[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.8

I just saying:

You boosted, now you toasted.

People should play the long term game, now players have had a wonderful time for 2 months, climed in the arena, slayed players with overboosted stuff! Screaming Halleluja!

Now it’s time to cry?!


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I have no idea what you’re talking about…

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utasino, dioraja… :see_no_evil:

but indeed we really are going to see team diversity now, thanks to all these creatures updates, new ones and of course: sanctuary. if i understood right, creature you place into sanctuary cant be used in team.

we really are going to see teams changes.

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I don’t think so.

Players have tons of Sino, missing Tarbo and Allo for making THOR.

And people who saved dna for DC and waiting to level up, will take coins to do so.

Same dinos this meta again.

I wonder…
Whats will happen to ALL creaturs with critical strike or impact? like utahsino,charlie and some more?
And whats about prowl?a double nerf,no?
Crit deal 0.25 less dmg AND now even if you miss a hit,you take a shoot?

well… only now i did read the other topic. :confused:

nevermind… lets keep that same monster team alone, and fill sanctuaries with their elements.

you mean what videos? those with 15fps? or there is a performance update?

Monostego is going to be an absolute monster now with that distraction.


I bet we will see Monostego resurgence and Indo disappearance.
Too soon to tell, but I think there will be changes.


So sad that my naked chickens swap in dodge will be no longer :sob:

I just wanna be able to reset my boosts :woman_shrugging:t3: Lol


seems i found a substitute to my now died indoraptor.

what kind of distraction move? instant? strike? impact?

Strike, certainly. It’s gonna be in the place of a strike.

About boosts, I gotta say, I think I boosted all the right creatures and I’m awesome at the arena thanks to that. That doesn’t make me like them. I’d prefer if they didn’t exist OR made less of a difference…


I’d say just the sub part of the attack is changes from nullify to distract, so I’d say Distracting Strike


Actually I believe the name of the move is just “Distraction”, so 1 turn of reduced attack with no cooldown. The “Distraction Strike” is 2 turns and has cooldown

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what a monster. with health and attack buff, lets see a most predicted combo:

  1. slowing (3 turns) 1.5x
  2. stun 1.5x
  3. distract 1x
  4. nullify 1.5x

or some variations… its guaranteed to do much damage in sequence, surviving thanks to high health, armor and new distract.

the new legendary tyrant, replacing dracorat?

or dispute that place with carnotarkus?

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Well, actually, I don’t want to spoil your fun but if I’m not mistaken, it’s HP was even higher before 1.7, wasn’t it? Someone correct me if I’m wrong… Yeah, this 1 turn distraction is good but it’ll mostly be useful against Dilorach and slower Thors in meta, I think.

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The crit one yes, but the dodge one is just the death of dodging creatures.


because the 1st move being slow for next 3 turns… and the second being stun… the next will hurt, then lets distract to survive, and do the last faster move: nullify or slow again.

Which is really neat since most people used ot to kill everything but tanks