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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


with the upcoming changes (SS slowing the same as thagomizer) do you guys think that running two tanks mainly tragod and stegod is still good? Or tragod is now a better option in the long run?
F2P player here :smiley: with limited amoun of coin. Thank you for your help


But you got a hybrid for it just get that and see how it is


I hope the “And much more” part of the bug fixes includes the dinosaurs that spawn under completed strike towers…


Pocemon said in his 2nd latest video hes been playing the beta and said theyre fixed.

Actual quote was “dinos in strike towers now take priority over the tower”


I have ran tragod since the boost from 1.5. Imo it is a better tank and more versatile. I don’t think the SS change will affect it much. Still can preform it’s combo the same.


Good to hear.


Yessssss no more alanqua now I can get my indominus :sob::sob::sob:


so Grypolyth still don’t recieve a buff? At least give him more speed, it’s really useless :c


yeah… anyway, now makes more sense, its better level draco2 than dracoceratops before this next update.


Going to level up dracoceratops after the update and going straight into my team


I’m so excited


Great! Nerfing dinos that don’t need nerfs and buffing dinos that don’t need buffs


Does anyone know any details about the migration?

I’m so close to reaching level 20 Tuo, I’d hate to lose that just as I finally get close to a unique…


Pocemon has played on the beta. He said in.his video that “its not a major migration, but I think its for the worst. But I’m also biased to certain creatures. Maybe for you it will be better”


Considering he lives in zone 2 and how much he is in love with dilorach, makes me think atleast ourano got moved out of zone 2


Main points:

  1. Tanks are basically dead, especially at the upper trophy levels. Good job with that whole “balancing” thing. With so many DoT and Defence Shattering Rampage creatures, the opportunity cost of using a tank is way too high. Even the best tank still faces too many threats to adequately perform its job.
  2. With the exception of the Magnapyritor buff (which imo didn’t go far enough considering how hard Irritator is to procure), Ludia doesn’t seem to like Arena-exclusive-ingredient-containing hybrids and superhybrids (despite how hard and luck-based it can be to obtain said ingredients). Tuora and especially Paramoloch both didn’t get the buffs they needed. Alankylo got a tiny buff that in no way offsets the impact the new DoT pterosaurs have on it. Pyrritator seems to have roughly stayed the same. Monomimus, which was already a spun glass cannon at best, got nerfed into wet tissue cannon status.
  3. Spinotahsuchus remains broken. Spinotahsuchus’ damage is too high, especially when combined with Critical Impact and its 20% crit rate. This prevents Immunes like Erlidominus and Magnapyritors from fully countering Spinotahsuchus at even a -1 level disadvantage, which is unfair given that other classes can easily beat their intended targets even at a significant (-2 or more) level disadvantage (e.g. theropods vs tanks, tanks vs fast creatures). Although we haven’t seen the new DoT hybrids and superhybrids yet, Spinotahsuchus remains the highest damaging DoT creature (1270, Darwinopterus is next at 1010). This would be okay if Spinotahsuchus had been nerfed in some other regard. Instead, it has access to Critical Impact for a 60% chance at a 2.25x attack or 2858 damage when it’s already about 20% more damaging than any other DoT creature. This allows it to KO any Erlidom or Magnapyritor one level lower, which is simply unfair given that both are Unique Immunes whose ingredients are fairly hard to obtain. It should have gotten the Dimorphodon treatment with a big reduction in Attack - Deal DoT, or get out.
  4. Swap-in DSR is here to stay (and even got a buff). While the most annoying Swap-in Shattering Rampage creature, Dracorex Gen 2, finally got a well-deserved nerf, now Dracoceratops has taken its place. Tbh, I was hoping for a Dracoceratops buff too, but I was thinking Swap-in Stunning Impact…not a moveset which made it broken. The biggest problem with Dracorex Gen 2 isn’t Swap-in Shattering Rampage, it’s the fact that it previously could swap out, and back in multiple times to annihilate a team - and you’d be hard pressed to play against it. Well, by giving Dracoceratops Regeneration, Ludia’s basically created a creature even better at doing that. Remember how they described Dracorex Gen 2’s overhaul in the last update? "rebult into a One Hit Wonder ". Terrific - you’ve turned what was supposed to be a one-off nuke into a automatic-hydrogen bomb launcher. I honestly don’t believe in the slightest that the stat nerfs (except for Attack - isn’t Dracocera currently 1000 attack? How is changing it to 1160 a decrease ?) will in any way prevent it from becoming an overpowered monster.
    Oh, and one more thing…
    “A Legendary that is created by performing a fusion between a Common and an Epic is not worth the same as a Legendary that is created by performing a fusion between two Epics.”
    Tell me again, how is Ankyntrosaurus (Anky [Epic] + Kentro [Epic]) supposed to be worth more than this new Dracoceratops?? (which I remind you, is two Commons fused together)
    Unless, of course, that sentence meant Commons are worth more than Epics…
  5. Sino line change (which makes no sense given previous comments) - Decelerating Strike, while deserved and worthwhile for Sinocera, makes no sense on Utahsino or Utarinex. Both are Fast creatures - why give them something that enables them to beat their intended counters (tanky creatures)? If Decelerating Strike was a 33% speed debuff, I could at least see tanky creatures using Slowing Impact/Thagomizer/Decelerating Impact/Decelerating Rampage to gain the speed advantage…but as it is, this is equivalent to giving Pyroraptor not just Wounding Impact, but Lethal Wound…
  6. Edit - nearly forgot about this, but Lockdown Strike is still a worse version of the basic ability Pinning Strike. (Personally, I favour the idea of turning Lockdown moves into Lockdown Ambush moves (due to gharials and related creatures ambushing their prey) - extend the lockdown by 1 turn and giving them priority)
    Whatever it is, Lockdown moves seriously need something to differentiate themselves, especially given that they’re effectively the worst special abilities in the game right now.
  7. Grypolyth - speaking of creatures with Lockdown moves, Grypolyth seriously needs a moveset change-up to differentiate itself from Purrolyth. At bare minimum, it should inherit Lockdown Impact from Gryposuchus to give it at least one ability with more than 1x damage. (And before anyone talks about its counter attack ability, I’d refer you to Tryko (Defence Shattering Rampage means 2.5x), Dioraja (Distracting Impact also means 2.5x, plus it gets the generally more useful Distraction), or even Majundasuchus (Cleansing Impact also means 2.5x, plus it gets to Cleanse debuffs, and it can also boost its damage and put up a Shield like Grypolyth. Did I mention it’s just a Rare?))


Well written.

100% agree!

One day we will stop defend or care about this game and company.

The world are filled with games.


Your phone needs to support AR, Ludia can’t just make that happen


Sorry if I sounded rude, I was just saying… My phone is a Sasmung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, can’t believe doesn’t support AR


This game uses googles ar core… its up to Samsung and google to get ar core working for your device. Samsung would rather you upgrade to a newer phone then add support to an older device.