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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.9


In this update, we have created a new training program that will allow you to refine your battle strategies! We also included an overhaul to the archetypes of Ceratopsians and gave creatures more precision in their possible Immunities. Finally, the sanctuary now welcomes Cenozoic creatures. More about this in the relevant sections below.

  • Campaign
  • Sanctuary Improvements & Cenozoic Creatures
  • World Exploration
  • Ability Updates, Including New Abilities
  • New Creatures and Hybrids, including Indominous and Indoraptor GEN2s
  • Creature Updates and Balancing
  • Bug Fixes


  • A new battle mode is available to all players who have obtained at least 4 creatures.
  • Use the top navigation tabs to alternate between the adversarial PVP Modes and the Single Player Campaign Mode.
  • The Campaign features 9 Chapters mapped out in various environments.
  • Chapters consist of a linear series of Missions.
  • Complete Missions to receive rewards and move on to the next Mission.
    • Missions can be replayed, but the Rewards are only obtained once.
  • Play each Chapter’s Missions and you can move on to the next Chapter.
    • The Campaign starts by teaching you the basic archetype interactions between Fierce, Resilient, and Cunning creatures.
    • You then apply those lessons against balanced opponent team compositions.
    • Keep learning about (and applying your knowledge of) more and more mechanics over the various Chapters.
    • The final Chapter has material to challenge players who have reached the End-Game.
  • With the first two missions in Campaign replacing the Tutorial, they will need to be completed in order to access standard PvP Battles.
    • If a player has already completed both introduction battles (tutorial), PvP will be unlocked and the first two missions will be considered complete. Extra rewards from the new missions are not awarded.
    • If a player has only completed the first introduction battle (tutorial), PvP is not unlocked and the player will need to complete the second introduction battle. Only the rewards from the second introduction battle will be awarded.
  • For more details, read on HERE


All Cenozoic creatures can be placed in the Sanctuary. This includes creatures such as Smilodon, Elastmotherium, Phorusrha, Entelodon, and Carbonemys.

Rebalanced the impact of Sanctuary Levels on the DNA rewarded. We heard your feedback about the lack of impact of leveling up Sanctuaries to the max level, especially for Epics. In order to make it more interesting, we rebalanced it. At level 20 Sanctuaries will now give double the DNA rewards (compared to a level 1).

You can now tap the creature in Enclosure View to go in Care View for that creature. (It’s equivalent of tapping its portrait in the list below.)

Furthermore, it should now be easier to visit multiple remote sanctuaries via your Alliance’s list of Shared Sanctuaries as each time you exit, you will return to your previous context (e.g. the list of Shared Sanctuaries) instead of the map. If you visited a Sanctuary from a creature’s Character Sheet, you will return to your Collection when you exit.

Finally, we have fixed a bug where Care buttons were not visible while recording a video in AR. We apologize to players who were affected by this!


Reducing the presence of Daily Creatures on the map
When we introduced creatures that spawn on specific days, we wanted to be sure they would have a big presence in the world. We’ve since heard your feedback that their presence was a bit too much, as they would take over the local creatures of each area of the world, making it harder to encounter local creatures. In this update, we reduced the presence of those Daily Creatures by about 20-40% (depending on your area).

New creatures and small rebalancing
As with every big update, we added new creatures to encounter in the wilds, as well as taking this opportunity to rebalance each area of the world slightly.


We now have the capacity to create abilities where the opponent receives a bonus in order to create powerful abilities that must be used at the proper time (or that must be “gambled with”). See Mutual Fury, below.

Defensive Stance
Defensive Stance’s Shield now lasts for 2 turns. This results in a lowered total HP amount for Brontotherium and Elasmotherium.

Critical Impact
Reworked. Now guaranteed to do 1.875x damage.
Deal 1.5x damage, perform a guaranteed critical hit.

Minor Rending Attack
Rend increased to 34%.

Rending Attack
Rend increased to 40%.

