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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.7

I’m Soo depressed some how I got swept up in the cheater ban got banned for 3 days after I updated the game. I’m a stay at home dad with 2 kids never leave the house all I do all day is play this game I at least have the app open all day so I can catch any dinosaur that shows up I’m level 13 with around 2500 trophy my highest Dino is allosinosarus who I just yesterday got to level 20 if I was a cheater all my dinosaurs would be over level 20 like I have seen people I’ve battled at level 13 with level 26 dinosaurs and 2 or 3 uniques don’t you think if I cheat I’d have way higher level dinosaurs and some uniques myself I mean i do play 24/7 so yeah if I cheated while playing as much as I play this game my Dino’s would be beast but no I have level 20 allosinosarus level 16 tragodistis 16 indominus 17 dracoceratops 17 Trex and 17 utahsinoraptor I have seen people my level with all them over level 20 with uniques like thoradosaurus and indoraptor who are definitely cheating and ludia won’t even email me back to fix it I seriously hope they don’t reset my account like it says in the cheating section for punishments I’ll die I have worked so hard for all I do have I would really have to quit the game and never spend another penny on the game if for some dumb reason I did keep playing god I’m bored and am going stir crazy I even quit Pokemon go so I can dna search all day​:disappointed_relieved: please ludia do the right thing I don’t even own a computer to begin to learn the first thing about hacking a mobile game :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I wanna see how the update even plays😥

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Yeah…big issue with battles! Getting timed out during battles…how will this affect the upcoming tournament?!?

I hate Smilodon already because I’m sick and tired of looking at this!


I loved some of the changes, but how could you screw up so bad on matchmaking, Ludia? Please fix this. It’s taking ages to find an opponent… If you can’t fix it, just put it back the way it was. I don’t even care anymore if I have to face level 30 teams, I just want to battle!


So if my game messes up I can’t get help and I can no longer be on the leader board so battles are pointless what is the point on keep playing the game or spending money on it is a definitely nooooo never again why should I even keep playing


the matchmaking update is horrible! I get matched with dinos 2 n 3 levels higher AND powered up! If the battles dont time out first (which happens most the time) I get slaughtered by dinos WAY above my level. Of course those who are getting matched with weaker players love the update thats no suprise! But those of us on the other end getting slaughtered its not even fun to play anymore.


The match making is definitely a lot better. Sure there are still Dino’s that are 2-3 levels higher than my max level, but I am loosing a lot less. Also, some of my creatures are a relatively low level

Whoa @Jarrod_Brooks that is highly messed up. So they didn’t give you a specific reason your account was banned just cheating/hacking/spoofing? Wow that’s insane so you really don’t have a reason to play anymore after 2 years of all that work. Are you gonna find a new game to play instead. I mean why play the game if your battles mean nothing anymore. Hearing your story makes me not wanna play like dang what if they decide I’m a cheater or hacker or spoofer how do they decide your cheating. There’s thousands of players do they watch everybody’s screen all day and see if your location jumps or something? Unless your dumb enough to talk about it in your chat and someone reports you. I don’t see how they can go through thousands of players and decide who’s cheating. and how they don’t even have enough people to reply to everyone’s questions on the forum. let alone monitor everybody’s game I legitimately feel you have been wronged makes me sick I feel for you bro. Just hearing about your story I won’t be buying anything in game for a while in case it’s a glitch with the new update don’t want it to happen to me after paying money

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Dang dude they even deleted your post @jarrod_brooks that had your reply from ludia. They really don’t want people knowing how they talk to people one on one. Probably because they know you shouldn’t have been temporarily banned lol. Not laughing you got banned just how they covering it up.

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sorry if i lost this, but:

do we have a table of stats resource cost for every 10 boost tiers?

i see its more expensive each tier, but how much exactly?

2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024

Well my first reply got hidden but level 1 is 2. It doubles every level after that up to 1024 for level 10

:scream_cat: 1024???

well… according to boost tables, it seems above level 7 the % boost is little. so i think it worth only until level 6 or 7.

Congratulations Ludia! You have completely destroyed a great game. Besides all the bugs that have been plaguing this app. The stat boosts were the worst idea created. If you want a better Dino you should just level them up. Not destroy balance in the game. You have eliminated counters for dinos. What were you thinking


Battles are a disgrace. I tried once, two, three and the answer is always the same. TIME’s up. Try again. They must think we have nothing else to do. Five tries and I quit. Either change the system or a lot of people will stop playing and I’ll be one of them.


I haven’t been able to get a game now for nearly 24 hours. The tournament isn’t going to work at this rate.

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There’s no way spending 100 hard cash in a tournament that is doomed by the beggining. With the Battle system totaly broken, we could lose HOURS trying to get a match, but we can lose points by not playing too (waiting or disconnecting from te match).
And the Boost system…:face_with_head_bandage:

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Hi. I want to ask a question days ago and I have not played but today I see these arrows in the data of the dinosaurs, what are they for?

They are indicating you can do a stat boost as you have enough stat boost tokens. This is all explain in the very first post of this topic you are posting in.