[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.12 [Fan-Made]

The Apex Update!

Update 2.12 brings some Creatures back to the Apex thrones their deserves in the Jurassic World Alive ! This update also brings new creatures, abilities, bosses, achievements and other improvements to the game!

What’s New:

  • Reach the Apex!
  • New Creatures
  • Creatures Update
  • New Ability
  • Ability Update
  • New Raid Boss
  • New Achievement

If the only Apex DNA source before is Raid Battle, and now you can buy it in the Market with Cash and Real Money.

Deal 1: Haast Minions

  • 20,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 2,000 Irritator DNA
  • 2,000 Doedicurus DNA
  • [100$/One Hundred USDollar] or [1,000 Cash]

Deal 2: Haast The Boss

  • 30,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 100 Haast Maximus DNA
  • [300$/Three Hundred USDollar] or [30,000 Cash]

Deal 1: Hydra Minions

  • 20,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 8,000 Majungasaurus DNA
  • 500 Baryonyx DNA
  • [100$/One Hundred USDollar] or [1,000 Cash]

Deal 2: Hydra The Boss

  • 30,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 100 Hydra Boa DNA
  • [300$/Three Hundred USDollar] or [30,000 Cash]

Deal 1: Mini-Horn

  • 20,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 8,000 Miragaia DNA
  • 2,000 Koolasuchus Gen 2 DNA
  • [100$/One Hundred USDollar] or [1,000 Cash]

Deal 2: The Horned Boss

  • 30,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 100 Ceramagnus DNA
  • [300$/Three Hundred USDollar] or [30,000 Cash]

Deal 1: Toxic Minions

  • 20,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 8,000 Archaeotherium DNA
  • 2,000 Nodosaurus DNA
  • [100$/One Hundred USDollar] or [1,000 Cash]

Deal 2: Toxic Boss

  • 30,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 100 Refrenantem DNA
  • [300$/Three Hundred USDollar] or [30,000 Cash]

Deal 1: Death Minions

  • 20,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 8,000 Majungasaurus DNA
  • 8,000 Velociraptor DNA
  • [100$/One Hundred USDollar] or [1,000 Cash]

Deal 2: Death

  • 30,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 100 Mortem Rex DNA
  • [300$/Three Hundred USDollar] or [30,000 Cash]

Deal 1: Bioluminescent Minions

  • 20,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 2,000 Entelodon DNA
  • 2,000 Gorgosaurus DNA
  • [100$/One Hundred USDollar] or [1,000 Cash]

Deal 2: Bioluminescent Boss

  • 30,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 100 Hadrox Lux DNA
  • [300$/Three Hundred USDollar] or [30,000 Cash]

Deal 1: Sly Minions

  • 20,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 2,000 Entelodon DNA
  • 2,000 Doedicurus DNA
  • [100$/One Hundred USDollar] or [1,000 Cash]

Deal 2: Sly Boss

  • 30,000 Coins
  • 500 Cash
  • 100 Gorgotrebax DNA
  • [300$/Three Hundred USDollar] or [30,000 Cash]

this Special Offer will only available every last day of the Month (29 or 30 or 31), and only one.



Sinosauropteryx - Common

Scientists argued that the filamentous plumes of Sinosauropteryx represent true feathers with a rachis and barbs, and thus that Sinosauropteryx should be considered a true bird

  • Sinosauropteryx is a deadly Cunning minions
  • don’t let the tiny amount of health fooled you! the Sinosauropteryx have two Priority ability that can deal high damage which can finish off your chessman if you turn your mind away in a second…

health3000 damage1400 speed129 armor0% crit20%

courageous_alertIcon_Thresholdpriority Courageous Alert
Untitled8_20210919124010Icon_Thresholdpriority Alert Impairation

Dodge_Reinforce_Heal Icon_Thresholdswap-in Alert The Flock


Juravenator - Rare

health3500 damage1250 speed125 armor0% crit10%

Juravenator was a small bipedal predator who hunt in packs. The holotype of Juravenator represents a juvenile individual, about seventy-five centimetres in length.

