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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


Meesa can’t unsee this now.


A few added benefits to being a VIP member would have been nice. Make it so VIPs can open strike events etc without losing any of the rewards.


Honestly, that’s always how it should have been. The cloak is supposed to end when I-rex attacks, but it’s stayed on to dodge counters which is bs. I’m very happy they fixed it.


Nooooooooo! They nerfed Monomi AGAIN! When is the suffering gonna end! Now I can’t even hope to use her during battles. Her speed is what saved her during risky points in battle. Now I’m gonna have to rely on RNG to even hope to live one turn :persevere::cry:


My work is done


This entire release makes me SO HAPPY. :smiley: :smiley: SO many irritiating things fixed and other things added that make playing so much easier!


Looks like mono now is only for friendly battles


As someone who thinks that pterosaurs should not be bound after swapping in due to SIAs being their “core mechanic”, I can’t help but think this was added to taunt me. :thinking:


Eager to get this update :+1:

Dreaming about time for my troops review :thinking:


Bow to your new Legendary God


Overall, I’m pretty happy with this update. I’m bummed out about Monomim even though I don’t use her in arena anymore. I’m also concerned about continued swap abuse from the draco lines - but it’s not like that really changes anything existing.

As a collector type player, I am looking forward to the new critters!


"Baryonyx GEN2

  • Health increased to 4,650.
  • Defense Shattering Impact becomes Defense Shattering Rampage. Loses its Swap Ability."

From a trash,i predict this guy is gonna be a murederer
This one come from 3510 hp to 4650hp,a deserved buff for those poor baryonyx family.
The defense shattering rampage is a must

An other big winner is Ouranosaure i expect.

  • Attack dramatically increased to 1,310.

dmg from 1050 to 1310,earn 260dmg ,i expect he will come back.

Now,my biggest interrogation is about spawn location.
Will they change??


Monomimus gets a SECOND unnessary nerf and monostego goes unchecked? What are you thinking Ludia?? Monostego is officially OP now with these changes! He needs adjusting! @Ned


Any hint from Metahub yet on what this may mean in terms of distribution or locals?


Quiet, you!


Tbh these are some nice addition, however I am really missing some changes/improvements on the battle dinamics (RNG is still a bi@ch) and the criticals are still a mess. I can barely land a critical with my dinos who have 20%or higher ratio, yet in EVERY battle i got critical hit(s) from dinos with 5%. Cant you just remove this already and make critical hits only move dependent (ex crotical impct)?? Because it seems that fixing this kind of issues surpasses your competence.


Even mark agrees he’s OP lol. In his heart he knows he’s too powerful but wants him to stay that way for his own gain! Lol


@Pocemon back me up! I know he said in one of his videos monostego is too powerful with these changes.


I’m super happy for magna buff but nothing for my boi touramolock?


He gets a buff in the sense of his slowdown move having a lower cooldown