[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


Update 1.6 will introduce a significant upgrade to our drones, which is detailed in the Exploration section. This update will also continue building on our Alliances with Alliance Missions - see New Features. Furthermore, additions to the DPG’s expanding hybrid catalog can be found in the New Creatures section!

See below to prepare and remember to have fun and stay safe while exploring!


Hold on to your (collective) butts!
  • Alliance Missions
    • Alliance missions appear under the Alliance Tab in the DPG menu, accessible via the DPG button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
    • There are two mission specializations your Alliance can focus on, with ten total missions available at a time.
    • Exploration missions focus your Alliance on DNA and resource collection goals. Defense missions focus your Alliance on Battle goals.
    • Each time your Alliance completes a mission, every Alliance member can collect the mission reward.
    • Completed missions show the player ID of their Top Contributor
    • Complete all 5 missions in either of the specialization categories to increase your weekly Rank and improve the Incubator reward each Alliance member can collect at the end of the week.
    • Your Rank will be reset each week and you’ll have the opportunity to complete new missions and collect rewards again!
    • Remember to use your Alliance Chat to communicate with other members of your Alliance about your goals!


Get more out of your drone range than ever before!
  • Increased Interaction Range On The Map
    • Based on player feedback, we are greatly increasing the interaction range on the map.
    • Supply Drops, Treasure boxes, Special Event Supply Drops and Strike Events can now be opened from up to 150 meters away (200m for VIP members). Open them from long range for a portion of the full reward, or move into close range to collect everything.
  • Migration and World Balancing
    • In the previous update, we started to take into consideration the value of each creature when doing the world balancing. In this update, we also considered the value of the hybrids that can be created from them.
    • As usual, we welcome your feedback on this subject in our forums!
  • Strike Events Updated Look
    • Strike Towers now have different visual designs to better communicate their difficulty and rewards to the DPG members viewing them at a distance.
    • Press the “i” button in Flyby to get more info on the event’s difficulty level, and pick your battles accordingly!


Master new and updated abilities to take over the Battle Arena!

Text banners that appear on top of creatures during the battle now have a color-code.

  • Red: Negative Effect (Debuff)
  • Brown: Positive Effect (Buff)
  • Blue: Attack
  • Turquoise: Defense



  • Distracting Rampage
    • Delay is now 1.
  • Swap In Shattering Rampage
    • Bound is now for 2 turns.
  • Nullifying Impact
    • Cooldown becomes 1.
  • Ready to Crush
    • Updated the data to have this ability work for 3 active turns.
    • This ability starts counting its 3-turn duration on the creature’s current action so it needs an extra turn of duration (if we want the creature to benefit from the buff for 3 active turns). You will now benefit from the buffs for 3 active turns (plus the turn you use it in) instead of the previous 2 active turns (plus the one you use it in).
  • Slowing Impact
    • Cooldown becomes 2.
  • Superiority Strike Improvement
    • This ability’s speed reduction goes from 33% to 50%, reaching the same efficiency level as similar abilities (Decelerating Impact, Slowing Impact, Thagomizer).
    • Conclusion: If two creatures are under the effect of a speed reduction, the speed reduction will be the same. This means that their regular speed attribute relationship will prevail, with the usual tiebreakers applying.
    • Its icon also changes to the following in order to communicate that it Removes Distraction and Reduces Speed.
    • JWA_Sup_Strike
  • Swap in Slow
    • The speed reduction is for 2 turns.



The following new creatures, including 6 new hybrids, will further layer Jurassic World Alive’s battles!


  • Scolosaurus
    • This Common ankylosaurid is a balanced tank. It has less Health than the typical ankylosaur. In exchange, it has decent armor and access to Swap In Defense and a Rampage special ability. Its basic attack is Vulnerability Strike. This creature’s usage is pretty straightforward: make the opponent creature vulnerable, then smack it with 2×1.5 = 3x damage!
  • Scaphognathus
    • As a Rare tiny pterosaur, this speedy but low health Rhamphorhynchid has access to great mobility thanks to its Swap in Wound and Swoop. Regeneration lets you stay alive while your DoT does its work–you can also free yourself from any pesky Pinning effects that would prevent you from Swooping away! Hint: use Pinning Strike to let the opponent take more Damage-Over-Time in order to set up your Swoop!
  • Maiasaura
    • Famously discovered by paleontologist Jack Horner, the Maiasaura makes an appearance in Jurassic World Alive! This Epic Resilient hadrosaur has great mobility thanks to Swap in Stun and Impact and Run. It stays ahead of the speed race with a Superiority Strike. Facing a slower creature with Instant abilities, or you’re slowed down by the opponent? The Maiasaura can get around these problems thanks to Instant Rampage.
  • Pachycephalosaurus
    • The Resilient Epic thick skulled lizard from Wyoming dives head-first into the fray! The stubborn Pachycephalosaurus can withstand punishment thanks to its ever-available Shielding Strike. It has great mobility thanks to its Swap in Stun and Rampage and Run. It relies on its Decelerating Impact to keep up the speed advantage after coming in with a stunning entrance!