Rending Takedown
Rend increased to 60%.




CARBONEMYS | Highly Armored Epic Resilient Healer

The armored turtle makes its debut in the Jurassic World! This Epic creature is a meta changer: base armor is no longer restricted to capping at 40%! With high health and a whopping 60% armor, this creature is one of the best on the defensive front. Its heavy shell makes it rather slow and weak, however.

Carbonemys has access to Superior Vulnerability, Dig In, and Devastation. Facing the armored turtle? Rending Attacks, armor piercing and defense shattering attacks are your best best.

Carbonemys is one of the few tanks that cannot be countered with damage over time because it is Immune to Damage Over Time.

ENTELODON | Self-boosting Rare Fierce Bruiser

The frenzied terminator pig is here. With access to the all-new Mutual Fury, this risky creature boosts everyone’s damage! With 122 speed and the Mutual Fury active, Entelodon can outspeed a velociraptor while having reliable damage dealing with Definite Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage. It is Immune to Stuns. This thick-skinned and bulky Rare Fierce creature has higher-than-average damage that can increase to Trykosaurus levels of damage with Mutual Fury. Entelodon can be swapped in deliberately thanks to its Swap in Heal.

Facing this aggressive boar? Nullify it, or benefit from the damage boost to take it down! If all else fails, Rending and Damage Over Time are a boon.

KELENKEN | Cunning fast dodging Rare damage dealer

Speedy Rare Kelenken has access to Swap in Dodge, Sidestep and Raking Claws. With speed that surpasses that of Phorusrhacos, Kelenken trades in a bit of its sister’s HP for the mix of damage and evasion that is possible with Evasive Strike. Its high speed is reliable because it is Immune to Deceleration.

Facing Kelenken? Use Definite, Precise or Nullifying abilities in order to guarantee your damage. Instant Distraction and Instant Invincibility can work on the turn when you think that the Raking Claws are coming in, but you could be tricked into timing such abilities incorrectly.

Sanctuary Exclusives
Use Sanctuaries to share and collect DNA from these super elusive creatures with your Alliance as these creatures will appear only during special events in the coming months…

ALLOSAURUS GEN2 | Epic Anti-tank chomper

Epic Allosaurus GEN2 has similar attributes to its GEN1 sibling. As a Fierce “chomper”, the Allosaurus GEN2 uses its Cleansing Strike, Rending Takedown and Defense Shattering Impact to deal with Resilient creatures.

Facing Allosaurus GEN2? Distraction abilities are quite efficient if you want to force her to use the less-damaging Cleansing Strike next turn. Dodges come a close second.

NASUTOCERATOPS | Rare All-purpose decelerating, distracting & stunning bruiser

As a Rare ceratopsian, Nasutoceratops is a bulky and armored Jack-of-all-Trades. With average speed and attack, Nasutoceratops has access to Decelerating Strike, Distraction, and Greater Stunning Strike. Both Decelerating Strike and Distraction give Nasutoceratops the tools to deal with speedy or high-damage opponents, respectively. As per other Ceratopsians, it has access to Swap in Stunning Strike.

Facing Nasutoceratops? An Immune creature is your best bet. Feel free to use the negative effects of your own, such as Distractions, Decelerations and Stuns.


PHORUSAURA | Resilient fast mobile Legendary priority dodger
Mixing the genes of Maiasaura and Phorusrhacos, this Legendary hybrid combines the mobility of the Maiasaura parent with the Sidestep, attack and speed of the Phorushracos parent. Improving upon Maiasaura when it swaps out, Phorusaura has access to Superiority Strike, Swap in Stun, Instant Rampage, and Rampage and Run. Its incredible mobility is compounded by being Immune to Swap Prevention.

Facing Phorusaura? While reducing its speed will give you the edge for one (or a few) turn(s), it can always choose to simply run away or use its Instant Rampage. Patient, armored/shielded counter attackers or Precise Attackers are your best bet.

