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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.9

Yes to Diplotator for sure. Hybrid has to keep the Longhorns though. Won’t compromise.

I’m going to hope it’s not as ugly lol just to get my Hope’s up. But these 3 mixing is atrocious. But the dino is going to be good. I’ll rather be optimistic and let down than just slur it lol.


ok so last time the devs complained we didn’t use creatures with nullifying abilities and now they take that ability away from one of the creature that could used it the best i.e. Monostegotops???

with all these new abilities and moves we will more than ever need creatures with nullifying abilities but they didn’t even give it to any of the new ones!

also all ceratopsians got a huge attack nerf which is uncalled for - they basically do as much damage as the flying dino’s?? - AND also because of the fact so many creatures will now become immune to stun or distraction, making this class of dino’s obsolete in the metagame

Monostegotops was one of the few well balanced dino’s in the game but will become trash after the update; just consider this:

1)it will lose 25% of it’s attack
2) it also loses 1 attack move that had a 1 !!! turn cooldown (= “nullifying impact”)
3) because of 2) once you use “slowing impact” followed by “greater stunning strike” , you need to wait 1 turn before you can use a 1,5x attack move again! you can only use the basic attack or the new move “dig in” (that doesn’t do any damage)
4) lots of creatures will become immune to stun and/or distraction, so where you could use Monost as a counter to deal with those dino’s you won’t be able to anymore (Indominus and indoraptor!)
5) it basically gets almost none of the abilities of one of its parents (monolophosaurus): no increase in attack , no nullifying ability, no increase in speed, only thing it gets is a basic distraction move, so why need monolophausrus as one of its parents after the update???
6) it will become only very slightly better than Stegoceratops, so for the huge pain of getting monolophosaurs DNA I don’t see any benefit in creating and upgrading Monostegotops after the update, just stick with Stegoceratops, it has almost the same moves and abilities but is a LOT easier to create and upgrade, though it will be useless in the metagame anyway

we really need a way to get our boosts back for those creatures that got rebalanced so we can re-allocate them


Is there anything that can replace Monostego???

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plot twist, the turtle is so ugly and nightmare fuel-ish, to the point where its opponents kills/knocks them selves out just by looking at it

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and with opponents i mean its opponent dinosaurs, not the actual player, unless, PloT tWisT, the turtle is the creature from bird box

overall i liked.
bad part for me is bug fixes… last time they said about 100 bug fixes, but we didn’t know 90+ of them. now its 300+ and we don’t know 290+.

keeping boosts and matchmaker shows me we have to deal with that.

but i like so many changes.

now let me talk a little about buffs and nerfs: i saw some (many) people happy or sad about some dinos changes, like draco, erlidom, monostegotops etc.

seems like people didn’t read all release notes. are analyzing change to dino based on 1.8… cmon, there is SO MANY mechanics change with those lot of new abilities, that sincerely it’s TOO EARLY to know if some dino would be better, worse or useless.

i worry about gamepress members, like @Piere87 and so… A LOT OF WORK now. @MattEllis your computer will blow now to simulate so many ability possibilities! :sob:

draco swap in rampage can be now a small “problem” with so complex combinations.

we have a lot of work to re learn how to battle. and unfortunately a lot of thinking for each move.

@Ludia_Developers will we have more time to make a choice in battles now? too many swap abilities, and fragmented immune abilities and percents to think.

no, sorry: we can’t just say “wow, magna is a monster again” or “no draco nerf” or “monostego got nerfed” and etc. take a look at other creatures and moves… so many possibilities to scare me.

i hope this brings the so beloved diversity to arenas.

and solo campaign is positive. it’s a first try, if looks good they can improve it later.


now last part of comment: why some are talking “no new dino”?
don’t you consider hybrids as new?
don’t you consider nasutoceratops just because it was leaked last month and officially released 1 week before update?

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Our tier list discussion is definitely going to be interesting this time around!

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And we do not know how this new ‘turtle’ thing will even be distributed. As good as folks are thinking it might be, it may be quite a while before anyone has one to try.

Here is all we were given about it:

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good caffeine to you. :see_no_evil:
or will not end before 2.0 :sob:

You need 3000 DNA to get any Epic to 20 from 11, so that Unique will be a long way away. The way I can see them doing this is having Carbonemys be the Creature of the Month next month.

