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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (2.0)

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! As you may guess, this highly anticipated update introduces a new and exciting cooperative battle mode, Raids! That’s not all, we are also introducing new abilities, new icons, new creatures, and overall, a new Jurassic World Alive experience. Are you ready to face challenging Raid Bosses with your friends and Alliance-mates? Read on for more details!

What’s new in Update 2.0:

  • Creature Exclusivity
  • Raids: Overview
  • Locating Raid Bosses
  • Raids: During Battle
  • Daily Missions Adjustment
  • Dynamic Text
  • Attack Count
  • Circumstance-Based, Random, and Area of Effect Targeting
  • Iconography
  • Healing based on Attack Value
  • Resistances
  • Taunt
  • Stat Boost reset
  • New Abilities
  • Ability Updates
  • Game Mechanic Update
  • Creature Updates
  • New Creatures
  • Bug Fixes & Known Issues


Some changes have been made to the creature distribution. Certain creatures will only be available through exclusive events and battles, rather than through standard gameplay.

Exclusive Events will include: Seasonal PVP, Tournaments & Alliance Championships and Thematic events.

(Examples of thematic events: EventSupply Drops, Strike Events, Special Geolocation Spawns, Daily Rewards, Alliance Missions, Special Incubators).

Event exclusive creatures will not be available in standard geolocation, battle incubators via PVP, and generic Rare, Epic, Premium Market Incubators.

Battle exclusive creatures are available through standard gameplay, but only in Battle Incubators won in PVP battles and generic Market Incubators. They will not be available on the Map.

We’ve listed the creature availabilities below.

  • Creatures becoming Event Exclusives

These creatures will become available only during special events.

Dilophosaurus, Dracorex, Kelenken, Quetzalcoatlus, Tenontosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Woolly Rhinoceros

  • Creatures going back into the standard game

These creatures were originally available through special events only. They will become available in the regular gameplay.

Brontotherium, Scolosaurus, Megaloceros, Woolly Mammoth

  • Creatures remaining Event Exclusives

These creatures will remain available through special events.

Dsungaripterus, Nasutoceratops, Allosaurus GEN2, Blue, Diplodocus, Titanoboa

  • Creatures becoming Battle Exclusives

These creatures will not be available on the Map.

Brontotherium, Dimorphodon, Sarcosuchus, Suchomimus, Charlie, Marsupial Lion, Ornithomimus, Scaphognathus, Baryonyx, Maiasaura, Scutosaurus

  • Creatures removed from Battle Exclusivity

These creatures will now be available on the Map.

Gallimimus, Miragaia, Stygimoloch GEN2, Arambourgiania, Baryonyx GEN2, Irritator, Proceratosaurus, Purussaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Stygimoloch

  • Creatures remaining Battle Exclusive

This creature will remain available only in battle incubators.



Craft a well-honed team with your friends and Alliance-mates to defeat ultra-powerful Raid Bosses! Each Boss is different, so make sure you analyze your foes well before engaging. Ensure you have the best creatures with the most efficient abilities to increase your chances to defeat them!

As this is no easy task, DPG members are required to go through a proper training before facing these merciless creatures. You must complete Chapter-5 in the Campaign mode to unlock Raids!


Raid Bosses will be roaming freely in your neighborhood and you can locate them directly from your Map. Once you’re within range, tap on it to create a Raid lobby, then invite your friends and Alliance-mates to join. Please note players don’t always need to be in your vicinity to join your Lobby.

Raid Bosses remain on the Map for 24-hours and do not disappear after being defeated. They can be challenged again immediately! Bosses will change and reposition every morning at dawn (based on your local time and position). You will recognize this pattern to be similar to creatures that only spawn on specific days (such as the Triceratops, which only spawns on Sundays). Raid Bosses follow the same logic, the difference is that they stay at the same location for 24-hours (from dawn to dawn the next day), unlike normal creatures that stay only for a few minutes before moving.