BRONTOLASMUS | Resilient armored and shielded Epic anti-tank
What do you get when you merge two “rhinos” together? You get the speed control that you were missing. Resilient Brontolasmus has Long Defense Strike, Definite Rampage, Rending Attack, and Decelerating Rampage. This Epic hybrid boasts a balanced speed and attack, has high health, and 30% armor.

Facing Brontolasmus? Usual anti-tank abilities will work here, as well as Distraction effects.

CARBOTOCERATOPS | Highly armored and bulky Legendary Jack of all trades
Like its Nasutoceratops parent, Jack-of-All-Trades Legendary hybrid Carbotoceratops features Stun, Speed Control, and Distraction in the form of Swap in Headbutt, Superior Vulnerability, and Distracting Strike. Like its Carbonemys parent, she has access to Dig In and Devastation. Carbotoceratops boasts a 50% armor, average bulk, and low attack.

Facing the Armored Jack of All Trades? It can’t cleanse unless it Digs In: any status effect that you inflict upon it will stick at least one turn. Don’t hesitate to inflict Damage over Time, Distract it, reduce its speed… It will all work for at least a turn! Rending, Armor Piercing, Defense Shattering, and Definite attacks will ensure that the damage goes through, fully.

INDOMINUS GEN2 | Epic self-boosting Fierce Anti-Tank bruiser with Immunity
Scientists have been working at improving the Indominus formula by incorporating some of Echo’s DNA with the ancestry of the Tyrannosaurus GEN2. With slightly higher speed but the same HP than its GEN1 revamped parent, Fierce Epic Indominus GEN2 boasts Definite Strike, Mutual Fury, Armor Piercing Rampage, and Cloak. Like its predecessor, it is Immune. It has a normal 5% critical chance.

Designer’s notes: With the proper combinations of Mutual Fury (which lasts 2 turns), Cloak and Rampage, Indominus GEN2 has the potential to do the most damage in the game by doing (100+50) * 2 * 2 = 600% of its respectable base 1400 attack, also known as 8400 damage at Tournament level. Of course, if you can afford to do “only” 4200 damage, go with a Definite Strike! It will bypass any Invincibility or Evasion that your opponent could throw-in

Facing Indominus GEN2? I don’t envy you. Nullifying attacks are your best bet, as they can work to remove both the Damage and Speed Increases that come with Mutual Fury, as well as remove its Cloak and the damage multiplication that it brings.

THYLACOTATOR | Fierce Epic Rending, Damage Over Time, Distracting, Superiority dodger
From the Marsupial Lion and the Suchotator comes this Fierce Epic superhybrid. With access to Superiority Strike, Deliberate Prowl, Rending Takedown, and Lethal Wound, Thylacotator is sure to bring the hurt! With attributes quite similar to those of the Marsupial Lion, Thylacotator trades some critical hit chance in order to bring in Swap In Distraction. It is Immune to Stuns.

Facing Thylacotator? With a versatile kit, she can slow you down while cleansing Distractions, she can cleanse while she evades, and she can inflict Damage Over Time. However, Thylacotator can’t be stunned. She can be damaged with precise, definite, and nullifying attacks in order to ensure that the damage goes through. Any time she uses her cleansing abilities, you are potentially gaining a turn as the cooldowns are reduced (but so are hers as well!) It might still be worthwhile to inflict DoT, Distractions, and Speed reductions, if only to force the opponent to deal with the effects.

SMILONEMYS | Dodging, shielding, cleansing, highly armored and mobile Unique Resilient pouncing bruiser
As an ultimate combination of 3 Epic creatures (Smilodon, Pachycephalosaurus and Carbonemys), Unique Smilonemys is perhaps one of the most efficient Resilient creatures in the game: it has speed, shields, mobility, distraction, evasion and armor! Smilonemys has access to Long Defense Strike, Deliberate Prowl, Precise Pounce, and Impact and Run. Like the pachycephalosaurus ancestor, it comes in with a stunning headbutt with its Swap in Stun. With an attack value of 1500 and 50% armor, bulky Smilonemys is poised to shake up the arena!

