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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20


Ludia, are you out of your goddamn mind?!?!

Diloracheirus needed a nerf, but nooooooo, you frigging buffed it with superiority strike… I can’t even…


The link to the game under notes gives cash, sorry if that is known already.


Looks great! Cant wait!


Mwahahaha! Excellent, thank you.


DisRampage was getting delayed so to give the unique a special move turn 1, they changed it to impact. They gave it more attack to compensate for losing the Rampage. The new Decelerating Strike gives it the new move from one of the base materials. Would have been nicer if it was superiority strike, but that didn’t make as much sense coming from a ceratopsian or a raptor. It’s something against faster speeds at the least




Actually, no… and it can be done daily?


Rest in peace naked chicken. I’m glad I got to use it in its prime


I just found out when I hit the link out of curiosity and there was 30 bucks :smile:


Trex for daily mission reward and bug fixes heck yeah ludia! That’s that a game update I was waiting for after huge holiday chill


Why, Ludia, did you do this to my flying chicken? Wasn’t the HP nerf in 1.5 bad enough? Despite that nerf, I have been loyal to her and she is an important member of my team with immunity and evasive stance (yes, sometimes that saves her in a hopeless situation… 50% chance is better than 0%). It was hard enough to get enough epic monolopho to bring monostegotops to level 24 and monomimus to level 25… but I would have never done this had I known this already severely nerfed dino would get yet another, completely unnecessary nerf!!! Instead she should have gotten a unique hybrid.

Please reconsider. This just isn’t right. :slightly_frowning_face:


It says it will be cool down 1 I saw it in the patch notes


@Ned You can ask anyone, superiority strike is fine and so is Monomimus. As they say, don’t “fix” that aint broken.

Now. I like my utasinoraptor very much, but giving it slowing strike, really? I would like to admit how wrong that is instead of exploiting it. Raptors don’t have slowing abilities and shouldn’t have them.

Took a great step with draco2, but there really is no good place in the game for a Swap-in DSR. It should be a stunning impact. It doesn’t fit this dinosaur at all, since its not a big crunchy carnivore like trex on speed. Even Allosaurus doesn’t crunch shields. Why should this draco2?


Wow, looks like a great EPIC now. Nice big buff here.


TRex and Blue need buffs. Main two and are terrible to use…too late to start working on new dinos, just don’t want to put in the time since my main ones are level 22 or so…


People are giving these Dino’s so many different inconsistent chicken nicknames and I no longer know which one I’m supposed to be thinking about :joy:


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Awfull dino… Thats all I’m saying.


And a huge THANK YOU for the free resources!

If y’all haven’t clicked the link in the original post and gotten your free 30 bucks, now’s your chance.