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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


yeah, hardly anyone even used monomimus anymore. i did, but most people didn’t.

another of these “gotta make the legendary worse so the unique looks better” scenarios, instead of just the making the unique better. it literally loses to basically everything now, unless it dodges.

also, of all dinosaurs to dominate a game and create a meta around, why dracorex gen 2? :confused:


Monostego is way too powerful now … please re-consider. @Jorge @Ned


Monomimus running around (slower) like a headless chicken now.


Looks good overall. What I’m most curious about now is what you will change with tournaments to make them less tedious and despised than they currently are.

Also why make Utasino even stronger? It Distracts, it Crits, it has an Instant Charge, and now it has a slow? Cmon now…


Just directly tell me if this would been fixed, and my Majunda will get 880 atk in lv26?
(means 1070 for mine lv30)

Or I must send out another report which I sent 2 months ago, and keep waiting until another update?


But WHEEENNN is it happening???


This update might been achieved after February 4 maintenance.


Procerathomimus is probably better than mono now lol


On a serious note though, why make Superiority Strike same speed reduction as other slows? Like on Stegod, what is even the point of Thagomizer when it’s best use was against the likes of those that had Superiority Strike. Awesome that Monostegotops’ Slowing Impact CD was lowered, but the situations where Monostego thrived was like against Diloracheirus. But what’s the point if Diloracheirus can now slow Mono for just as much?


Same with Tuoramoloch. Tuora and Monostego were my main Dilorach counters and the buff to SS really hurts that role. Also makes Dilorach even more of a challenge to face IMO.


Welp, Dilo is unquestionably one of the top 2 Dinos now


In pocemon recent video his exact quote was “it wasn’t a major migration, and in my opinion is for the worst”

Take that for what it means to you


More dips!


Absolutely no reason for monomimus anymore. It was an indoraptor counter. not anymore. indo will now one shot it every time. i use to love monomimus, but now its absolutely useless. and its hybrid doesnt seem great either. they completely destroyed a good dino for no reason. disappointing…


50% slowdown is the main way for tanks to fight against speedy creatures

Now… Dilorano & Dilorache? Both also get 50% slowdown with superiority.
Utahsino & Utari? Also able to 50% slowdown with new normal attack.

And they add soooo many bleeding creatures here.

So tank creatures supposed been able to counter what kind of creatures now?:thinking:


Mono is just as fast as queen now… They really nerf it big time! Now indo has that speed advantage aswell.


Just don’t get the abusive nerfs for Mono. Does not make any sense. She will be just plain worthless to use. Why?


I’d like to swap my monomimus for Tany please. Even swap.


So now that SS reduces 50% speed too, if u pair it with SI that’s 100% speed reduction. So does the Dino like not move? This a new stun tech?


Assuming similar levels…If Diloracheirus SS’s,Monostego Slow impacts for the full 1.5 damage , Dilo Stunning rampage (stuns), next turn starts Monostego no longer slowed but Dilo is, Monostego uses any impact If kills Dilo.

In fact, Mono Stego would kill a Dilo with up to 2 level differences.
Assuming similar levels…If Diloracheirus SS’s,Monostego Slow impacts for the full 1.5 damage… Dilo Distracts, Monostego stuns (0.75 damage distracted) then Null Strike (0.75 damage) Still Kills Dilo.

Before Monostegotops took virtually no damage, now it would take a rampage before disposing of Diloracheirus.

Meh, still pretty tasty.