For this reason, it’s possible to be invited by a friend to a Raid Boss from another time zone that is not currently available to you at your location. Doing so will count toward your reward limit for that Boss for the week so you won’t gain extra DNA or reward for the week. You can use this trick to fight a Raid Boss that you might have missed that day, by asking a friend or Alliance-mate from another timezone to invite you to a Raid with that Boss.

Scheduling and Boss List

The 4 Bosses available in 2.0 will only appear on the Map Monday through Thursday. This allows players to concentrate on Tournaments Friday to Sunday.

In the future we hope to add a wider variety of Bosses.

This calendar list is available in a popup, accessible from the Raid Boss fly-by on the Map.


Raid lobbies have Public and Private settings. Public lobbies will allow any players in your vicinity to join while Private lobbies are invite-only. An active Raid waiting for players to join will be highlighted with a green beacon on your Map.

  • Creating a Raid lobby will make you the owner and administrator of that lobby.
  • Tap the sign to invite friends and Alliance-mates.
  • You have the choice to set the lobby to Public or Private.
  • The creature you choose will be seen by other players in the lobby.
  • Once everyone has chosen their creature, the owner of the lobby can launch the Raid battle!
  • As players are invited and arrive in the lobby to prepare themselves for the Raid, the System Message Box below the player slots will display helpful messages about what is happening in the lobby.

Note: It may take a little bit of time for your friends to receive their invites. The UI may become unresponsive if too many invites are sent too quickly.

Level and Boost cap

Note that Raid Bosses enforce a limit on creature level and a cap on stat boosts. This means that if your level is higher than the cap your creature will play as the capped level during the fight. If your stat boost investment is higher than the cap, you will count as having the cap amount as your value in-game. This promotes a more well-rounded approach to boost distribution.

Example: Legendary Boss with Boost Cap = 10 and Level Cap = 20. You place a legendary creature that is at level 30, with boosts as follows: Attack = 12, HP = 12, Speed = 6.

In the lobby, you end up with a level 20 legendary creature with Attack = 10, HP = 10, Speed = 6. Your total stat boosts are 26, even though your creature is effectively level 20.

As you can see, this purposefully surpasses the usual level-based stat boost cap.

Victory and Rewards

Any player that participated in the Raid wins as long as the Boss is taken out while at least 1 teammate creature is still alive. Defeating Minions is not mandatory!

You get better rewards the first time you defeat a Raid Boss in a week. You can preview which incubator you will receive before doing the Raid, either from the Map or from the Raid Lobby (by tapping the info button in the top right).

New Creature Rarity: Apex

A new type of creature is here! Apex creatures are beginning to inhabit Jurassic World Alive. These creatures are larger than most other rarities, and they use their size to assert dominance over the Map. It’s up to members of the DPG to team up and learn more about Apex creatures by meeting them in Raid battles.

Here’s what you need to know about Apex creatures:

  • They have an even greater potential power than that of the game’s current rarities.
  • They are threatening adversaries! Only the bravest and most advanced DPG teams are equipped to defeat them.
  • Apex DNA can only be collected by defeating an Apex Boss in a Raid.

The playable version of Apex creatures is balanced: it will not have as much HP as its Raid Boss form!

DNA Collection

Players can face off against Epic, Legendary, Unique, and Apex Bosses.

  • These all give the appropriate “ingredient DNA” to help build a player-viable version of each Boss.

    • Epic, Legendary and Unique Bosses provide DNA to already existing creatures in the game.
  • Once enough DNA has been collected, a playable version of any Boss creature (including Apex) can be created in the Lab! Boss-specific DNA awarded for defeating a Boss can be obtained once per-day. Apex Bosses are the toughest and most dangerous adversaries!



A Raid Boss’ total HP is divided into multiple HP bars.

Each time an HP bar is emptied, the Boss’s HP cannot change (up or down) until the end of the current turn. At the end of the turn (typically after Damage Over Time effects “kick-in”), the Boss will move on to the next round. Note that the Boss can still use abilities while it is in this state!

