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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.10

Has anyone heard when the raid stats for the new raid bosses will be released?


wait. the text says “in raids”???
i miss that part.

i was talking about arena.

what this mean… they don’t even know we have a bug that some (many) times stats info aren’t updated after effects ended in arena yet?



says in the notes


Agreed. Deer is fine as it is by now

Should it cleanse slow impact be change to super impact?

Skoonasaurus also doesn’t need a nerf since

  1. He still is weaker than it’s brothers titan and maxima
  2. A nerf would also hit its use in raids and skoona is one of the few creatures can handle maximus, trebax, refrenatem and boa
  3. Skoona also doesn’t have unlike titan and maxima distraction and Deceleration resistance wich makes him easier to be taken out. It’s distraction also isn’t a problem for tryko and scorpius

Not really. The new move was added for deer so he should keep it since it’s his signature move

What creatures should be buff and nerf in next update?

I’m not sure any of these are actually true

  1. Skoona is currently the strongest out of these three. That’s a bit subjective, but currently Skoonas usage far exceeds the others on the top teams.
  1. Skoona isn’t really used that much in raids from what I’ve seen. Usually you see Gemini for shields and Poukan for distraction. The group attacks do give it some potential, but I usually don’t see it in raids strats regardless. Even if it is, it’s worth having it be weaker in raids to balance it in arena. If there was a dino with 10,000 HP, 3000 attack, 200 speed, and 100% resistance to everything, saying that we shouldn’t nerf it because it would be worse in raids wouldn’t be a valid argument. Obviously that’s an exaggeration, but the point stands that raid performance doesn’t really matter if a dino can be reasonably nerfed without making it useless in raids. Arena balance needs to be prioritized first.
  1. Skoona has both distraction and deceleration resistance (although 75% deceleration resistance on a slow dino like itself isn’t as useful as full immunity). Maxima doesn’t even have any distraction resistance itself. Tryko isn’t really meta, and the distraction move is only available on turn 2 anyway when Tryko most likely used it’s one distraction cleansing move on turn 1. Scorpius isn’t fully immune to distraction, it is weak to vulnerability and devestation because precise, but you really shouldn’t be running Skoona against Scorpius anyway because bleed. That’s just one matchup though, and having one or even a few losing matchups doesn’t mean a dino is balanced.

Skoona and Testa are currently stronger than apex dinos like Hadros, and they’re only that strong because of power creep. It was a reluctance to nerf that got us into this situation, and we don’t need more of that now. Ludia was reluctant to nerf the top tiers for a long time, so new dinos had to be made stronger and stronger in order to stand a chance in the meta, leaving every other dino in the game in the dust; many formerly meta relevant dinos are now borderline useless simply because the new and improved options were made so much better than them. Hadros was rightfully (and not even excessively) nerfed in 2.10 - the main reason it’s losing favor now is precisely because powerful uniques like Testa and Skoona are too strong, making them better options for your team. But if Skoona and Testa aren’t also nerfed soon, the power creep we’ve seen is only going to get worse.


I think cleansing decelerating impact would actually serve Hadros much better (in place of Decelerating Impact), since it still slows for two turns but allows it to now cleanse distraction at least. Testa would be fine with superiority Impact, and it could do with one less option to cleanse bleed and vulnerability.


May i ask how can we make the skoona to be perfect balance? Im making a fan release note haha

Yep. The changes i would do in skoona would only be a minor health and damage nerf and some resistance changes

Yep. Maybe that would be a good nerf for lux. Replacing decelerating rampage with cleansing decelerating impact

Lux is Decelerating Impact right now! Not Decelerating Rampage :wink:

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At this point ir would be a buff, but since many people seem to think Lux was nerfed too hard it may help with that.

The one thing I would definitely do is remove the priority on the distraction move. I like that it does damage now though. The stats do mostly make sense, but something has to give. Since it has the current counter maybe a bit less damage? Or maybe a bit less health (something around 5600 perhaps?)?


Skoona is actually used a lot for boa

I still see lots of strats for boa using either Gemini or Dio for shields and Poukan for distraction instead. Even so, my point stands that they should mostly be balancing for arena, not raids. Ideally you WANT a dino to be useful in raids, but not at the cost of dominating the arena.

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Yeah. Skoona was better with a decel counter. So maybe medium decel counter and restricted group distraction back. We can’t nerf it to the ground, many people have invested in it, just like me

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Definitely not, but it also shouldn’t be dominating the meta like it is now. We’ll see if Ludia can or even wants to do that though…