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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


Was 100% expecting “Look out for new Darwin incubators coming soon” :roll_eyes:


Mind their “DNA rewards have been adjusted”. That probably means less DNA amount, but still awesome move from no T-rex in weeks to some T-rex in days.


Will strike event rewards be reduced if they are done from outside of 50 meters?


counter attack going through cloak might actually mean that it hits after the cloak is done. so indo hits you with a shot before his cloak runs out, then the counter hits him. thanks @PQC




Superiority Strike Improvement

  • This ability’s speed reduction goes from 33% to 50%, reaching the same efficiency level as similar abilities (Decelerating Impact, Slowing Impact, Thagomizer).

WHY ???


Good question! I hope not!


thats what it says…


don’t want to be the bad guy but the alliance battles to be top rank is not too good for smaller alliances. I don’t have problem with top alliances but to benefit even more just because you are already above others is weird.


isnt that within an alliance?


It looks like battling will become a bit more unpredictable with so much swapping around. It may bring a much more dynamic system, but perhaps it will be also too time consuming with longer battles?
Looking forward to trying some of the new abilities.


if it is than I am sorry :smiley:


No i didnt and the only change is on rinex cus utahsinoraptor already had distracting impact…
Decelerating strike on dinos with 20+ speed and instant stun move makes no Sense at all


yeah. i believe its a leaderboard within your alliance to see who contributed most


So I guess we’ll still be standing outside someone’s house doing a 5 step strike so our epic incubator doesn’t turn into a rare one


it might show ranges that guarentee the rewards


My queen has acquired deceleration strike, this should be fun :smile: Looking forward to this update!


top topic of nerfs for 1.6 lol watch besides dracojumborat


Sounds great!


Where do you see nerfs and buffs?