[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.7

The Age of Mammals is Upon Us!
Prepare for Update 1.7 where we’re introducing ferocious creatures from the Cenozoic era and the unveiling of (for real this time) Tournaments! Read on for details


  • New Tournaments
  • What About Seasons?
  • DNA Resource Caps
  • Roster Sorting
  • Stat Boosts
  • Matchmaking Update
  • Geolocation
  • New Abilities
  • New Passive Abilities
  • Ability Updates
  • Cenozoic
  • Hybrid
  • Creature Adjustments
  • Misc and Bug Fixes



In the 1.5x release notes we mentioned that we were working on a new iteration of the Tournaments. This is it!

Tournaments are short events (for example: two days’ duration) that will occur on a variable schedule, as determined by our Live Operations team. While Tournaments are available, you can keep playing the PvP Battle (and indeed participate in an ongoing Season, if it is active) or you can choose to opt-in to join the Tournaments.

Seasons and Tournaments occur in parallel:

  • You do not add your tournament takedowns to the Daily Battle Incubator’s progress.
  • You do not win the Battle Incubators that are usually associated with the regular PvP Battles while playing in the Tournament.
    • Note: After Update 1.7, Seasons will be delayed for a short time. You can still play to accomplish your Daily and Alliance missions, receive the usual Battle Incubators on a victory and progress towards your Daily Battle Incubator with your takedowns. Stay tuned for more information.

Tournament Restrictions
While playing in the Tournaments, a few restrictions may apply. When your Strike Team matches any and all requirements, then you may participate in the Tournament. Creatures that don’t fit with the restrictions are automatically filtered out. The rest are left to be picked and placed in the Tournament Team.

Other Tournament rules

  • Every player starts at zero medals.
    • Medals are distinct from the regular PvP Battle Trophies.
  • Win Tournament battles to gain medals.
  • Prizes are awarded based on a player’s Medal Count at the end of the event.
  • An entry fee is required to participate in the Tournament.
  • Tournament matches occur in the new arena: Amusement Park!

We have received your feedback regarding Seasons. We are currently evaluating solutions to improve the experience so that we may offer a more balanced and less divisive experience between accomplished and newer players. PvP Battle will return as a middle ground, where competitive players will be able to collect bracketed prizes, and less competitive players will still be able to partake in fair battles and collect Daily Battle Incubators. Last but not least, our intent is that players fill their Incubator slots with Battle Incubators and collect them as often as possible. Stay tuned for more on this.




Users can now use Roster Sorting in order to define the method by which creature portraits appear. The available methods are:

  • Default
  • Rarity
  • Name (yes, this includes languages other than English!)
  • Level
  • Attack Value
  • Health Value
  • Speed Value

Ever wanted your Tyrannosaurus Rex to be faster than a Velociraptor? Would you like to increase the health of that creature with a Swap in Ability? Well now you can, thanks to Stat Boosts!


  • Starting at Player Level 10, you can use Attack, Health and Speed Boosts in order to augment your creatures’ attributes.
  • Stat Boost Tiers go from 0 (no Stat Boosts) to 10 (maximum Boost).
  • Stat Boosts are a resource that lets you increase your creature’s abilities. Note that the Stat Boost costs increase for every upgrade tier.
  • Attack and Health can increase by up to +50%. Speed can increase by up to +100.
  • The Character Sheet has been modified to allow users to modify their attributes upfront rather than having to scroll down.
  • The Roster now supports Sorting, which lets you sort your creatures using the default view, based on attributes, as well as based on (localized) names!
  • During a battle, when a creature has one or more Boosted Stats, its tooltip includes the modified attribute with specific colour treatment.
  • During a battle, when a creature that has one or more Boosted Stats is deployed, a specific icon is shown along with its name during the deploy sequence.

Accessing the Stat Boost feature
Once you have unlocked access to the feature at Player Level 10,

  • From the Roster screen, tap the creature that you want to boost.
  • Tap the Attack, Health or Speed icon to open the Stat Boost interface.
  • Spend the required Boost resource to increase the creature’s attribute.
  • When in the Stat Boost interface, tap the “i” button in order to get more information about the whole upgrade process.