  • Juravenator is a Flock of Cunning distractor.
  • Use Juravenator’ multiple Distractions can reduce Fierce opponents’ damage to zero even they could’ve have a Group attack to against your Absord!

courageous_alertIcon_Thresholdpriority Courageous Alert
D8A02C85-C8D0-4D1F-A767-8B76B5894AB5 Distracting Impact
precise_rampage High Pounce

Dodge_Reinforce_Heal Icon_Thresholdswap-in Alert The Flock


Velocipteryx - Epic
Hybrid components: Velociraptor + Sinosauropteryx

health3200 damage1500 speed132 armor0% crit15%

Despite its relatively large size, Velocipteryx’s feathers design give it a very good balance to fly through the air as of it’s hybrid components the Sinosauropteryx.

  • Velocipteryx is a Cunning destroyer
  • swap to the deadly Velocipteryx will trigger it’s Cautious Swap In which deal a Sidestep plus distraction. It’s powerful moveset will almost destroy everything infront of it.

courageous_alertIcon_Thresholdpriority Courageous Alert
Untitled8_20210919124010Icon_Thresholdpriority Alert Impairation
precise_rampage High Pounce

Untitled11_20210919181859swap-in Cautious Swap In
dodge_healalert Alert On Escape Evasion


Carcharodontosaurus - Epic

health4800 damage1700 speed103 armor0% crit40%

A study by Donald Henderson, the curator of dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum suggests that Carcharodontosaurus was able to lift animals weighing a maximum of 424 kilograms in its jaws based on the strength of its jaws, neck, and its center of mass.

  • Carcharodontosaurus is a Fierce Anti-tank
  • don’t need to introducing so much, the Carcharodontosaurus is a Pure Anti-Tank, if your opponents have too much Health, Your basic ability will switch from Basic attack to Rending attack while you’re Threatened to make sure you can Takedown the opponents.

Untitled24_20210922173319alert Savage Alert Strike
Icon_Fierce_Rampage Fierce Rampage
oRo5oHrITBKgXGB4xyo42fqD9ZEHc342ZP84yABhmyHEgYqjCro-XP6fyQPO0mTIRDGgmuH13NmnFhsfkS4iPxU8gzubitPq1ArS20Eg2ZnM6Fu1qToEMs8oOETGe1ZOsHUAcj7J=s0 Intimidating Impact


Ceratosaurus - Epic

health4700 damage1500 speed108 armor0% crit10%

Being created illegally and against the knowledge of InGen or Masrani higher ups, it is unknown if the Ceratosaurus and the other new dinosaurs were affected by or were even bred to include the lysine deficiency that affected the original dinosaurs.

  • Ceratosaurus is a Fierce&Resilient Chomper
  • Damage increase, Defense Shattering, Vulnerability and Raking Counter, this classic Ceratosaurus is very well-against both Resilient and Cunning creatures!

persistent_ferocious_strike Persistent Ferocious Strike
oRo5oHrITBKgXGB4xyo42fqD9ZEHc342ZP84yABhmyHEgYqjCro-XP6fyQPO0mTIRDGgmuH13NmnFhsfkS4iPxU8gzubitPq1ArS20Eg2ZnM6Fu1qToEMs8oOETGe1ZOsHUAcj7J=s0 Intimidating Impact
vulnerability_impact Vulnerability Impact
raking_counter_attack Raking Counter-Attack


Drakolophosaurus - Legendary
Hybrid components: Dracorex + Ovilophosaurus

this Super Hybrid uses color, and a beautiful set of horns as the criteria for selecting the leader, rather than headbutting violently like its hybrid component.

  • Drakolophosaurus is a Cunning&Resilient, Explosive creature
  • use the Impact and Rampage to knock out blow the opponents! Strategic Impact And Run can protect you from both Fierce and Resilient creatures even if you still in a lockdown

health4200 damage1150 speed121 armor0% crit15%

devious_strike Devious Strike
HeavyDistraction Heavy Distracting Impact
Untitled8_20210922012824 Determined Rampage
StrategicImpact Strategic Impact and Run
crit_strike Collision


Spinokotaraptor - Legendary
Hybrid components: Spinosaurus Gen 2 + Dakotaraptor

health3950 damage1250 speed125 armor0% crit15%

Even smaller than It’s ancestor the Dakotaraptor, what strikes fear into the Spinokotaraptor’s enemies is it’s 18 centimetres claws designed for disembowelment.