Once the round switch happens the Boss’ HP can be changed again. The Bosses of 2.0 each have 2 rounds.

Every round (including on the first turn):

  • The Boss’ Minions will be revived. Undefeated Minions and defeated Minions alike return fresh.
  • Ongoing status effects on the Boss remain.
  • The Boss gains access to a round-specific set of abilities. Tap on the Boss’ portrait or HP bar to open its tooltip and see its current abilities!

Initiative Track

When battling in a Raid, players will see a vertical track that contains each creature’s portrait. This track shows the relative acting order of all creatures: the top-most creature acts first while the bottom-most acts last.

The Initiative Track also serves as a reference point so that each player can see what the others are doing (in order to make better tactical decisions). You can tap a creature’s portrait on the Initiative Track to open its character sheet.

All players involved in a Cooperative Raid know what the Raid Boss will be doing as the turn begins, since the initiative track displays its move choice. However, minions behave like usual opponent creatures, which means that players do not know what they will do until everyone’s moves have been chosen!

Additional Details

  • Rend and Damage over Time values are based on the Boss’ total HP (instead of this Round’s HP).
  • Each user plays with a single creature. This creature will be that user’s character for the Raid. If that creature dies, the user spectates the rest of the match. However, they can still take part in all of the fun by expressing themselves by using the emotes!
    • Since there is only one creature per user, this means that swaps do not work in Raids.
      • This means that “And Run” abilities will not trigger the “run” part.
      • This also means that “Swap Out Abilities” do not trigger any On Escapes; since creatures are not attempting to run.
    • Swap-In and On Escape abilities are therefore of no use in this game mode.
  • In order for the entire team to win rewards, there will need to be at least one player’s creature that is still standing when the Boss is defeated.
  • The match times out after 20 turns. This counts as a defeat for the players.

A Note on Multiplayer Game Modes

This Player-Versus-Environment feature is the first mode that opens the door to new possibilities for the game to thrive for years to come!

Many game mechanics have been developed in order to support cooperative and competitive multiplayer play modes. Most of JWA’s creatures have changed as a result. Please consult the other changes in this exterior forum post for more detail.


Reduced by 50% the maximum amount of battles required to complete the Daily Defense daily mission.

  • Maximum is now 6 battles instead of 12.


Players can now see any creature’s active Status Effects, as well as any modified Attributes (such as Attack, Critical Hit Chance, and Speed). Ability tooltips that can be accessed during the battle are also updated to show the current effect amounts.

  • For example, a creature with 1000 Attack under a two-turn -50% Distraction effect will show this effect in its creature tooltip. The tooltip will also indicate that the creature’s attack value has dropped to 500.
  • When tooltipping their creature’s Strike, the owning player will see that the Strike deals 500 damage, instead of 1x or 1000.


Behaviours that affected attacks (whether defensively or offensively) now have the option of counting how many attacks are affected. When the number of affected attacks have been performed or received, the effect ends (even if there were still turns left).

The status effects that are affected by this change are Shields, Vulnerabilities, Damage Increases/Decreases, Critical Increases/Decreases, and Dodges.

Take Long Protection’s Shield effect that is used by Carnotarkus, for example.

50% Shields for 4 attacks, lasting 4 turns.

If all 4 creatures on a team attack the shielded creature then each Shield will apply against each attack in that turn. 4 attack’s worth of protection will have been expended from Long Protection. At that point, Long Protection is no longer active, since it has run out of its 4× Shields (even if we are still in Turn #1 of its duration).

This means that in 1v1 situations using Counter-Attacks and regular attacks against a deployed Shield will remove it faster through the attack count than the normal turn count duration.

Damage Increases/Decreases

These effects apply to your damage when you attack, your damage when you Rend, your damage when you Counter-Attack and the amount of HP when you heal using Heal based on Attack. All of these instances will consume one “charge” of Distraction/Ferocity.