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I remember some dino creature that looked like an ugly turtle with a santa hat, not sure if I saw it on a Jurassic wiki or Carnivores game, but it looked like a rat mixed with a turtle.

So question is Indo gen two actually immune to distraction? Because the tips for going against it said a well timed instant distraction will help. It can’t be immune and then distraction work as well. A little confused here.

Replying once more to politely plead for the ability to reset our boosts. Also, we need the flyers in sanctuaries. I have two hybrids I can’t finish due to lack of rare birb spawns. I was actually in a park today for about 45 minutes, got 3 quetzals to spawn via a scent… proceeded to get 10s in every damn fusion. It’s so frustrating. I’m assuming you all don’t want to animate them but I am begging you, please do this.

I would gladly pay ingame hard cash to reset my boosts. Please.


Good job on bringing certain creatures (i.e. Indoraptor G1, Indominus G1, Pterovexus, Monomimus) back from the dead.

But…why is Indoraptor G2 “better in certain aspects” than Indoraptor G1?? If it truly is better, than what’s the point of going to all the trouble of creating and levelling Indoraptor G1? 2000 Velociraptor/merge isn’t exactly a walk in the park…

Not to mention, Cautious Strike seems way overpowered. I hope this doesn’t turn into another Monomimus situation where you have to massively nerf a new Legendary next patch because it’s doing a lot more than it’s “supposed to”.

Also, why didn’t Stigydaryx get a buff? It’s probably the worst Unique of 1.8, and now everything got stronger around it (so, basically an indirect nerf to Stigy). Do you guys just forget about certain Uniques from time to time?

Speaking of forgotten, there seem to be a bunch of forgotten, hard to use hybrids who never receieved superhybrids (looking at you, Alankylo). Why create a bunch of new hybrids and superhybrids that people didn’t ask for at the cost of creating superhybrids for these forgotten hybrids?

Finally, WHY THE PROCERATHOMIMUS BUFF? Did you guys just think that “oh we buffed Monomimus, so let’s buff Proceratho as well”?? Because that’s wrong. Procera was already massively overpowered in relation to its rarity, and especially when compared to Monomimus. A Monomimus buff should have been the opportunity to narrow the gap between the two (or erase it), not further expand the chasm.

Side note: I don’t have a massive issue with the boosting system, it probably needs some minor tweaks like a boost reset, not a major overhaul that might make things worse. Also, wrt Thorad and Dracocera, I’d rather take a wait and see approach at the moment…buffing everyone around them was an indirect nerf and I’d like to see how the meta evolves first.

Edit: Forgot to mention this, but buffing Erlidom without buffing Quetzorion means that now, Quetzorion is much less of a counter to Erlidom…meaning it’s almost useless. As one of the few fast creatures with no Distracting abilities, it has not much of a niche left for it to fulfill. Quite a pity really; if Orion had gotten the buff it would have been one of the more effective checks to Erlidom running rampant throughout the meta. Oh well.


I’m betting it’ll still be a cat type, but with a turtle head and shell

Might be unpopular, but this is an overall decent update. Overall very good dino balance choices, with a few exceptions, zone changes are nice and sanctuary improvements are welcomed.

Now can we have a boost reset so we can fully enjoy the update? That’s the kicker here.


Balancing… ludia…You keep using that word… I don’t think it means what you think it means…

It doesn’t mean letting exploiters take 30k HC
It doesn’t mean letting exploiters buy a bunch of extra boosts and doing nothing
It doesn’t mean Spoofers only events
It doesn’t mean letting a bunch of players get one reward and everyone else getting another (all the times you did this)

Like 1.8, this would be a good update if 1.7 never happened and they fixed all the stuff they’ve messed up since. They haven’t.


Why Procerathomimus was buffed?

Cuz it was immune, and they stated they overvalued the immunity mechanic

There are a lot of players out there who super boosted the Sinoceratops and Einiasuchus who are not going to be happy.

I’m going to be happy as those will hit less hard and easier to take out.

Monolometrodon is one I had on my mid level winning team and will be a mid level Magna now with the HP and damage buff.

Now putting together a team of all immune creatures might actually win me some battles.

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