Facing Smilonemys? With an on-demand cleanse (and access to Impact and Run), it’s difficult to use Distracting abilities on Smilonemys or inflict Damage over Time. Definite attacks are your best bet. They will definitely inflict their damage!

INDORAPTOR GEN2 | Survivable Cunning self-increasing distracting Legendary dodger
You want a distraction effect with your Indoraptor? With access to quality raptor DNA, Indominus GEN2’s ancestry is mixed with that of Blue in order to creature a Legendary Superhybrid. This beauty is a solid example of the fact that the rarity of the components are sometimes better than the resulting rarity of the creature, surpassing the GEN1 equivalent in some ways. With attributes that are quite similar to Indoraptor’s, this GEN2 is equipped with the extremely powerful (and always-accessible) Cautious Strike. Merely using that attack every turn can make her into quite an annoying adversary (unless her opponent is Immune and can deal with dodge chances). Furthermore, she can evade for even longer periods of time with Evasive Stance, bring on the pain with Definite Rampage and make everyone ferocious with Mutual Fury. Indoraptor GEN2 is Immune to Distractions and Immune to Stuns.

Designer’s note: Want to take a big risk with a huge payoff? You can combine the two-turn duration of Mutual Fury’s damage and speed increases in order to setup a fast, devastating second turn Definite Rampage (hitting for 4500 damage). Instead, you can also choose to play more conservatively with all of the various dodges that Indoraptor GEN2 has access to. We recommend liberal use of Cautious Strike when needed: it makes this creature survive longer while being extremely reliable.

Facing Indoraptor GEN2? You’re going to need a combination of effects. Use precise, definite, or nullifying attacks to ensure that your damage goes through the many ways she can evade. You can provoke a manual swap out or her Cautious Strike (instead of that scary rampage) by inflicting Damage over Time. Armor is useful against all of her attacks, except Definite Rampage.


In this update, Ceratopsians are revisited as being Stun and Deceleration creatures rather than being “jack of all trades” (although Nasutoceratops and Monostegotops can still fare well against all sorts of non-immune opponents).

Ceratopsians come in with a charge that can leave their opponent reeling–this can be noticed with all Ceratopsian’s Swap in Stunning Strike. Their universal ability is Dig In (except in some special cases).

Most of them have Decelerating Strike as a basic attack. This affects Einiasuchus, Einiosaurus, Monostegotops, Nasutoceratops, Sinoceratops, Stegoceratops, Triceratops, Triceratops GEN2. More details below.

A pass on our internal calculation of Immunity revealed that we had overvalued the ability. Creatures that were Immune to Negative effects received a good pool of “points”, which let us give them a power increase.