See Healing based on Attack value for more info, below.

More technical details

Dodges and Shields

  • When multiple Dodge and Shield effects apply to a creature each is tracked individually.
  • The strongest Shield or Dodge applies first. The high-quality defensive measures are consumed first and the lower-quality ones are consumed afterwards.
  • Shields and Dodges now count down their turn duration at the start of the creature’s action, instead of at the end of an opponent’s creature action.
  • When using an ability that generates a charge of a given type a second time in a row (before that charge type has been used up) the charges related to this ability are added together.
  • Attacks that remove Dodge, Cloak, and/or Shields still remove any and all such effects on the target(s).
  • When a creature is under the effects of Shields and Dodges, both will apply. This means that you can “waste” an attack count of Dodge if you hit an Invincible creature.

When do we count turns?

Abilities that count the number of turns will count until the affected unit’s turn, instead of the ability user’s turn.


Early in the turn, the fast Irritator applies a Damage Increase to its teammates. When the Irritator’s turn finishes, the teammates’ turn counter does not decrease. Later in the turn, the slower T-Rex benefits from the Damage Increase and attacks. When the T-Rex’s action ends, the Damage Increase turn counter decreases by one. Since one attack was performed, the number of attacks also decreases.

Ferocity, Distraction, Vulnerability, and Speed Buffs/Debuffs stack

The effects listed that last for a number of attacks stack on a per-attack basis.

Example 1: If a target is under 50% reduced Distraction effect lasting 2 attacks (a.k.a. “it has two -50% Distraction charges”) and then is hit by Instant Distraction (which imparts a -100% Distraction for 1 attack), that creature is now under a -150% Distraction for the 1st attack and a -50% distraction for the 2nd attack.

Example 2: If a target is under a 50% reduced Distraction effect lasting 2 attacks (a.k.a. “it has two -50% Distraction charges”) then is hit by an ability that does exactly the same thing, that creature is now under -100% Distraction for the 1st attack and a -100% Distraction for the 2nd attack.

Indeed, stacking such penalties in the same turn is a very useful way to face powerful opponents like Raid Bosses!


Now that the game modes no longer assume that we play one creature against another, we had two choices: let the users target manually (and potentially lose abilities if the target was no longer valid by the time their creature acted), or auto-target. We opted for auto-targeting, which ensures that an ability will always target someone (unless a whole team is defeated!)

Each of a creature’s ability behaviours can target based on the following rules:

  • Highest/Lowest Current HP
  • Highest/Lowest Current Speed
  • Highest/Lowest Current Damage
  • Highest number of applied Positive Status Effects (Buffs)
  • Random (one or more targets picked at random; no target may be selected more than once)
  • Area of Effect (all targets of a given team–an area of effect attack still counts as a single attack, no matter how many targets were hit)

A creature’s target is determined when that creature plays. This means that in between the time that you select your ability and the time when the ability is played, the expected target could change. For instance, if you target fastest, and that Velociraptor is decelerated below another opponent by the time you get to act, your “target fastest” will not target the Velociraptor.

In case of a targeting tie, the last to act (between the tied candidates) is chosen.

Design philosophy

Usually Armor Piercing, Defense Shattering, and Definite Rampages will target the highest HP targets.

Usually, Strikes and Impacts target the lowest HP target (to let players steer the current round towards a confirmed takedown instead of spreading damage over the highest HP opponents). This gives you very strong reasons to field creatures that have Impacts instead of Rampages. It is also useful to use your Strike instead of your Rampage if it means confirming a minion takedown.

This way you can surmise that using defense-bypassing Rampages will usually target the Boss, and Strikes will usually target the Minions, since Minions have lower max HP than the Boss!


Rampage and Pounce target the lowest HP creature, attempting to finish the job.

Attacks that attempt to perform a specific debuff on their ideal target will also go against the lowest/highest HP philosophy. Nullifying will strike and Nullify the opponent with the highest number of active positive effects while Deceleration will attempt to strike and Decelerate the fastest opponent target. Most Distraction effects target the highest damage opponent.


