[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.10

The Creature Markers Update!

Update 2.10 brings Community Choice feature winner ‘Creature Markers’ to Jurassic World Alive! This update also brings new creatures, abilities, bosses, and other improvements to the game!

What’s New:

  • Creature Markers
  • New Creatures
  • New Abilities
  • New Raid Bosses
  • New Achievements

What’s Improved:

  • Drone Targeting Improvements
  • VIP Communication Improvements
  • Creature Updates

What’s Fixed:

  • Bug Fixes & Known Issues


Ask and you shall receive! The JWA Community’s top-voted feature, Creature Markers, is here!

Head to the Lab and tap the marker icon beside any creature you have discovered, then select one of 6 different markers. This marker will now be attached to the creature card everywhere it appears in the game! Use markers to remind you of different goals you have for this creature and its DNA!



Argenteryx - Epic
Hybrid Components: Archaeopteryx + Argentavis

What this tiny avian hybrid lacks in size it makes up for in craftiness! DPG members have observed this flyer using pebbles to break the shells of nutritious eggs and large insects, just like the modern Egyptian vulture! Perhaps Argenteryx inherited the trait from its Argentavis ancestor…

  • Argenteryx is a Cunning Swarmer.
  • Use Argenteryx’ Swap in Distraction and Absorb to outlast Fierce opponents, and its multiple Rampage abilities to deal heavy damage!
Alert Buff and Strike
Evasive Rampage
Fearless Alert
Delayed Cunning Rampage
Swap In Distraction
Alert on Escape Evasion


Megalotops - Epic
Hybrid Components: Megalonyx and Nasutoceratops

Unlike other giant ground sloths, Megalotops lives alone in deeply wooded areas. Unique species of moss and algae grow in the under-fur of this mysterious creature, which blossoms into beautiful flowers once their seeds reach the forest floor.

Megalotops is a Wildcard Counter-attacker.
Use Megalotops’ Counter, Stun and Camouflage to bewilder opponents, and deal damage with its Strike, Impact and Rampage!

Determined Strike
Distracting Impact
Cautious Rampage
Stunning Alert
Armor Piercing Counter
Camouflage On Escape


Glyptoceras - Legendary
Hybrid Components: Stegoceras + Glyptodon

Osteoderms like those of the Glyptodon cover the tail of this hybrid. Glyptoceras uses this armoured tail to shake the earth in jousting displays and mark trees at the edge of herd territory!

  • Glyptoceras is a Cunning and Resilient Stunner.
  • Swap to Glyptoceras’ in battle to trigger its Alert Swap In Stun, use its Cunning Strike and Instant Charge to take out targeted opponents, and deal your knock-out blows with its Impact and Rampage!
Cunning Strike
Instant Charge
Resilient Impact
Critical Rampage
Alert Swap In Stun


Rinchicyon - Legendary
Hybrid Components: Rinchenia + Amphicyon

Ever heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? The tricky predatory Rinchicyon uses its resemblance to its hybrid parent Rinchenia to infiltrate their flocks and prey upon weaker specimens! Fortunately Rinchenia can still outrun this dastardly hybrid!

Rinchicyon is a Cunning and Fierce Hit & Runner.
Use Rinchicyon’s Daring Evasion to increase speed and damage while dodging, deal damage with Strike, Impact and Rampage, and use Collision to trigger a guaranteed Critical hit on Escape!

Devious Strike
Instant Buff
Fierce Impact
Alert Safety Rampage


Phorurex- Unique
Hybrid Components: Phorusaura + Dracorex GEN 2

Phorurex literally means “carrier king.” DPG members have taken to nicknaming this armored Phorusaur something simpler: ‘the Gryphon.’ Both titles suit the territorial superhybrid, which carries its armor with it everywhere in the bony scutes around its skull and thick, lustrous feathers!

Phorurex is a Cunning & Fierce Hit & Runner.
Use Phorurex’ Cleansing abilities to avoid your opponent’s debuffs, lock them down with Alert Lockdown, and deal heavy damage with Rampage! Swap out smart with Lethal Rampage and Run!

Daring Strike
Critical Sidestep
Stunning Obstruction
Cautious Cunning Rampage
Lethal Rampage And Run
Alert Rending Lockdown


Indotaurus - Unique
Hybrid Components: Carnotaurus + Indominus rex GEN 2

The fierce Indotaurus is a fusion of Carnotaurus and Indominus rex, two predators who have hunted near the top of the Isla Nublar food chain! Could there be a new Isla Nublar alpha in our midst?

