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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


RIP monomimus


I am so excited!!! Especially about the buff for Magna!!!


So wait, the take AWAY the only turn 1 rampage (besides bland ol rampage) but then give that stupid swap in DSR to another dino… Let’s call him “Ca$h Cow” for now.

Sure, that’s what this game needed. If I’m about to get rampaged, I should at least know it’s coming!



Drone bounce back sounds legit.


Lot’s of changes to digest! Big revamp for previous dinos and needing to create and evaluate the new creatures to figure out the most effective use / counters for these. I hope to do this with many friendly challenges. I hope the new creatures are reasonably obtainable; and I hope the hybrid component rebalancing is effective. I really do not want to purposely lose trophies to get into the lower level arenas to get oranosaurus, monolophosaurus, etc DNA, then terrorize the lower arena residents to get back to the Aviary.
From reading about the mods to Draconex G2 and the buff to it’s hybrid legendary Dracoceratops; Dracoceratops looks to be the new Draconex G2, while the common Draconex G2 will still be quite fearsome in the lower arenas where fewer 2-strike dispatching dinos reside.
I’ve been greatly looking forwards to having combined alliance efforts. However I worry the lower level teammates will be shed or left out while top high power teams form without any lower level members. I am guessing Ludia needs to have an alliance balancing function (total team trophy and level cap?) to ensure alliance parity.
All in all, quite the update. (Just in time for the most widely celebrated world holiday of the Lunar New Year? Hint - hint!)




Monominus = RIP
Too bad, he was one of my favorite.
Very disappointed.

Why not nerf monostegotops?


So dinosaurs will still spawn on strike towers, BUT the strike towers LOOK different?


Pocemon said that now touching a strike tower prioritize dinos, so teorically, the bug is “fixed”.


Im so happy for Lucius! He’s been on the bench for a long time, now, despite never being far from team-level. This buff is exactly what he needed!!


Daily mission reward: Trex. Now that’s what I am talking about lol. This is the biggest motivation for all. Love you Ludia!


Yeah, I hated learning about the Utarinex changes, but I think on Tuesday I will love her again after she pulls a few, will make it work, she can still be a bad-ass…but now i’m still soooo pissed


We wait 2 months for the update, and get Dracorex Gen 2 updated in form of a NEW DG2 creature and aswell new uniques no one will have for looooong time!


Why not making the game more fun by givning update to the dinos no one use ?

Why not give us more variation ?


Hopefully all the bugs are gone and we see a different Dino each week in the daily rewards.


Let’s introduce three new hybrids and all of them require the same park epic of Darwinopterus. /everybody cries.


seems draco2 will still be useful, but mainly to finish opponent, not doing damage and running alive. and the new choosen creature after that rampage should now finish draco2 before it tries to run.


i love it dat will very interesting


A question about dracoceratops
Is it buff or nerf



It said attack decreased


Ouai c’est cool :blush: