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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


Happy new build and year - whatever :tada::blush:


During the battles, the quality was bad and stuck.


Game has become a bit slower… I hope that they optimise this, it’s really important for a mobile game having a smooth performance.


Nice patch, i tried to redeem the reward
the app opened and said “this reward is no longer available”


The game is restarted every time I open it, I can not play it :frowning:


first (bad) impressions:

  • info text for some dinos are wrong? at least dracorex g2 is: say it will be locked for 1 turn after swap rampage, but the global lock for that ability is 2. info not updated.

  • still draco2: the announcement said “fret not” like minimizing effect to the nerf. but the 2 turn lock after swap, makes draco2 a sacrifice dino. still useful to do a finish damage, but is guaranteed to die after 2 hits locked. draco2 is so slow.

  • battle visual effects are a complete mess now? or im seeing it wrong? like those air yellow effect not synched with dinos moves. a brand new bug or what?

  • some new performance issues, game quick skipping frames or some like that.

  • OMG, alliance chat bugs were not fixed? still ids write error, still not posted messages.

  • why is so hard to fix speed indicators? its basic number comparison, not? why i still see im first in turn when im not?

ill not commenting positive aspects, because ludia announcement already did it.



I’m honestly glad that they decided to give Dracoceratops the swap in rampage, because I want to use that hybrid so badly but it’s not that great. And since its rampage is 100 points stronger, I’m happy to use it


Just curious what this achievement/counter means? I though it grow up after strike events battle incubators opening - but no. Also it doesn’t grow up after arena battles incubator opening, so what exactly it’s referring to?


They are the incubators you get by killing 10 dinos in the arena


Some text issues in the update-dracorex gen 2 is a 2 turn wait after swap, however only states 1. Sinoceratops says it’s a slowing strike that reduces targets damage by 50% incorrectly


Will turning off chat for alliances be an option in the future? Would like to allow my children to participate in the benefits of dna sharing in an alliance without being exposed to a chat room. Thank you for considering


You should be able to mute people. You won’t see the chat, but will still be able to donate and see the requests.



I like the increased drop zone but hate the DECREASED coin amounts even right under one I’m lucky to get 83 but normally get 55, even in other areas, i get my main coin with the chests and with amount of coin it costs to level up it takes a really long time to get enough coin saved up to level. Glad i saved coins before this release.


After first impressions, I’m now with second impressions…

Why is so hard to fix all those bugs and performance optimizing?

Great features in 1.6 update! :+1:
So bad bugs not fixed in 1.6 update… :-1:

So much waiting for this 1.6.2… now waiting for 1.6.3 or 1.7 or whatever update that FIX THE BUGS!!! :rage:
Bugs kills the pleasure in playing this game.


Loving the new updates! Especially the drone range and new dinos! :blush:


I’m new to the forum but definitely not new to the game nor how software updates can have glitches.

I’ve been a VIP twice now. And I’ve also been an online Customer Support person for NASCAR and the NBA. It was my job to find errors and report them. It was also my job to create the email templates I continuously receive when trying to report an issue.

Since the update, I’ve noticed I only receive my VIP exclusive deals when I first open the game. Once I’ve left the Market and come back they disappear. Hopefully that can be updated.

While I like the range you’ve give us on the map, it doesn’t seem fair to increase VIP members to only 50 meters more. No big deal really. I can only afford the membership. But since the update I’m reconsidering.

Did you get rid of the Long Scents? And do you only receive 1 short scent a day? Any time I open a supply drop, it immediately tells me my limit has been reached. What is the new limit?

I do like the expansion of alliance quests. Some are completely out there and very hard to achieve. But it is still better than nothing I suppose.

I’ve been a dinosaur nut since childhood. I’ve been playing video games for many years(age showing lol). I don’t have time for much fun anymore with a full time job and family. But I absolutely adore Jurassic World since it started as Jurassic Park years ago.

I do hope that these glitches are fixed or addressed. I’d like to think a VIP membership is more enhanced than what I’m experiencing.

Thank you for your time


Love the alliance missions but some of these are ridiculous for small alliances. Rank 2 10000 darts shot is insane and to achieve 30 daily battle incubator then the next rank another 45 is impossible. Literally, my alliance didn’t have enough people to pull that off. And that’s for rank 2. This needs to be adjusted maybe based on size of alliance or something but at least make the more close to impossible things for rank 5. This is 2


I think ludias thinking is to keep them all the same and force people to make stronger and more fuller alliances. Cant really blame them tbh.


At least this is the last thing which can bring me some pleisure…
Im tired of mistakes like the “alliance rush” or dracoceratops…
I question the point of the game by now