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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


not sure if i want to use monostegotops now… it would lose to dilora right??


I mean, they called darwezopteryx “easily attainable” so probably darwin will become global.
Also @Ned, have you guys fixed the strike tower base bug? Or are you atleast looking for a fix?


Are tanks dying a slow death with all this swap and swoop draining stuff? Seems to me that immunity should be at an all time premium. Swap out moves too.

In theory dracoceratops sounds very viable. Glad I didnt go too high on gen 2.


I feel the Dracoceratops HP nerf is too much. There’s a lot of good hybrids from Purrolyth to Majundasuchus are all very well made, but they’re way too slow and way too squishy to do anything.


tanks got a little better but sure are a big target. gigas counter attack can bypass cloaks and deus/trago ss is buffed. dioraja counter attack may be handy towards indo


Didn’t see anything regarding the 2 to 1 cooldown on Tanys nullifying impact.


Any word about the tournament highest score



Thank you!


Cant for the life of me find the specifics for daily mission rewards


Same here. I was anticipating that something like this would happen. I got Dracoceratops on the verge of level 20. Definitely will start using it.


1.6 - Everyone will Swap between Dracorex Gen 2 and Dracoceratops with it’s cleanse. :joy::joy:


under settings/misc


Will fusion still bad with only 10 fusions?


It’s just an ingredient now.


Love it!:joy:


Hmmmm small update in comparison to 1.5.
A whole lot of dinos that are still unusable still untouched.
Seems like we are only supposed to play 8-12 dinos only at end game. Rendering almost every fight the same as last except for the RNG aspect :confused:


Wtf monomimus wasn’t nerfed enough? I hate you ludia. Now he’s completely unusable. I truly hate you with everything in me.


Acute stun looks interesting…


I‘m not sure what to think of these nerfs and some buffs.
I don‘t like the nerf on Utarinex and especially on Monomimus. She‘s completely useless now.

And also it means one counter against Indoraptor is now dead.

Great job.