[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.11

Skoonasaurus nerf is acceptable. Finally a buff for vexus


Apparently Indoraptor and Smilonemys will continue to be the trash of all the only things, unfortunate


Alert Fatal Strike is basic move for Mortem now


@Ned this is a typo, right?


Exited for the update, especially with all the buffs and a Megaloceros hybrid. Finally!

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Yeah. Buff. Revenge cunning rampage really was a good move opption because it can still be used as an impact but also had a rampage

So, Skoona has a 1x counter with what is basically Distracting Impact in the arena now? That’s kind of a buff there


My day has come, finally, a little Gaia love!


I think they forgot 0s 1000 changed to 1100

  1. Wow, as if we need more deer and flock hybrids. Is this even a dinosaur game anymore? The flock system is completely broken and tournaments have been dominated by them. Can we fix the problem instead of add to it?
  2. Daily gifts are interesting but are they actually going to be worthwhile or give us just as little as the campaigns?? Knowing Ludia, they’re going to be essentially useless
  3. Finally a level cap on the apex raids! (Even though it should have been 20 so people have a reason to level up to 20) Hopefully there will be less obnoxious carry strats now
  4. Ok here we are Why are you touching Mortem again for the third update in a row? There is absolutely NO reason and all the short Mortem strats in the apex raids have now been ruined. Clearly there is no consideration to the overall affects of your constant changes.
  5. Skoona changes much needed
  1. Is it just me or do these problems not exist yet? Why are problems that don’t exist being introduced into the game- outrageous

That’s what I’m making sure of

So let me get this right.

Mortem’s Alert Fatal Strike is a 0 cooldown move, so basically it’s basic move now right? So this means a nitro Mortem that is threatened can do 2 60% rend attacks back to back. :man_shrugging:


But it lost it’s instant move.

By far THE WORST update to happen to this game. There are many players at lower levels in alliances that have been able to participate in apex raids, and now you guys want to COMPLETELY shut them out because you guys think they can’t handle it. If you’re low level just know your limits, join an alliance. But in NO WAY should Ludia take it upon themselves to just block you entirely until their ridiculous level requirement is met.


Still not a full wildcard creature, but I’ll take the buff.


And gained better speed control, swap-utility, damage mitigation, T1 versatility in both arena and raids as well as damage output when the opponent is Vuln resistant or immune. Considering the priority damage it has now has a delay I’d say that makes up for it pretty well. I mean, I’d rather have this new “balanced” version than the current one lol

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Im pretty sure its supposed to be 1000 attack not 100 …

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I don’t see why there are complaints about the apex level caps. These caps should have been in place when the apex’s first came out. Apex’s are too powerful (especially the newer ones) for low level players to be easily obtaining through strong alliances. Where has the concept of actually having to work hard to improve in this game gone?? Having to work hard to get to level 18 is a perfectly reasonable requirement to obtain the apex creatures


So what I’m hearing is that you’re totally okay with Apexes running around in the lower arenas, right? That’s the whole reason why the restriction is a thing.


And again no boostshuffle. So many huge Changes since the last one and everybody is still waiting to be able to costumize