  • Spinokotaraptor is a Cunning&Fierce, Distract and Wound
  • Swap to the clever Spinokotaraptor to active it’s Lockdown and use your heavy hit ability to finish them off! Or you can deal the Cleansing swoop ability to make them Bleed while they’re pinned and also cleanse.

a7b353a536e26947f0fd0fcfbb4e865cd428e332-1 Daring Strike
Untitled8_20210923124342 Cleansing Swoop
precise_rampage Precise Pounce
HeavyDistraction Heavy Distracting Impact
defense_shattering_counter Defense Shattering Counter
swap_preventswap-in Swap In Lockdown


Luxspinus - Unique
Hybrid components: Spinonyx + Parasaurolophus Lux

health4050 damage1250 speed118 armor0% crit30%

If you think the bioluminescent of this hybrid will make others herbivores easier to findout it when it going to hunt them, You’re wrong! The Bioluminescent of this Predator are so glare and it makes other creatures even easier to confuse it with the Parasaurolophus Lux… the worst part is that It knew this fact.

  • Luxspinus is a Fierce Terminator.
  • if you face this Terminator, don’t attempt to swap out if you don’t have any lockdown resistant! the Luxspinus will Lock you down, make you Vulnerable and use It’s powerful Lethal Raking Wound to make you bleed to death

cleansing_shattering_strike Cleansing Shattering Strike
Untitled13_20210913081406-1priority Group Alert Heal
Untitled8_20210918105745 Lethal Raking Wound
resilient_rampage Resilient Rampage
raking_counter_attack Raking Counter-Attack
Untitled11_20210921130845 Broken Lockdown


Luminophonix - Unique
Hybrid components: Parasaurolophus Lux + Alankylosaurus

health4800 damage1200 speed108 armor30% crit5%

the Luminophonix is a prototype of attempts to make a real life Phoenix before inGen’s scientists find the way to mix up Bioluminescence with Haast Eagle to madeup a complete version of Phoenix and named Haast Maximus.

  • Luminophonix is a fabled Resilient
  • use Resilient Cleanse and Strike to cleanse your allie’s distraction, use your shield and heal carefully to stay survive as long as ocean

Untitled8_20210920160329 Resilient Cleanse and Strike
resilient_rampage Resilient Rampage
image Instant Defensive Heal
long_invincibility Long Invincibility
Counter Power Heal
invincibilityswap-in Swap In Invincibility



  • Distractions resistant from 0% increased to 100%


  • Distractions resistant from 0% increased to 50%


  • Cunning Strike changed to Daring Strike
  • Revenge Impact changed to Revenge Rampage
  • Basic Speed decreased from 131 to 128
  • added Swap In Shattering Strike
  • Creatures class changed from Cunning to Cunning-Fierce


  • Basic armor from 15% increase to 20%


  • Strike changed to Distraction


  • Basic speed from 126 reduced to 118
  • Cunning Rampage changed to Determined Rampage
  • added Minor Heal On Escape


  • Basic health from 3300 increase to 3975
  • Basic armor from 10% increase to 20%
  • added No Escape


  • Cunning Strike changed to Group Speedup Cunning Strike


  • Lethal Rampage And Run changed to Shattering Rampage and Run


  • Nullifying Counter changed to Medium Nullifying Counter Attack

Mortem Rex

  • added Swap In Lockdown

Hadrox Lux

  • Decelerating Impact changed to Superiority Impact
  • Rampage changed to Resilient Rampage
  • Medium Resilient Counter-attack changed to Counter Power Heal
  • Stun Resistance reduced from 100% to 50%


  • Swap In Stunning Strike changed to Swap In Head Butt
  • Basic Damage increase from 1300 to 1500


  • added * Medium Nullifying Counter*
  • Revenge Nullifying Rampage changed to Revenge Cunning Rampage


  • Alert Counter Distraction changed to Venomous Counter
  • added Cautious Swap In

Hydra Boa

  • Creatures Class from Cunning changed to Wildcard


Savage Alert Strike

  • while Secure
    Self: Cleanse Vulnerable
    Lowest hp: Break shield. Bypassing Armor. Attack 1x.
  • while Threatened
    Self: Cleanse Vulnerable
    Lowest hp: Break shield. Bypassing Armor. Inflict 36% of target’s Max health.