Stat Boost Progression
JWA_FR_Update1_7_BonusTier1 JWA_FR_Update1_7_BonusTier2 JWA_FR_Update1_7_BonusTier3

*SPEED BOOST values have been updated, please see https://forum.ludia.com/t/news-jurassic-world-alive-stat-boosts-roll-back/82541/1 for details.

Gaining Stat Boosts

  • Live Operation Events and Daily Battle Incubators provide Stat Boosts.
  • Daily and Weekly Store offers will be made available for users that want to accelerate the collection process.

Daily Battle Incubator Rewards
Being in a higher Arena yields more Stat Boost resource per Daily Battle Incubator.


Now that you can modify your creature’s strength, it becomes imperative that we consider each player’s creature team when attempting to match users together.

We now consider both the player’s trophies (or medals, in the case of tournaments) and the player’s Strike teams in order to generate a “matchmaking score”. This score lets us match similar players together with more fairness. The amount of trophies that you gain or lose after a match are also affected by this matchmaking score.

Please be aware that this means that if you use a creature of much higher power than the rest of your team in order to help you, (such as a level 21 unique among a team of level 13 epics), you will be matched according to your team, even if you don’t actually play with said higher power creature in the battle.

This means that starting with 1.7x, it is more favorable (for everyone) to create balanced teams rather than to have wildly varying creature power. Therefore, we recommend that you level up your strike team in a uniform fashion; and to do the same with your Stat Boosts.

Note: at 5500 trophies and above, creature strength starts to lose influence over the matchmaking algorithm. At 6000 trophies and above, creature strength no longer plays any role in adjusting the matchmaking: you’re in the end-game, buddy!

Matchmaking: Opt-In AI Tweaks
We have rebalanced the parameters for the Opt-In AI. Now players above 4000 trophies can enter a battle and, if unmatched after 30 seconds of waiting, will have the option to play against an AI. Winning this battle will award the player everything they would usually receive from a PVP battle, except that trophies remain unchanged. For the full feature description, please consult: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Matchmaking.


Daily migration
As the season changes and winter is replaced with spring, we started observing very peculiar changes in the migration patterns of creatures, unlike anything we’ve seen before. New in this update are creatures that appear on the map only on certain days only. For example, the Smilodon appears only on Mondays and doesn’t appear on any other day. This means that, for every day of the week, the creatures you’ll encounter in the world will change. Every day bringing new variety, on a weekly rotation. We hope that you’ll learn the habits of creatures and, over time, come to expect which day to go look for your favorite creature. You can find this information in the character sheet of each creature. Be sure to share your findings with the forum community!

Drone Responsiveness and Controls
The drone’s responsiveness has been improved. It should feel a little bit less slippery and generally be easier to aim, especially for new players. Experienced players that were used to the old controls might find them a bit weird at first, but out internal tests have shown that after a small period of adaptation, players were able to get even more DNA than before with these new controls. As usual, we welcome your feedback in the forum.

Balancing adjustments
As with every update, we aim to keep every area of the world in a certain balance. As usual, we take into consideration the value of each creature, their newly updated stats and the new potential hybrids they can lead to. Your feedback is always welcomed on this topic.


Here’s a bunch of abilities! We’re not necessarily applying each of them to a pre-existing or new creature though.


This update introduces Cenozoic creatures and the associated Rend and Precise mechanics.

Rend is a shorthand used to communicate that an ability’s damage is based on the Max HP of the target creature. Instead of being based on the creature’s attack statistic, the damage is based on the target’s Maximum Health Points.

However, as opposed to Damage Over Time, this works even if the creature is immune! Because Rend base damage is based on the opponent’s creature max HP in order to determine a base damage value, please be aware that this damage value can be reduced by Shields and Distraction effects. Rend attacks can score critical hits, as usual.

Please be aware that, in this update, Rending abilities have the Armor Piercing and Shield-Breaking mechanics. Do note that this might not always be the case if we make additional abilities that use Rend.

