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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20

I encountered “collect 645 Epic DNA” in my daily missions today. That’s totally not in line with that.

It’s either very hard work/many Hours running around or
(very) costly if you trying to fuse for Epic DNA.

I personally would have to spend 50k coins first in order to lvl up one of the epic hybrid dinos and free up space for new fuses.

Please: Rework that Mission or - even better - the way fuses work - I was hoping for a possiblity to do fuses even if the dino is ready for lvl up - already before I encountered that daily Mission.


I just came here to do the exact same thing. Quote Ludia’s lieand express my outrage on this epic dna mission.
Enough is enough!

Can’t play. Just the home screen and it doesn’t load. Sony Xperia with xz2.

(Sorry for the late reply) that’s for rinex, agreed utasino and rinex are a pain but they have decelerating strike because sino has decel strike