Indotaurus is a Fierce, stealthy creature!
Use Indotaurus multiple dodge abilities to avoid taking damage, and some of your own every time it survives an attack. Indotaurus’ Cleansing Rampage will give you the edge against vulnerability inducing creatures while also dealing damage!

Fierce Strike
Intimidating Impact
Cleansing Rampage
Revenge Taunting Cloak
Pesky Alert
Greater Rending Counter Attack


Andrewtops - Unique
Hybrid Components: Andrewtodon + Arctops

Andrewtops has a unique skill among the creatures of Jurassic World. Like the modern Argentinian Tegu, this hybrid can raise it’s own body temperature, becoming a temporarily warm-blooded reptile! DPG specialists believe this capability may come from its mammalian ancestry.

Andrewtops is a Wildcard Jack of all Trades.
Swap to Andrewtops to trigger its Lockdown. Stay ahead of your opponents with Counter Vulnerability and Cleansing effects, then take them out with its Impact and Rampage!

Daring Strike
Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage
Cleansing Impact
Piercing Revenge
Swap In Lockdown
Counter Vulnerability


Cleansing Rampage

Self: Cleanse.
Target highest HP: attack 2x.
Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1.

Counter Vulnerability

Target attacker: after receiving and surviving damage, attack 1x.
Vulnerable for 1 attack, lasting 2 turns.

Critical Rampage

Target lowest HP: attack 2x with 100% Critical Hit.
Cooldown: 2.

Determined Strike

Self: Cleanse reduce damage and DoT.
Target highest speed: remove speed, Critical and damage increases. Reduce Critical Chance 100% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Precise attack 1x. Vulnerable for 1 attack, lasting 2 turns.


Target escapee:
Attack 1x with 100% Critical Hit.

Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage

Target highest damage: reduce damage 50% for 4 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Attack 2x.
Cooldown: 1. Delay: 1.
Target highest damage: reduce damage 50% for 4 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Attack 2x.
Cooldown: 1.

Piercing Revenge

Target highest HP: remove Shields. Deal 40% of target’s max HP as Armor Piercing damage. Swap prevent, lasting 2 turns.
Delay 1. Cooldown: 1.
Target highest HP: remove Shields. Deal 40% of target’s max HP as Armor Piercing damage. Swap prevent, lasting 2 turns.
Cooldown: 1.

Revenge Taunting Cloak

Self: 75% chance to Dodge 67% of damage, lasting 1 turn. 2x damage on next attack. Taunt.
Cooldown: 3.
Self: 75% chance to Dodge 67% of damage, lasting 1 turn. 2.5x damage on next attack. Taunt.
Cooldown: 3.

Instant Buff

Self: Cleanse. Increase speed 10%, lasting 2 turns. Increase damage 50% for 1 attack, lasting 2 turns. 75% chance to Dodge 67% of damage for 2 attacks, lasting this turn.
Cooldown: 1.

Intimidating Impact

Target lowest HP: remove Shields, bypass Armor.
Attack 1.5x. Vulnerable for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn.
Cooldown 1.

Pesky Alert

While Secure:
Self: 75% chance to Dodge 67% of damage, lasting 1 turn. 2x damage on next attack.
While Threatened:
Self: 75% chance to Dodge 67% of damage, lasting 1 turn. 2.5x damage on next attack.

Alert Safety Rampage

While Secure:
Self: Cleanse.
Target highest damage: attack 2x.
Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1.
While Threatened:
Target highest damage: attack 1.5x.
Self: automatic Swap.
Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1.

Alert Swap In Stun

While Secure:
Target highest damage: 100% chance to Stun, lasting 1 turn.
Self: unable to Swap, lasting 2 turns.
While Threatened:
Target highest damage: 33% chance to Stun, lasting 1 turn.
Self: unable to Swap, lasting 2 turns.

Stunning Obstruction

Target escapee: Swap prevent, lasting 2 turns. Attack 1x. 100% chance to Stun, lasting 1 turn.

Alert Rending Lockdown

While Secure:
Self: unable to Swap, lasting 2 turns.
Target highest HP: Swap Prevent, lasting 2 turns. Deal 0.4x of target’s max HP as damage.
While Threatened:
Self: unable to Swap, lasting 2 turns.
Target highest HP: Swap Prevent, lasting 2 turns. Deal 0.2x of target’s max HP as damage.