Designer’s note on this new mechanic and further balancing adjustments
This is a new mechanic. We want to introduce this mechanic to the game and see how the community reacts. Similar to the changes that we previously made to damage over time, this mechanic has a chance to tweak the meta significantly. Therefore, it’s possible that the Rend mechanic and the associated abilities receive a tweak in future updates.

Precise is a shorthand used to communicate that an ability’s direct damage component will always hit the target, even if the target is under the effect of a Cloak or an Evasion ability. Note that the Cloak or Evasion remains in effect (Precise does not Nullify the effect, it just hits precisely!)

Definite is a shorthand used to communicate that an ability’s damage will get through. Armored? Invincible? Dodging? Cloaked? Definite doesn’t care. A definite ability removes the target’s Cloak, Dodge and Shields before applying its Armor-Piercing damage.



Debilitating Distraction
Delay is now 0.

Cooldown is now 1.

Swap in Distraction
Distraction is now 90%, as per Instant Distraction.

Designer’s note: If your Swap-In creature is faster than the expected Swap-In creature that deals damage (i.e. Dracorex G2 or Dracoceratops…) then you can outsmart the target’s swap in ability by swapping in your distraction, knowing that it occurs first!



  • Smilodon
    • This Epic Cenozoic creature is the most popular Saber Toothed Cat. This fast, Cunning predator has access to Precise Pounce. Any time it needs to, it can start dodging attacks thanks to its Evasive Strike. Smilodon has access to Prowl, which gives it a chance to avoid oncoming damage while increasing the next turn’s lethality. The cleanse that comes with the Prowl ability means that with a turn of setup time, a Smilodon has reliable damage and speed.
  • Elasmotherium
    • This Rare Cenozoic creature has the Hit Point bulk you’d expect from larger Megafauna. It plays as a tank with anti-tank abilities but no speed manipulation. Fierce Elasmotherium’s thick dermal armour protects it from opponent’s attacks while its keratinous horn allows it to bypass that of its opponents thanks to Definite Impact. Elasmotherium can rid itself of any impediments while it waits for ability cooldowns thanks to its Defensive Stance. This dangerous Megafauna is one of the few creatures that can use a Rending Attack.
  • Phorusrhacos
    • This Common Cunning Cenozoic creature is our first Terror Bird. It comes in by zig-zagging about to avoid larger predators, thanks to its Swap In Dodge. This Cunning creature tears into the foe thanks to its Raking Claws. Phorusrhacos has extreme speed and higher-than average damage, but low Hit Points. Always-available Sidestep lets it stand up to the opponent while its main ability recovers from cooldown.
    • Designer’s note: to defeat the Terror Bird, use either Precise attacks or nullification abilities to guarantee that you hit this zig-zagging terror. You can also try to out-think your opponent and attack on the turn that they use Raking Claws (because they won’t be dodging this turn).
  • Marsupial Lion
    • Though this Pleistocene predator evolved long after the extinction of the dinosaurs, this specialization has made it a natural hunter of large Sauropods in the Jurassic World. The Minor Rending Attack and Rending Takedown of this Fierce Rare Cenozoic creature makes it highly specialized at taking down bulky prey, regardless of its low Attack value. Marsupial Lion has 800 Attack, 3750 HP, a 40% critical hit chance and 117 speed.
    • Marsupial Lion has access to Prowl, which gives it a chance to avoid oncoming damage while increasing its lethality on the following turn. It also helps in cleansing those pesky Deceleration and Distraction effects. Combining Prowl and Rending Takedown is a similar build-up to Cloak’s double damage: the opponent should be aware that there is a 40+50=90% critical hit chance that the already high damage of Rending Takedown is increased by an extra 50%, bringing it to a total damage value of 75% of the opponent’s max HP! Last but not least, even when it is not actively dealing damage, Marsupial Lion is a devious opportunist that Counter Attacks for 25% of its attack value!
    • Designer’s note: Well-timed uses of Instant Distraction abilities can help you gain the upper hand when facing this fearsome predator!
  • Brontotherium
    • This Common Cenozoic Resilient creature’s Hit Point bulk and thick dermal armour protects it from the opponent’s attacks. Its blunt protrusions allow it to use Definite Rampage every other turn. Brontotherium can rid itself of any impediments and reduce on-coming damage thanks to its Defensive Stance.
    • Designer’s note: As a Common creature, Brontotherium is rather predictable. Try to break the mold and make your opponent second-guess your ability cycle. Not using Definite Rampage as soon as possible and instead choosing to sometimes wait an extra turn can really trip up your opponent!