  • Ankylocodon
    • Attack increased to 1000. HP increased to 4200.
  • Allosaurus
    • HP reduced to 4650.
  • Ankylosaurus
    • HP reduced to 4200.
  • Ankylosaurus GEN2
    • HP reduced to 3900.
  • Ankyntrosaurus
    • HP reduced to 4980.
  • Ardentismaxima
    • Attack significantly increased to 1300. HP increased to 5400. Gained Armor 15%. Critical hit chance increased to 30%, like its Brachiosaurus parent.
  • Ardontosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1200, HP increased to 5100.
  • Brontotherium
    • With the update to Defensive Stance, Brontotherium’s HP got reduced to 3900.
  • Dilophosaurus GEN2
    • Removed Swap In Distraction. Basic Attack becomes Distraction. Special ability becomes Nullifying Strike. Gains Immune to Distraction.
    • Attack increased to 1800, HP increased to 3000.
  • Dimetrodon
    • Superb Attack increase to 1280.
  • Dimetrodon GEN2
    • Superb HP increase to 4740.
  • Diplocaulus
    • Removed Swap in Distraction. Basic Attack becomes Distraction. Special Ability becomes Nullifying Impact.
    • Attack increased to 1600.
  • Diplovenator
    • Gains Immune to Stuns and Immune to Distraction.
  • Einiasuchus
    • Attributes become: Attack 900, HP 3000, Speed 115, Armor 20%, Critical 5%
    • Abilities become: Decelerating Strike, Dig In, Greater Stunning Strike, Ferocious Strike, Swap in Stunning Strike
  • Einiosaurus
    • Attributes become: Attack 1000, HP 4200, Speed 111, Armor 15%, Critical 5%
    • Abilities become: Decelerating Strike, Regeneration, Swap in Stunning Strike
  • Elasmotherium
    • With the update to Defensive Stance, Elasmotherium’s HP got reduced to 3630.
  • Erlidominus
    • Attack increased to 1600. HP increased to 3300.
  • Erlikospyx
    • Gains Immune to Deceleration.
  • Euoplocephalus
    • HP reduced to 3960
  • Gallimimus
    • Attack increased to 1300. HP increased to 2760.
  • Geminititan
    • Gains Immune. Attributes become Attack 1400, HP 6000 and Speed 110.
  • Indominus
    • Attack increased to 1600. HP increased to 4500.
  • Indoraptor
    • Gains Immune to Distraction and Immune to Stuns.
  • Magnapyritor
    • HP increased to 3750.
  • Marsupial Lion
    • Gains Immune to Deceleration. HP increased to 4500.
  • Monolometrodon
    • Superb HP increase to 4200. Attack increased to 1150.
  • Monolophosaurus GEN2
    • Removed Swap In Distraction.
    • Attack increased to 1450, HP increased to 2700.
  • Monomimus
    • Rebuilt as a Distracting Dodger with a splash of always-available Nullification. With this combo, it’s possible to reduce your opponent’s damage to zero for one crucial turn!
    • Abilities become Nullifying Strike, Distracting Strike, Distracting Rampage, Evasive Stance, Swap in Dodge. She still keeps her Immunity. Health increased to 3150. Attack increased to 1330.
  • Monostegotops
    • Attributes become: Attack 1000, HP 4200, Speed 117, Armor 30%, Critical 20%
    • Abilities become: Distraction, Dig In, Greater Stunning Impact, Slowing Impact, Swap in Stunning Strike
  • Ornithomimus
    • Attack increased to 1500.
  • Ophiacodon
    • Superb Attack increase to 1400. HP increase to 4290.
  • Phorusrhacos
    • Gains Immune to Deceleration.
  • Postimetrodon
    • Superb Attack increase to 1200.
  • Procerathomimus
    • HP increased to 3900.
  • Pteraquetzal
    • We heard your feedback and rebalanced this creature.
    • Loses Swap In Dodge. Replaces Long Protection with Long Defense Strike. Speed increased to 122, which is the average of its two parent creatures.
  • Pterovexus
    • Attack increased to 1200. HP increased to 4140.
  • Pyrritator
    • Rebuilt to be a Distraction-Focused creature. With its Irritator ancestry, it still has a tool to deal with armored and/or shielded creatures. Like other raptors, it can be countered by speed control abilities such as Thagomizer and Superiority Strike.
    • Attributes become Attack 1300, HP 3300, Speed 129, Critical hit chance 20%. Abilities become Distraction, Pounce, Distracting Impact, Defense Shattering Impact.
  • Secodontosaurus
    • HP increased to 3750.
  • Sinoceratops
    • Attributes become: Attack 950, HP 3600, Speed 111, Armor 25%, Critical 5%
    • Abilities become: Decelerating Strike, Dig In, Instant Charge, Swap in Stunning Strike
  • Smilocephalosaurus
    • Gains Immune to Stuns.
  • Spinonyx
    • Gains Immune to Deceleration. HP increased to 4350.
  • Stegoceratops
    • Attributes become: Attack 920, HP 3900, Speed 112, Armor 25%, Critical 5%
    • Abilities become: Decelerating Strike, Dig In, Slowing Impact, Greater Stunning Strike, Swap in Stunning Strike
  • Tenontorex
    • Attack reaches Thoradolosaur level with a value of 1680.
  • Triceratops
    • Attributes become: Attack 900, HP 3900, Speed 111, Armor 20%, Critical 5%
    • Abilities become: Decelerating Strike, Dig In, Greater Stunning Strike, Swap in Stunning Strike
  • Triceratops GEN2
    • Attributes become: Attack 1000, HP 3960, Speed 110, Armor 10%, Critical 5%
    • Abilities become: Decelerating Strike, Rampage, Swap in Stunning Strike
  • Tryostronix
    • Attack increased to 1300. HP increased to 4200.
  • Velociraptor
    • Attack increased to 1550. HP reduced to 1650.