We are now communicating “targeting” and “precise” aspects in the iconography of the game. We’ve decided to change precise abilities for the following sub-icon:

Below is the targeting reticle that is now used to specify how an ability will target its main effect(s).

Base Targeting Visual

Target Whole Team


Target Highest Crit


Target Highest Damage


Target Highest HP


Target Lowest HP


Target Highest Speed


Target Most Buffed


Target Random



We have revised Healing abilities in order to encourage dedicated healer creatures! Their healing potential will be boosted without requiring that their allies max out their HP.

To that end, their healing will be based on the healer’s Attack attribute instead of the target’s max HP attribute.

Example ability:

Group Heal

Self and all allies: Cleanse. Heal 1x.
Cooldown: 2

Emergency Heal

Target lowest HP ally: Cleanse. Heal 2x.
Cooldown: 2

Designer notes

Note that using a Heal based on attack value will consume one “charge” of a Ferocity Damage increase or Distraction Damage decrease.

Creatures that need the most healing will take priority. However, creatures with full health will not be targeted for healing abilities unless all creatures are full health. For example, if you have a creature with 100/100 HP and a creature with 200/300 HP and you attempt to Heal the lowest HP creature, the second creature (that is not at full life) is the one that will be healed (even if its current HP is higher than the first creature).


Never being able to use a creature’s Rend or Damage Over Time attacks on a Raid Boss would be unfortunate. To allow such effects to still occur (but at a lesser scale), we are introducing the Resistance mechanic to Jurassic World Alive.

This applies not only to Raid Bosses, but also to a good proportion of pre-existing creatures in the JWA roster! This means that the Fully Immune meta is at an end.

Scalable Debuffs (Damage/Speed/Critical Chance Decrease, Damage Over Time, Vulnerability, Rend)

When a creature is Resistant to a Scalable effect, the creature is affected by the effect, but less.


  • If you resist 75% of Damage over Time, it means that you suffer 100%-75%=25% of damage over time effects. This means that a turn of Lethal Wound, which usually deals 33.4% of DoT, will instead inflict 8.35% of DoT.
  • If you resist 90% of Damage Decrease (a.k.a. Distraction), it means that you suffer 100%-90%=10% of damage decrease effects. This means that a one-time use of Instant Distraction, which usually reduces damage by -100%, will instead inflict a -10% damage decrease.

Binary Effects (Swap Prevention, Stun, Taunt)

When a creature is Resistant to a Binary effect, the creature will have a chance to avoid the effect.

When the creature is affected by an effect that can be resisted, random chance is applied, and if successful the effect is resisted.


  • If you resist 50% of Stuns and are affected by a successful Stun effect, then you have 50% chance of ignoring the Stun.
  • If you resist 90% of Swap Preventions and are affected by a Swap Prevention effect then you only have 10% chance of being Swap Prevented.

Resistances and Penalties

Note that Resistances apply at the end of any penalty stacking. For instance, it can be useful to apply a total of 200% damage reduction to a creature that resists 75% of damage reduction, since it will at least suffer a 50% penalty to its damage.


Positive effect: opponents must target the taunting creature, regardless of their immunity status.

When applying this positive effect, all of your team’s Taunts are removed. This means that only one creature can be taunting per team at any given time. The same creature can apply multiple Taunts, but their durations overlap, which means that every turn, each Taunt’s duration is reduced by 1.

The exception to the forced-targeting are On Escape abilities, Counter Attack abilities, Random targeting, and Area of Effect targeting. Those may hit a non-taunting creature as expected for their game mechanic.

Note: If a Taunting creature ever becomes Stunned, it loses the Taunt status effect. Taunt must be applied once more for it to take effect.


With a plethora of creature and ability changes that come to JWA 2.0, each creature’s Stat Boosts will be refunded to the owning player’s pool of Stat Boost Points (SBPs).