  • Purutaurus
    • This Epic hybrid is made with Carnotaurus and Purussaurus. With access to Cleansing Strike and a Greater Rending Counter Attack, this creature has a Fierce role. However, its Long Protection and Instant Distraction let it play the long game in order to outlast the opponent. When Purutaurus needs immediate effect, it has access to Precise Rampage. This Hybrid has enough HP bulk to stay active over multiple turns–especially when combined with its defensive abilities. It compensates this boon with average attack and a speed that rivals Stegoceratops’.
  • Spinonyx
    • This Fierce Legendary hybrid is made with the GEN2 versions of Spinosaurus and Baryonyx. It specializes in combat against Resilient (and also against evasive) creatures thanks to Lethal Wound, Minor Rending Attack, Precise Rampage and Definite Rampage. With average damage and good HP bulk, Spinonyx’s speed rivals that of Tragodistis.
    • Designer’s note: With a very powerful offensive kit, Spinonyx needs a weakness: Distraction effects.
  • Ardontosaurus
    • This Resilient Legendary hybrid is made with Argentinosaurus and Secodontosaurus. With average damage and a bulk averaging between its two genetic parents, Ardontosaurus can hit its foe no matter what thanks to Definite Strike, increase its chances to survive thanks to Instant Invincibility, make the opponent act second thanks to Decelerating Impact, and make the opponent hurt thanks to Defense Shattering Rampage. Secodontosaurus ancestry allows this plus-sized hybrid to be Immune to negative effects. Its speed rivals that of Trykosaurus.
  • Koolabourgiania
    • With damage that rivals that of Erlidominus and with a similar HP bulk as the Arambourgiania, Koolabourgiania is a Resilient Legendary hybrid between the damage-reducing Koolasuchus GEN2 and the resilient Arambourgiania. This is evident in the creature’s access to Nullifying Strike, Short Defense, Distracting Strike and Instant Distraction. As a pterosaur, it can be setup thanks to Swap In Distraction–this even works on the usual Anti-Tank counters, which tend to have defense shattering abilities. This powerful survivability comes at a cost, for its speed is the same as that of Arambourgiania rather than inheriting the speed of Koolasuchus GEN2.
  • Geminititan
    • This Unique superhybrid is made with Koolabourgiania and Diplodocus. The prime DNA strain of Diplodocus makes this Resilient sauropod lose access to its ancestor’s swap in abilities. Geminititan has the best HP bulk in the game, with average damage and a speed that rivals that of Diorajasaur. Geminititan performs at its best in the long game: it can gain the speed advantage thanks to Decelerating Rampage, reduce the opponent’s damage thanks to Instant Distraction, and resist oncoming attacks thanks to Long Protection. The enjoyable aspect of this special ability lineup is that Geminititan can open up the fight with any of these abilities, since none are on an initial delay. When facing a creature that activates Shields, becomes Ferocious, Cloaks or enters Evasive Stance, Geminititan always has access to Nullifying Strike.
  • Erlikospyx
    • This Unique superhybrid is made with Spinonyx and Erlikosaurus GEN2. Sacrificing a bit of its parent’s health for even more damage, this Fierce creature matches flighty Erlikosaurus GEN2’s new speed. This Fierce creature has access to Minimal Speedup Strike, Lethal Wound, Debilitating Distraction, and Precise Rampage.



