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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


You can still hit and run as he has a clense and run negating any bound so if anything he is better


Hate you for destroying monomimus :sob::sob::sob:


It’s a buff. Same thing was stated for trago last update. The text read wrong


Not even. 127 makes you lose in every 128-129 matchups. Every single one of them. Zero chance.
It’s nothing but a gimmick “hope to dodge or die” creature now :frowning:
Feelsbad having to retire a lvl 29 creature from my team because of Ludia’s bad balancing.


Monomimus is a bad legendary in 1.6


but it is now locked for 2 turns after rampage. its enough to receive 2 power hits from most of creatures opponent chooses, because its speed is only 108.


Yh but you can clense the bound with the clenseing swoop it will get when the update drops


Dracorex Gen 2 can’t, only Dracoceratops.


Oh right thought it was both of them that got the new move must have read wrong i apologise


I love how everyone who gets salty that one of their dinos got nerfed immediately points the finger at other dinos that should be nerfed too. Let’s break the cycle. Hugs not Nerfs.


I agree with you but the problem is that people spend their hard earned epic dna (mono, sino) on one hybrid line just to see it getting destroyed next patch. So you end up with no epic dna for the other hybrid line that got a buff and a useless hybrid.


Well, personally, I am mostly happy about this patches balance… But the buff to Diloracheirus and Tragobeachtis while Momomimus got nerfed just makes me puke, not gonna lie.


Finally Scolosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus are coming after the foreshadowing in October, alone with Maiasaura, good to see another original Jurassic Park resident from the book. But man this is a great choice of dinosaurs for hybrids, I get sick of seeing koolasuchus and basic hadrosaurus everywhere, now I’ll be motivated to start saving them up. Still desperately waiting on a hybrid for Carnotaurus, please Ludia! Lol


Add wohooosaurus (Wuerhosaurus) into that list as well. I have 26k DNA on the thing waiting to be burned on a hybrid.


Yeah, I don’t even run mimus and still felt bad seeing that speed nerf. It was fine like it was and at least still had its place in the meta.

R.I.P. mimus, again. Farewell old friend. See you at the crossroads :wave:


Embarrassing fact, in my first game of Jurassic World Alive, I leveled up Wuerhosaurus up to level 14, because I thought I would need it for Diorajasaura or whatever its called. I didnt know for the longest time that it was the Tuoji that needed to be level 20 and I felt so stupid.


RIP tryk, indoraptor, IREX and erlidominus next update :sob:

also, of all dinos in the game, why choose to have it dominated by dracorex gen 2 and it’s hybrid? :confused:


Yeah… As someone who loved Monomimus and used it since the beginning… It breaks my heart not being able to use it anymore. I was about to level her up.

Goodbye Dodgestrich. May 1.7 revive you!


Best nickname I’ve ever heard for it. I’m just sorry it came too late.


It’s a shame. This way everyone invested in monomimus ( a dino that even BEFORE the first nerf, can be defeated SWAPPING into any tank), loses a dino of the team ( Now is USELESS) AND the gold AND the exclusive dna .