the sneaky description change for SS. So I stopped at lvl 26 (100k coins). I won’t say Stegodeus is trash now, it just ain’t a ‘god’ anymore. It will still have a place in mid-tier teams until you unlock more desirable dinosaurs to replace it.

All of us need to relearn the battle mechanics… how the old and new will affect our strategy. I definitely welcome this but it may be daunting for some players like my young nephew to understand the new incoming ‘complexities.’

We live in exciting times… :wink: