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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


They said…

What does that mean… identical to parent?
How about identical to Galli parent and get 130 speed?

Or simply telling us Ludia hate Monomimus now?


It says it elsewhere. Under the “move” not under Dracorexs details. Bit harsh Nerfing lockdown AND the damage it does.


They loathe monomimus entirely. :sob:


I didn’t see anything regarding trophies gained/lost after a battle.




For the reduced rewards for interacting with further objectives, does that include strike tower rewards?

I would imagine that is the exception here but I’d appreciate it if it were absolutely confirmed.


Pocemon a local 2 and has ourano as one of the epics and as a great lover of the green chicken it seems like he might be one to get the move


Probably. He did say he was biased too. So ur probably right


Pterosaurs scents incoming!


That Green Chicken came away as the undisputed best Dino in the game?


Still doesn’t beat erldiom head to head lol


Is this a mistake? Dracoceratops’s current attack at lvl 26 is 1000. It should be “increased to 1160”? @Ned @Jorge


Would of not been happy if green chicken git completely nerfed i have been trying to create for a while now


Backs TheFett up


Alright, I’m ready for edmontoguanadon but not Procerathomimus yet lol
Got my Darwin at 15, so darwezopteryx is ready


pushes monostegotops and magnapyritor into buff zone


Monostegotops will be op super hybrid


I still don’t understand WHY game focus so mutch attention on SPECIFIC dinos, why not improve the rest and give us more variation.

Now everyone will run around with this Dracocerstops. Fun? No.


Why was rampage too much for utarinex? Look at diloracheirus, does rampage TWICE, and higher speed. That little dracoceratops does shattering rampage on swap in, and yeah, “it was too much for utarinex, let’s send her 2 tiers below”…so sad


And that’s a UNIQUE!

And aswell slower then utasinoraptor.

I can’t get it.