Determined Rampage

  • Self: Cleanse DoT and reduced damage.
    Fastest: Remove speed, critical and damage increases. Reduce damage 50% and Critical chance 100% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Vulnerable for 1 attack, lasting 2 turns. Precise attack 2x.
    Cooldown: 1. Delay: 1.

Lethal Raking Wound

  • Highest HP: Remove Dodge and Cloak. Bypassing Armor. Attack 1X. DoT 34% of Target’s max health, Lasting 3 turn.
    Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1.

Strategic Impact And Run

  • Highest Damage: Attack 1,5x. Reduce Damage by 100%, lasting 1 turn.
    Self: 100% chance to Dodge by 67% and Shield by 50%, lasting this turn. Automatic Swap.
    Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1.

Heavy Distraction Impact

  • Highest Damage: Attack 1,5x with 100% Critical hit chance. Reduce Damage by 75% in 2 attack, lasting 1 turn.
    Cooldown: 2.

Không Có Tiêu Đề10_20210921021705priority
Instant Defensive Heal

  • Self: Cleanse. Heal 1,5x
    Team: Shield by 50% in 2 attack, lasting 3 turn.
    Priority. Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1.

Cautious Swap In

  • Self: Increase Speed By 10% lasting 1 turn. 75% chance to Dodge By 67% for 1 attack, lasting 1 turn. Unable to swap lasting 2 turn.
    Highest Damage. Reduce Damage By 50.0% for 2 attack, lasting 1 turn.

Resilient Cleanse and Strike

  • Team: Cleanse Reduced Damage.
    Lowest HP: Remove Dodge, Cloak and Speed Increase. Vulnerable for 2 Attacks, lasting 2 turn. Attack 1x

Alert Impairation

  • While secure:
    Self: Sacrifice 33% hp.
    Highest Damage: Reduce Damage by 100% in every attack, lasting 2 turn. Attack 1,5x.
    While threatened
    Highest Damage: Reduce Damage by 50% in every attack, lasting 2 turn. Attack 2x.
    Priority. Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1.

Broken Lockdown

  • If opponents attempt to Swap out, Unable to Swap for 2 turn. Become Vulnerable in 2 attack, lasting 2 turn.

Camouflage On Escape

  • added 33% chance to Lockdown opponents in 1 turn
  • renamed to Ambush Escapee

Defensive Swap In

  • display Priority in the description.

Critical Ambush

  • display Priority in the description.
  • renamed to Swap In Ambush


  • added Unable to Swap in 1 turn

Raking Ability

  • Remove Dodge and Cloak, bypassing

Swap In Heal

  • Become a Alert passive Ability.
  • While Secure (over 75% of health) Ability will disable
  • Added Priority

Superior Vulnerability

  • Increase Vulnerable duration from “1 attack, lasting 2 turn” to “3 attack, lasting 2 turn”

Piercing Revenge

  • Renamed to Revenge Binding Rend

Group Ferocity Strike

  • Cooldown reduce from 3. to 2.
  • Added Priority.

Alert Swap In Stun

  • 33.4% chance to Stun for 1 turn. increase to 50% chance to Stun for 1 turn while Threatened.

Taunt Shattering Rampage

  • Cooldown reduced from 2. to 1.


  • added all opponents: Reduce damage by 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turn.

Raking Claws

  • renamed to Inevitable Slash
  • the Glowing Luxspinus will join the raid schedule in October 30 and 31 as a Special Halloween boss.

  • the Anti-Tank Carcharodontosaurus will join the raid schedule in October 30 and 31 as a Special Halloween boss.



  • have Luxspinus in your Collection.
  • reward: Bioluminescent Predators Playertitle.


Thanks for reading my Fan-made Release Note!

