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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


S6 like 4 models old atleast. Ar core wasnt even out when s6 was out. Its just too old. I know ot works on the s8 and better


Ugh I am dreading it :joy: so many of these new dinos have swap in abilities, I can feel the frustration bubbling inside me already.


Love this game and its updates


Noo, just as they stated to flourish in my area


You say that as you find epics regularly


I was talking about the spwans!!!


S6 was the very first (realy) AR ready smartphones out. By years old model but by graphic power in range of e.g iPhone X, even a bit better. My father is VR,AR,MR applications developer (he invented what you know today as Street View as example :wink: ). Kind regards from Europe, sLOVEnia .
PS… don get me wrong iPhone is great device otherwise.


That all may be true. But ar core was not out when the s6 was out. Ar core is much more recent. And that is what jwa uses


Doesnt really matter if its “ar ready” when the technology that jwa uses now is 4 years newer than that phone lol. Hence why it doesnt work on that phone


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Super! Long awaited new creatures


That’s true.


Your father invented google street view? :no_mouth:


It is hard to say “invented” but he did a similar project covering whole country already in 1993, he named it City View in that time - the project is still present on internet and is with sub-chapters like Subteranenan View, Virtual museums, Mountain views… and so one, long time before I was born. I know that because he got an academic award and had a number ob lectures all over the World. I am not really familiar what is going on today with that City View but I remember when I was a kid how Mum was mad when he was ordered by government (EU regulations) in 2011 to remove that VRs/360 from cities and towns. I can send you links (private) if you wish.


Here, I found the original link: Virtual excursions (1993-2019), I didn’t crawl it for a long time but I guess that a lot is missing today.


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Guys, you are welcome to post in your own native language but you must also post an English translation using something like Google Translate. Like this.

Fantje, lahko objavljate v svojem materinem jeziku, vendar morate objaviti tudi prevod v angleščino z Google Prevajalnikom. Všečkaj to.


Ok, sorry… :grin:


Honestly if you keep Major dino updates coming with super useful hybrids people are gonna spend money on coins tonlevel them up ! Fixing bugs is apart of any game so good on that👍

Love the game and the tournaments! Dino line up this week is amazing :wink: keep them coming