Tip: Before applying all your SBPs back, take the time to observe how each creature has been updated. Take the time to look at Raids and consider if you should customize a couple of Raid-specific creatures.

See thread HERE!


Cunning, Resilient, and Fierce abilities

Superiority Strike was an ability that very successfully communicated the role of resilient creatures to counter cunning ones. We have developed abilities that help to “typecast” creatures into certain roles. Over 80 creatures have had their basic attacks updated to Cunning, Resilient or Fierce strike.

Cunning Strike

Target lowest hp: remove attack buff, remove critical chance buff. Reduce damage -50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Attack 1x.

Cunning Impact

Target highest damage: remove attack buff, remove critical chance buff. Reduce damage -50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Attack 1.5x.

Cooldown: 1

Cunning Rampage

Target highest damage: remove attack buff, remove critical chance buff. Reduce damage -50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Attack 2x.

Delay: 1 Cooldown: 1

Resilient Strike

Self: cleanse distraction.

Target lowest hp: remove speed buff, remove dodge, remove cloak, reduce speed -50% for 1 turn.

Attack 1x.

Resilient Impact

Self: cleanse distraction.

Target fastest opponent: remove speed buff, remove dodge, remove cloak, reduce speed -50% for 1 turn.

Attack 1.5x.

Cooldown: 1

Resilient Rampage

Self: cleanse distraction.

Target fastest opponent: remove speed buff, remove dodge, remove cloak, reduce speed -50% for 1 turn. Attack 2x.

Delay: 1 Cooldown: 1

Fierce Strike

Self: Cleanse Vulnerable.

Target lowest hp: Remove Taunt. Destroy shields, bypass armor and Attack 1x.

Fierce Impact

Self: Cleanse Vulnerable.

Target highest hp: Remove Taunt. Destroy shields, bypass armor and Attack 1.5x.

Cooldown: 1

Fierce Rampage

Self: Cleanse Vulnerable.

Target highest hp: Remove Taunt. Destroy shields, bypass armor and Attack 2x.

Delay: 1 Cooldown: 1

Revenge Cloak (Erlidominus & Indominus Rex)


Self: Next attack will deal double damage. 75% chance to dodge 67% of damage for 1 turn.

Cooldown: 3.

Revenge: Triple damage and cooldown 1 instead.

Crafty Strike (Quetzorion)

Target lowest hp: remove damage buff and critical buff. Attack 1x, bypassing armor and dodge.

Fearless Flap (Haast & Haast GEN2)

Self: Cleanse. 100% chance to Dodge 67% of the next 2 attacks’ damage, lasting 2 turns. Increase speed +10% for 2 turns.

Whole opponent team: reduce damage -50% for the next 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Attack 1x.

Cooldown: 2

Roar / Tail Swipe (Mortem Rex)

Target all enemies: Destroy shields. Attack 1x, bypassing armor.


Each ability now targets according to a specific circumstance. As per the Attack Count section described above, some abilities now count the number of attacks that can be influenced.

Check out the following abilities that received significant tweaks:

Regeneration, Regenerate and Run

Now heals for 1.5x of the creature’s Attack attribute instead of 50% max HP. See “Healing based on Attack value” in the release notes for more information…

Adrenaline Pulse, Adrenaline Surge, Dig In, Swap in Heal

Now heals for 1x of the creature’s Attack attribute instead of 25% max HP.

Mutual Fury

All creatures on the controlling player’s team get the Speed & Damage buffs for 2 turns; all opponents get the Damage buff for 1 turn. Use this wisely!

Instant Distraction

Reduces damage by -100%.


Also taunts for 1 turn.

Shielded Decelerating Strike, Superiority Strike, Superior Vulnerability, Superiority Impact

These abilities now attack precisely.



The Cleanse mechanic does not remove the Stunned condition.

Designer’s notes: Because there are some wide-spanning gameplay considerations, we do not plan to change this for the foreseeable future.

Speed Reduction

With Raids it is possible to stack Deceleration effects to the same target.