Special Guest: @Tommy_Paoli @Mudkipz @Ned @Altithorax_Perotorum @Cheeseeater
Project Start: 18/9/2021
Project Complete: 24/9/2021
Thanks all reading! Please drop a feedback :wink::ok_hand:


I would like to see a strategic impact without the run on the the next fan update


I generally like this. The creature updates especially are all pretty great, except Hadros Lux seems to have gotten nerfed quite a bit. I have a few questions though.

Why? All of its abilities are fierce or resilient.

This one is even more confusing, all the abilities are resilient. Unfortunately calling it a wildcard is believable for Ludia.

I like the cooldown drop, but why does it get priority?

Why though?

@Cheeseeater also has some great points about balance that I generally agree with. Other than that, almost everything looks good. There’s a lot of nice little changes in there, like reducing the cooldown on Taunt Shattering Rampage.


Recent datamines have revealed that Ovilopho would be getting a super hybrid Stygimoloch Gen 2, and Sinosauropteryx (also revealed from the datamine) would most likely be used in creating Sinokotaraptor, as its description has revealed it to be an excellent climber but far too heavy for flight.


Buyable Apexs. NO. Just no. This is a terrible idea and would ruin this game.

Sinosaur: Looks like a pretty good Cunning.

Jura: 3300 Health and 1500 damage. That Attack is really bad. Same with speed, although the moveset makes up for this.

Velocipteryx: Swap where Sidestep and Courageous Alert is. Cautious Swap In is pretty cool.

Carchar: Why does my boi not bleed? That’s literally what he was known for, change out Intimidating Impact for a bleed move.

Cerato: Lower the health to 4500 and damage to 1000. It has too many damage increasing buffs and debuffs to have anything close to 1500.

Drakolophosaurus: Shouldnt have On Escape Collision. Also should have more speed, this is slower than both parents.

Sinokota: Again, its slower than the parents. Bump that to ~130. Also remove the counter and the swap in.

Luxspinus: Health is lower than its Parents. Should be 4500 or 4650. Raking Counter, should be Counter Power Heal or something non damaging.

Luminophonix: Just give it Resilient Strike. Also this is a Resilient, not a wildcard. No Fierce or Cunning elements.

Most creature changes are good, but Hadros Lux you destroyed, and Gorgo you took a rocket launcher to. They are balanced. No changes needed, and you ruined Gorgo.

SV is fine, no need to change it. Raking Claws to Inevitable Slash is also unneeded, and doesn’t fit with what it does.


Yeah I agree. I never buy anything so I kinda skipped over this initially, but this just makes the game even more pay to win.


Exactly. It’s actually a worse name imo. Changing it to something like Raking Rampage would make sense: it tells you what the move does (Raking = dodge removal), and how much damage it does (Rampage = 2x damage). At least Raking Claws tells you the move’s effect. Inevitable Slash just means nothing.


Cuz Spinonyx was a Cunning Fierce for a mysterious reason :face_with_monocle:

I change Raking to mean Remove dodge,cloak and Piercing

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Hybrids don’t always have to be a combination of their ingredients though. And Spionyx being Cunning doesn’t make sense anyway, it should be Fierce or Fierce-Resilient.

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[quote=“Cheeseeater, post:5, topic:214270”]
Sinokota: Again, its slower than the parents. Bump that to ~130. Also remove the counter and the swap


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Uhhhhhh i don’t get what you mean…

If that’s the case then that would make sense, but then why isn’t that in the notes? It would still be better if the new name indicated something about the move though. Since some moves only remove dodge/cloak, or remove dodge/cloak without the piercing effect, I personally think it makes more sense for Raking to only mean dodge/cloak removal, and add in Piercing for moves that also pierce armor (like Raking Counter to Raking Piercing Counter).

Sorry that’s a typo haha i fixed


It does! In the ability update folder


Well it’s only one per one last day of month

You mean Spinokota? The Swap in is for the No escape it lacks…

Ok I’m gonna buff the speed! But why not collision? Rinchenia hybrid have it

Spino G2 is 122 speed

I guess He’s talking about Dakotaraptor…? I put the speed in middle of SpinoG2 and Dakota

“Raking” meaning dodge removal + armor piercing is fine then. But I still maintain that dodge removal should have some term consistently associated with it in that case, it’s one of the few effects that doesn’t (if not the only one).

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