Three of the four hybrids below feature predominantly Damage-Over-Time-based abilities in order to pressure opponent creatures to either manually swap to someone else, use an ability that does it for them, cleanse the bleed off or suffer the consequences.

  • Darwezopteryx
    • The OP-teryx creatures join forces together! Darwinopterus and Hatzegopteryx are merged into a Fierce “Long term goal, easily accessible ingredient” Legendary hybrid. With higher-than-average speed and HP, Darwezopteryx has mobility (Swoop, Swap in Wound), defense (Instant Invincibility) and offense (Defense Shattering Impact)! It can gain the upper hand in the speed race and remove a distraction penalty thanks to Superiority Strike.
  • Edmontoguanodon
    • What’s better than an Iguanodon? One fused with more Hadrosaur DNA! This Resilient Epic hybrid has the damage, HP and speed that you’re used to with Hadrosaurs. As usual, Superiority Strike lets you stay ahead of the speed race. Edmontoguanodon combines Stuns (Swap In Stun, Greater Stunning Rampage) with nullification (Nullifying Impact). Edmontoguanodon can use its priority Regenerate and Run in order to Cleanse and Heal up to half of its hefty health pool before swapping to the next creature!
  • Pterovexus
    • Vex your opponents with this Fierce Unique pterosaur superhybrid! Monomimus DNA fused with that of Darwinopterus creates an Immune and mobile pterosaur (thanks to its Swap in Wound and Swoop). This balanced pterosaur has accurate offense thanks to Nullifying Impact as well as survivability thanks to its Distracting Impact. PTEROVEXUS completes its ability set with an always-available Pinning Strike in order to set up some guaranteed Damage Over Time turns!
  • Stygidaryx
    • This Fierce Unique superhybrid combines the DNA of Stygimoloch GEN2 and Darwezopteryx. With balanced attributes, highly mobile STYGIDARYX boasts a high speed that rivals the Indoraptor’s. Withstand the opposition thanks to your Swap In Invincibility and Instant Invincibility! Remain mobile and overwhelm your opponent’s health over time thanks to Lethal Swoop. Did you just withstand the opponent’s attack thanks to a well-timed Swap in Invincibility and you are now Bound for 2 turns? Well, you can get out of this sticky situation on the first turn by using Cleanse and Swoop! Last but not least, using Superiority Strike lets STYGIDARYX gain the speed advantage for one crucial turn, potentially setting up a daring exit using one of the Swoops.

We were planning to develop a few Nullification-centric Hybrids. Which type of creature should be used as a Nullification creature? Based on player feedback, the results were in two camps: either fast or tanky.

In both cases, having access to a Swap In Nullification seemed quite important! This prompted us to carefully pick abilities for the following two hybrids.

  • Procerathomimus
    • The Battle-Exclusive Proceratosaurs is mixed with Ornithomimus DNA in order to create a Cunning Epic hybrid. Its high damage & extreme speed combination still manages to maintain a decent health pool. The new Swap In Nullification lets you remove the opponent’s positive effects (and those pesky cloaks!) on the turn Procerathomimus comes in. Do it on demand thanks to the always-available Nullifying Strike. Get a chance to avoid the brunt of the offense thanks to Evasive Stance! To top it off, Procerathomimus has access to Distracting Rampage and Instant Distraction! With this powerful combination, you can reduce the opponent’s damage to zero (or 10% if they are under a Ferocity effect) for one crucial turn. Last but not least, Procerathomimus is Immune to any negative effects that your opponent might throw at you!
  • Skoolasaurus
    • Smiley-faced Koolasuchus teams up with Scolosaurus to create a Legendary hybrid. As a Nullification-centric creature, it always has access to Nullifying Strike. It tops off the ability set with Swap In Nullification, Rampage, Slowing Impact and Long Protection. Bulky Skoolasaurus retains some of its Scolosaurus parent’s armor, while having a higher speed than the Scolosaurus thanks to its Koolasaurus ancestry.


  • Alankylosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,000.
  • Alanqa
    • HP increased to 4,260, Speed increases to 124.
  • Arambourgiania
    • Attack increased to 1,000. Speed increased to 115.
  • Baryonyx
    • Health increased to 3,900. Attack reduced to 1,200. Critical chance increased to 30%.
  • Baryonyx GEN2
    • Health increased to 4,650.
    • Defense Shattering Impact becomes Defense Shattering Rampage. Loses its Swap Ability.
  • Brachiosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,090. HP increased to 5,850.
  • Darwinopterus
    • Attack reduced to 1,010, health reduced to 3,000.
  • Dimorphodon
    • Severely reduce this creature’s Attack, becoming the lowest in the game: Attack reduced from 700 to 500. Deal Damage Over Time, or get out!
  • Dracoceratops
    • Dracoceratops receives an overhaul in order to be a “better Dracorex Gen2”. It becomes a versatile tool in a team’s arsenal. Suffering from the opponent Pounces? Dracoceratops is actually at its best against Cunning creatures because Swap In Abilities trigger even before the fastest priority moves! With access to Regeneration, you can Cleanse off the Bound status effect that your Swap-In incurred (and be ready to leave next turn).
    • Attack decreased to 1,160. HP reduced to 3,000. Speed reduced to 109. Swap in Stun becomes Swap in Shattering Rampage! Abilities become Rampage, following its Triceratops GEN2 parent, Acute Stun, and Regeneration.
  • Dracorex GEN2
    • Do you dread the moment when you read that this creature is being rebalanced? Fret not! It only loses a bit of damage: Attack becomes 1,110.
    • Yes, it keeps its Defense Shattering Rampage!
  • Kentrosaurus
    • HP increased to 4,350.
  • Magnapyritor
    • Inherits the Distraction ability from its Pyroraptor parent. Armor Piercing Impact becomes Distracting Impact. HP increased from 3,000 to 3,600.
  • Monolophosaurus
    • Attack goes from 1240 to 1260.
  • Monomimus
    • Speed reduced to 127, identical to its Monolophosaurus parent.
  • Ouranosaurus
    • Attack dramatically increased to 1,310.
  • Pyrritator
    • Armor Piercing Rampage replaced with Armor Piercing Impact (in order to have two special abilities available on turn one). Health goes from 3000 to 3300 and attack goes from 1350 to 1400.
  • Sinoceratops
    • Basic Attack becomes Decelerating Strike.
  • Utarinex
    • Changes its Distracting Rampage to Distracting Impact.
    • Attack increased to 1,550.
    • Basic Attack becomes Decelerating Strike.
  • Utasinoraptor
    • Basic Attack becomes Decelerating Strike.


More info!
  • Support for iPad Pro Gen 3
  • Now supports traditional Chinese.
  • New visual feedback when a battle ends due to a server timeout.


Significant bugs got squashed!
  • Battle bug-fixes:
    • Damage Preview is fixed (including vulnerability, armor, shields, damage buff & debuff, etc.)
    • Cloak provides dodge chance until the creature does its boosted attack (if the Cloaked creature hits a counter-attacker, the Counter Attack should always hit since the creature is no longer dodging).
    • Shield Advantage bypasses armor.
    • We are still working on the speed marker bugs. Don’t hesitate to send out specific use cases and reproduction steps to our customer support team in order to help us improve this communication!
  • Issue with Scent Capsules where, when activated, visual feedback isn’t available and therefore appears to not be working.
  • After player feedback, we have revised Daily Mission requirements and the associated rewards. The goal of this change is that a player must spend roughly two sessions of 10-30 minutes (depending on skill and location) in order to accomplish all missions when they are at their top difficulty.
    • The maximum possible values for number of opened supply drops, opened incubators, direct hits, and darts shot have been greatly reduced.
    • The DNA rewards have been adjusted.
    • The Daily Mission Bonus Epic DNA reward is now Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Improved tutorial:
    • New tips on the Drone loading screen for a more successful flight.
    • Clearer tips for creature targeting during drone minigame and guidance arrows toward the creature.
    • Bounce-back toward the creature for drones that have flown out of range.
  • And much more.

Now that you’re ready for Update 1.6, let us know what you think in the replies and collect your daily reward (must use a mobile device)! :arrow_forward: http://ludia.gg/JWA19_0201B


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