  • Your speed cannot go below 0.
  • This means that any group of creatures with a speed penalty of 100% or more probably all have the same speed: 0.
    • The consequence is that the usual tie breakers will decide who acts first.

Revenge Abilities During Raids

Will trigger if your team lost a creature last turn. Note that revenge bonus will not trigger if your team loses a creature this turn (before you act).


Due to the amount of information we will be providing, we’ve created a separate thread for the creature updates. Please check out the thread [Here]

Healer Erratum

During our preview of the creature families, some creatures were categorized as being Hadrosaurs when they are in fact not Hadrosaurus. Let it be known that we do not perceive them as Hadrosaurs, but we did want them to be known as healers.


  • The following Hadrosaurs are healers: Edmontoguanodon, Edmontosaurus, Iguanodon, Maiasaura, Ouranosaurus, Paramoloch, Parasaurolophus, Tenontorex, Tenontosaurus.
  • Healers can target the lowest hp damaged creature and/or heal the whole team. Some also possess group cleansing abilities.
  • The following creatures are also healers even though they are not hadrosaurs per-se: Bajatonodon, Diloracheirus, Diloranosaurus, and Tuoramoloch.

  • Deinonychus | Common; Cunning, Evasion, Distraction

This small dromaeosauridae can use its terrible foot claw to Pounce upon its prey. Its tail lets it balance its quick footsteps to escape the brunt of the adversary’s attack (represented by Evasive Strike).

Deinonychus has extreme speed, high damage, and very low HP.

  • Haast Eagle GEN2 | Rare; Cunning AOE Distraction, High Speed

Freedom’s brother is here. Haast GEN2 features Evasive Strike, Fearless Flap, and Instant Distraction, it has a good chance to avoid the opponent’s attacks while inflicting damage every so often.

This eagle is free, like its bigger brother: it has 100% resistance to Swap Prevention. It has very low HP, extreme speed, and average damage.

  • Edaphosaurus | Epic; Fierce, Immunity, Self-Increase, Shattering

With an appearance that is similar to Dimetrodon, Edaphosaurus crawls about, looking for its prey. With average speed, average damage, good critical hit chance and higher-than-average health, Edaphosaurus can afford to spend a few turns increasing its potency through copious use of Persistent Ferocious Strike. When the damage must get through, it can use Defense Shattering Impact, and Defense Shattering Rampage.

Edaphosaurus has the following resistances: 100% against stun, DoT, Vulnerability, and Deceleration. 75% against Swap Prevention. 50% against Rend, Distraction, Critical Chance Reduction.

  • Haast Eagle | Epic Exclusive; Cunning AOE Distraction, High Speed

The largest eagle ever discovered soars through the skies! With Evasive Strike, Fearless Flap, and Distraction, it has a good chance to avoid or distract the opponent’s attacks while inflicting damage every so often.

This bird is a true representative of freedom: it has 100% resistance to Swap Prevention. It has very low HP, extreme speed, and average damage.


  • Edaphocevia | Legendary Hybrid; Cunning, Revenge Damage, Self-Increase, High Speed

Speedy Edaphocevia combines the aggressivity and the speed of Edaphosaurus and Inostrancevia into a vengeful hybrid. With average damage, better-than-average HP, and high speed, it can afford to spend a couple of turns increasing its damage with Persistent Ferocious Strike. Take your vengeance with the use of Revenge Distracting Impact, or opt for damage in the first two turns with access to Rampage, and Defense Shattering Rampage.

Edaphocevia has the following resistances. 100%: Critical Chance Reduction. 75%: Stun, Swap Prevention, DoT. 50%: Deceleration, Vulnerability, Distraction, Rend.

  • Dracoceratosaurus | Unique Hybrid; Cunning, Swap in Damage, Shattering, Self-Cleansing, High Damage

Mixing the genes of Dracoceratops with Proceratosaurus, Dracoceratosaurus is a Unique creature that features the iconic Swap in Savagery while being 100% resistant to Swap Prevention.