The last attribute balancing pass was done in 1.5. This update, we’ve had time to do another balancing pass that considers all of the game’s creatures (including this update’s new ones).

We’ve also reduced the “cost” of Swap Prevention mechanics in order to give a bit of a boost to the crocodilian creatures (Sauropods are not affected too much by this change).

  • Alankylosaurus
    • HP reduced to 3990.
  • Amargasaurus
    • Attack reduced to 1020.
  • Ankylosaurus
    • HP reduced to 4380.
  • Ankylosaurus GEN2
    • HP reduced to 4110.
  • Ankyntrosaurus
    • HP reduced to 5070.
  • Brachiosaurus
    • Attack reduced to 950.
  • Carnotaurus
    • HP reduced to 3900. Attack reduced to 800. Counter attack becomes Greater Rending Counter Attack.
  • Charlie
    • Attack increased to 1490.
  • Darwezopteryx
    • HP increased to 4200. Speed increased to 127.
  • Darwinopterus
    • Attack reduced to 970.
  • Deinocherius
    • Attack reduced to 1290.
  • Dimetrodon
    • HP increased to 4200.
  • Dimetrodon GEN2
    • HP increased to 4110.
  • Dimodactylus
    • Attack increases to 860.
    • Exchanged the short defense and basic attack (swap prevention) mechanics:
      • Basic Attack becomes Shielding Strike
      • Short Defense becomes Instant Pinning Strike.
    • This gives Dimodactylus a priority Swap Prevention, which is useful when attempting to counter “…and Run” abilities.
  • Diorajasaur
    • Diorajasaur’s attributes and moveset are revamped to be more of a coherent, meta-relevant Unique creature.
    • Diorajasaur has Precise Shattering Counter Attacks. Removed Swap Ability. No need for Pinning Strike: it has Tuojiangosaurus’ Superiority Strike instead. Special Abilities become Instant Distraction, Ferocious Strike and Instant Invincibility.
    • Attack increased to 1000. HP increased to 4500.
  • Diplotator
    • Attack increased to 1340.
  • Dracorex
    • Swap in Strike becomes Swap In Definite Strike. Attack reduced to 1200, health increased to 3000.
  • Dracorex GEN2
    • Attack increased to 1200. Impact and Run changed to Impact.
  • Dsungaripterus
    • Attack increased to 900.
  • Echo
    • Speed increased to 129. HP reduced to 2550.
  • Edmontoguanodon
    • HP increased to 5220.
  • Erlikosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1470.
  • Erlikosaurus GEN2
    • Speed increased to 129.
  • Euoplocephalus
    • HP reduced to 4140.
  • Gallimimus
    • Attack increased to 1280. HP increased to 2100.
  • Giraffatitan
    • Attack reduced to 1020.
  • Gorgosuchus
    • Attack increased to 1400.
  • Grypolyth
    • Rebuilt as a “sustained rending counter attacker”. Ferocity Strike becomes Regeneration. Counter attack becomes Rending Counter Attack. Lockdown strike becomes Immobilize. HP increased to 4440.
  • Gryposuchus
    • HP increased to 4050. Attack increased to 1200.
    • Basic attack becomes Defense Shattering Strike. Lockdown Impact becomes Immobilize.
  • Iguanodon
    • Attack reduced to 1170.
  • Indominus rex
    • Attack increased to 1300.
  • Irritator
    • Attack changed to 1070.
  • Irritator Gen2
    • Swap in ability becomes Swap In Definite Strike.
  • Kaprosuchus
    • Ferocity Impact becomes Ferocity Strike. Attack reduced to 980. Swap in ability becomes Swap In Definite Strike.
  • Koolasuchus GEN2
    • Speed increased to 126.
  • Maiasaura
    • HP reduced to 4500.
  • Megalosuchus
    • HP increased to 4500. Basic attack becomes Definite Strike. Critical Impact becomes Defense Shattering Impact.
  • Monolometrodon
    • Speed reduced to 125. HP reduced to 3660.
  • Monomimus
    • Gains Swap In Dodge. HP reduced to 2100.
  • Monolophosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1380.
