[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.8

This sounds so good - thank you for helping us get the rare Dino dna was need! I’m excited for the tany hybrid


I’m on the fence on this update.
Will my Galaxy S7 do AR like they said it would?
People that were worried about never being able to catch up to others who bought boosts can relax.
That boosted Magna is going right in the trash! LOL
Dracocera got a damage increase, but is less effective Vs Tryko.
That’s a “Nerf” I can live with!
Everyone seems satisfied with this nerf so no more complaints right? :slight_smile:
My poor Magna…
Thor’s crit reduced, but 60% of the time he will do more damage.
I’ll keep it.

Matchmaking is still broke, but you can at least rise slowly.
I’ll have to research the best low level to take Magna’s spot to game the system.
Not really happy or upset… Magna. LOL
But I will adapt as I figure out how to min/max it.
No more Dracocera crying!
It got “NERFED!” LOL

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maybe make a vid about it :wink:

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I’m a little confused about Sanctuaries. Do they exist in the local world? Or are they individualized for each profile? I wonder because of how it’s worded that alliance members can visit and share.

I feel stupid, I was one of the people that started that off lol.

Kinda mad cuz no aquatics but looks like a good very promising update

…until you start boosting it’s CRIT chance in the 1.9+ update.

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Nope, no need for them right now. Flying creatures barely work and cenozoics arent that fun. Aquatics will just add more unnecessary stuff.

We got some new cool hybrids and a new cool feature, that’s plenty for 1.8…

Now the main concern is bugs, and what will be fixed and what won’t. Forget aquatics. Lol sorry.



• Double distraction Blue!
• Double distracting and defense shattering Pyrritator!
• Distracting Monostegotops returns!
• Slight Dracocera nerf!

They needed the nerfs badly. They got what they deserved

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Maybe because it is no longer swap in shattering rampage?

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You’re joking right? Magna is right behind Thor in in terms of team sweepers. I’m sad too but it had to happen.


She’s always been a beast :wink:

I’m happy that Alita is getting a small buff, but sad that Prowler is getting a nerf

Swap in rampage doesn’t brake through defense

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magna lost 390 HP… how is this some catastrophic nerf? it is definitely a team sweeper especially when faster than all opponent dinos. HP loss wont have any effect on that. just closer to DC range now

distracting, speed, immune, shattering… mine’s not even the best but will still be 5K HP and 2K damage after nerf

So the new battle thing how is that going to work? You have zones, so what is hard for me to find, may be common for other people. But your battle mechanics will be based on what then??? Does any one at Ludia, even understand how their game works or is played? To even post that magna is simple to get compared to the other Dino you posted shows your complete incompetence. Even if it were an example. Then down the road you can change this up to favor your spenders. We get it, you have to take care of them and handle your spenders with kid gloves and make them feel good about their spending. But honestly, since you are doing that, at least do it logically.
On the same note, Thor and both uta hybrids Better fall into this catagory, cause players get their dna every week in missions.
So next time you make changes, at least understand your game. It’s pretty laughable at this point.

swap in now doesn’t break defenses. will still be an effective move mostly, but a little more defense against it. maybe not a nerf, per say, but at least more counters to it

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I want alliance tools so much, but I’ll be pushing up daisies long before it ever happens!