Daring Strike

Self: Cleanse DoT and Vulnerable.
Target lowest HP: attack 1x, bypassing Armor. Reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn.

Critical Sidestep

Self: Clease.
Increase speed 10% for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Increase Critical Hit chance 100% for 1 attack, lasting 2 turns. 100% chance to Dodge 66.7% of damage for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn.

Cautious Cunning Rampage

Self: Cleanse DoT. Target highest damage: remove Critical increase and attack increase. Reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Attack 2x.
Cooldown: 2.

Lethal Rampage and Run

Self: automatic Swap.
Target lowest HP: remove Shields. Attack 2x, bypassing Armor. DoT 0.34x target’s max HP, lasting 2 turns.
Cooldown: 2. Delay: 2.


Update 2.10 brings 6 new Raid Bosses!

  • The fierce Postimetrodon will replace Sinoceratops as a Raid boss on September 20th!
  • The mysterious Megalotops will replace Erlikogamma as a Raid Boss on September 22nd!
  • The earth-shaking Glyptoceras will replace Mammotherium as a Raid boss on September 28th!
  • The wily Rinchicyon will replace Pyrritator as a Raid Boss on September 29th!
  • The hot-blooded Andrewtops will replace Grypolyth as a Raid boss on October 4th!
  • The ironclad Phorurex will replace Smilonemys as a Raid boss on October 7th!


Isla Nublar Alpha - Have Indotaurus in your collection.


Drone Targeting Improvements

Make each dart count! The red dot at the center of your Drone crosshair has increased in size on all Drone modes in order to help you aim with more accuracy!

VIP Communication Improvements

Jurassic Alive is better as a VIP! We’ve improved communication around VIP rewards with a few changes to the ‘Become a VIP’ Pop-up. Now, this pop-up has more information on increased rewards available in the Daily Battle Incubator. The Daily Battle Incubator will also now have a VIP info button next to it for all players!


As more Apex creatures find their way into Jurassic World Alive, their stats have to be adjusted to make sure they balance well against each other. Our analysis has shown Ceramagnus and Hadros lux have been over-dominant within the Arenas and among other Apex creatures. Mortem rex, on the other hand, has been slightly underperforming. We’re therefore adjusting each of these creatures accordingly.


  • Attack: 1500 to 1300
  • Speed: 114 to 113
  • Armor: 30% to 25%
  • Critical Chance: 20% to 10%

Hadros lux

  • Resilient Rampage becomes Decelerating Impact


  • Attack: 1500 to 1350

Mortem rex

  • Stun Resistance: 50% to 75%
  • Vulnerability Resistance: 0% to 100%

Prior updates to Testacornibus caused it to become imbalanced and shoot up the Arena rankings too quickly. We have reduced some of this creature’s resistances and tweaked its ability kit to allow it to work better in the overall meta.


  • Swap In Heal removed


  • Stun Resistance: 100% to 67%
  • Swap Out Prevention Resistance: 100% to 33%


Bug Fixes & Known Issues

About 210 of those pesky bugs have been squashed in this 2.10 update! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • During a Raid battle, the Archaeopteryx’s Alert Buff and Strike will no longer display as Area Of Effect
  • When receiving an error in your Alliance, you will no longer have an issue entering any space in the description field.
  • While in the lab, the Alert Decoy no longer has a precise attack marker on a none precise ability.

We’re currently working on solutions for the following issues:

  • When accepting a Raid invite from a friend, GooglePlay may logout
  • During a battle, Raid Boss Andrewtops Random Daring Rampage ability will not target a random opponent.
  • Raid Boss hit boxes are too large.
  • Apple device players may receive offline / push notifications while online.
  • Raid invite push notifications are only in English.
  • Icons and buttons are all displayed on screen after a drone session or opening incubators on a 1 gig Apple device.
  • Expired DNA Donation Requests Remain in Alliance Chat
  • Tooltip stats information are not updated as soon as their associated buff/debuff has ended in Raids

A note on data collecting
We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in our numerous surveys and providing us with constructive feedback on our forums and social channels. We believe in player feedback and although changes rarely occur immediately, the very tangible data we collect, especially from our surveys, help guide us on our roadmaps and future optimizations.


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