It trades its Dracoceratops ancestry’s fierce abilities for cunning ones: indeed, Dracoceratosaurus has Cunning Strike, Cunning Impact, Acute Stun, and Cleansing Impact.

Its attributes are very similar to its Dracoceratops parent’s, but it has a bit more speed.


  • Mortem Rex | Apex Raid-Exclusive; High Damage, High Health, Shattering, Self-Cleansing.

Mortem Rex is the first Apex-rarity creature to enter the battle arena! It has access to Roar, Fierce Impact, Fierce Rampage, and Cleansing Impact.

Mortem Rex has 100% deceleration resistance, 75% stun and swap prevention resistances, and 50% DoT and Vulnerability resistances.

It is the first creature to surpass Tyrannosaurus’ base damage value. It has high HP and low speed. It has an extreme critical hit chance.


Over 500 pesky bugs have been squashed for 2.0! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • Players with multiple accounts can no longer steal slots in a sanctuary of an alliance that they don’t belong to in order to gain DNA.
  • An interrupt while in a battle will no longer cause the creatures’ HP to be mismatched between devices.
  • There is no longer a shadowy figure of a creature in the VFX when you are fusing DNA
  • Superior Vulnerability Iconography is no longer misleading. It is used for Distraction and not Cleanse.

Known Issues

Don’t worry, these issues are still being investigated to be fixed!

  • Under certain conditions, a chosen creature may not load in the Raid lobby after it has been selected.
  • Some devices may softlock inside battle after accepting a friendly challenge and raise a socket exception.
  • Some players may encounter corruption in their account during battle that could block them from having more than 1 creature in their PVP team.
  • Sold out big offers are not removed from the Market if there are multiple big offers.
  • Offers in the shop that have a purchase limit may not show in the shop on Apple devices.
  • During a Raid, a match is triggered as a loss when specific devices go into sleep mode during gameplay.
  • Some Trophy counts are inaccurate in Profile and friends lists.
  • When participating in an Alliance Championship, players that belong to an alliance that attempt collecting Alliance Points bonuses could receive an error message when trying to join an alliance.
  • Some players cannot place creatures in Sanctuaries after using them in other contexts.
  • Expired DNA donation requests remain in Alliance chat.
  • Inside the Raids, Initiative Track HP bars update before creatures’ HP bars.
  • AOE Shattering Impact doesn’t remove taunts
  • There is no distinct localization for Group Decelerating Strike/Impact/Rampage. They currently point to Lesser, normal and Greater Thagomizer.
    • The fix will provide a total of 6 distinct abilities. Thagomizers will only be used on the appropriate stegosauridae .

A note on data collecting
We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in our numerous surveys and providing us with constructive feedback on our forums and social channels. We believe in player feedback and although changes rarely occur immediately, the very tangible data we collect, especially from our surveys, help guide us on our roadmaps and future optimizations.


Well…no hybrid for me but that’s ok this time


This is so big… I can’t even… Trying to wrap my head around it all… so much HYPE


How is Bron part of going back to the map but also part of being removed… And seriously why do we still have exclusive dinos?


Finally, a Dinosaur!


How do you feel if you can get Mortem rex


Feathered Deinonychus! Excited!


Dracorat finally got its hybrid :expressionless:


Epic DragoRAT


Oh,wow. This is big


Woo hoo! Its here!

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Lol he did

And sounds like it’s going to be a pain to deal with. It can escape and keep coming back.


Pretty sure og dracorat also gets that ability next update too

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Darn. I can see a lot of problems arising from this, and most of my team’s probably going to be useless now with the changes.


It finally happened. Worst meta ever




Hmm…101010…not many replies unless I’m lagging

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They should do omega 09 for 2.1

Wow. A few weeks ago i had given up on this game and uninstalled it…now I’m rapidly going into the play store and reinstalling it

Congrats Ludia, this looks amazing