Over 375 bugs were fixed in this release, including:

  • “Sanctuary Limbo” issue is now fixed:
    • In certain cases, when a Sanctuary would disappear, a player’s creature would be inaccessible until the timer ended. With this fix, if a Sanctuary were to disappear, the player’s creature would be returned to his or her roster without having to wait for the timer to end.
  • Using Scent Capsules in Parks to respawn a creature
    • We fixed an exploit that would allow someone to “respawn” or “reroll” a creature attracted by a Scent Capsule in a park, which increased the chances of getting rarer creatures. We are aware that Scent Capsules are not attracting “park creatures” as would be expected and it’s something we want to improve in a future update.
  • Fixed an issue where players of different arenas could not be matched together after attempting to matchmake for a long while (even if the matchmaking score difference would theoretically allow them to).

Known Issues
The following are issues we are aware of and actively working towards resolving:

  • Sending and receiving Friendly battle request is unstable where accepting a friendly battle request will result in the player being sent to the loading screen and the sender still on the social menu or one of the players will softlock.
  • Players are ranked based on their highest trophy count of the previous season in the Alliance player list.
  • Expired DNA Donation Requests Remain in Alliance Chat for a short while.
  • Completed Alliance mission objectives are missing player name under player icon.
  • We have noticed more instability around connection and in the battle; we are actively continuing working on solutions.

Holy crap!


Oh wow Arnold, they listened to you :slight_smile:


No DC nerf boooo


It’s here to stay unfortunately. No use in complaining anymore. With boosts it’s one of there most profitable Dino’s (Christmas Chicken, Thor etc.)

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Maxima :heart_eyes:


Monosteg got nerfed


Nerfed Gemini’s stats… but at least got immunity


Now Erlikospyx can not one shot erlidom. Huge nerf !!!


That shouldn’t be a reason to not fix the single dumbest part of the gameplay. Oh well. I expect nothing and I’m still disappointed.


No new dinosaurs I´m disappointed :frowning:


I’m glad they didn’t nerf Utasino but leaving Thor and Draco as it is… BUFFING Procera? Whatahell…


I’m not so sure, dig in cleanses and replenishes health.
So maybe not so bad.


Looks interesting! Nice stuff. No rat nerf is a bit of a shame but ah well.
Buffing procerato hehe, we’re gonna see a lot more of that one I’m sure :slight_smile:


They buffed Procera, ahahaha. They buffed Erlidom, who is already a nightmare. Nothing about DC. Um… Yay? Also, disappointed that there are no new dinosaurs. Boooooo.

Rest of the update I’ll have to see about. But so far, for the length of time it took to get this update, I’m disappointed.


No Stgydaryx buff

Why Ludia Why


Me when I read indoraptor gained immunity to distractions and stuns


Really hope we get a boost reset so we can reallocate them as I’m on the fence about boosting Suchotator now


Love the new maxima, and the suchothyla hybrids, sad that monostego lost the ability to nullify! I used it against erlindoms