  • Monolophosaurus GEN2
    • HP reduced to 2370.
  • Monostegotops
    • HP reduced to 4260.
  • Nodosaurus
    • HP decreased to 4200.
  • Nundasuchus
    • Attack increased to 1530.
  • Ophiacodon
    • HP increased to 4170.
  • Ouranosaurus
    • Attack reduced to 1290.
  • Pachycephalosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1200. HP reduced to 4050.
  • Paramoloch
    • Attack reduced to 1110.
    • Tweak this creature to be more of a “sustain teamplay tank”. Strike becomes Shielding Strike. Rampage and Run becomes Regenerate and Run. Greater Stunning Strike becomes Greater Stunning Impact.
  • Postimetrodon
    • Attack reduced to 950.
  • Postosuchus
    • Attack increased to 1450.
  • Procerathomimus
    • HP increased to 3000.
  • Proceratosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1420.
  • Pterovexus
    • Swap in Ability becomes Swap in Evasion.
  • Purrolyth
    • Attack reduced to 1000. HP increased to 3600. Armor increased to 15%. Lockdown Strike becomes Regeneration. Counter Attack becomes Minor Rending Counter Attack.
  • Purussaurus
    • Attack increased to 1140.
  • Purussaurus GEN2
    • HP decreased to 4200. Attack increased to 1250.
  • Rajasaurus
    • HP reduced to 3960.
  • Sarcorixis
    • Attack reduced to 1190. HP increased to 4200.
  • Sarcosuchus
    • Attack significantly increased to 1270.
  • Scaphognathus
    • Attack reduced to 950.
  • Secodontosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1500. Basic Attack becomes Definite Strike.
  • Skoolasaurus
    • Slowing Impact becomes Distracting Rampage.
  • Spinosaurus
    • Attack reduced to 850.
  • Spinosaurus GEN2
    • HP increased to 3990.
  • Spinotaraptor
    • HP increased to 3240. Attack increased to 1400.
  • Spinotasuchus
    • Attack increased to 1300.
  • Stegosaurus
    • Speed reduced to 116.
  • Stygidaryx
    • HP reduced to 4020.
  • Stygimoloch
    • Attack increased to 1440.
  • Suchomimus
    • Speed reduced to 112.
  • Suchotator
    • HP reduced to 4500.
  • Tanycolagreus
    • Its attributes have been balanced to take out the Indoraptor if you correctly predict the Indoraptor’s Evasive Stance usage: Damage increased to 1560, Health reduced to 3000.
  • Tarbosaurus
    • Attack reduced to 1580.
  • Tenontorex
    • Attack reduced to 1630.
  • Tenontosaurus
    • Attack reduced to 1130.
  • Thoradolosaur
    • Slight attack increase to 1660.
  • Triceratops
    • HP reduced to 4740.
  • Triceratops GEN2
    • Attack reduced to 1250.
  • Tuojiangosaurus
    • Attack reduced to 1100.
  • Tuoramoloch
    • Attack reduced to 1050. Greater Stunning Impact becomes Greater Stunning Rampage.
  • Utahraptor
    • Attack increased to 1420.
  • Utarinex
    • Impact and Run becomes Rampage and Run. Critical chance increased to 10%. HP reduced to 3600.
  • Utasinoraptor
    • Slight attack increase to 1600.


  • Removal of Friendly Battle from the Daily Missions.
  • Megalosuchus has 3 targets rather than the previous 4.
  • All known issues with the Speed indicator are fixed, with simplified visual communication.
    • If further issues with this or any other feature should arise, please be sure to contact our support team (Ludia Support) so that we may identify and mitigate these bugs.
  • More overall bug fixes and app optimizations.
  • FUTURE Bug Fix:
    • The S7 is no longer supported in AR. This should be fixed for 1.8.
    • The S4 with a PowerVR CPU is temporarily no longer supported. We are hoping to have a fix for mid-June. Please note that more recent S4 that have the Adreno CPU do not suffer from this problem and the game should be fully playable.

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