[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.12 [Fan-Made]


  • Distractions resistant from 0% increased to 100%

A buff to him I’ll take it


  • Cunning Strike changed to Daring Strike
  • Revenge Impact changed to Revenge Rampage
  • Basic Speed decreased from 131 to 128
  • added Swap In Shattering Strike
  • Creatures class changed from Cunning to Cunning-Fierce

Yayy Inostherium buff!


  • Strike changed to Distraction

Daring Strike would be better


  • Basic speed from 126 reduced to 118
  • Cunning Rampage changed to Determined Rampage
  • added Minor Heal On Escape

Why the speed change? It’s already fine at that speed no need to change it


  • Basic health from 3300 increase to 3975
  • Basic armor from 10% increase to 20%
  • added No Escape

The health should be at 3950 at lvl 26 because all damage and health values at lvl 26 should be a round number. Otherwise this is the buff it deserves


  • Cunning Strike changed to Group Speedup Cunning Strike



  • Nullifying Counter changed to Medium Nullifying Counter Attack

That’s exactly what it needs

Mortem Rex

  • added Swap In Lockdown

A pointless addition but can still be helpful

Hadrox Lux

  • Decelerating Impact changed to Superiority Impact
  • Rampage changed to Resilient Rampage
  • Medium Resilient Counter-attack changed to Counter Power Heal
  • Stun Resistance reduced from 100% to 50%

This… I’m not really sure about this change. By doing this you’re basically making Ankylodicurus 2.0 as all of its moves cleanse Distraction. Also now it can continuously stall as it has Greater Emergency Heal and a healing counter


  • Swap In Stunning Strike changed to Swap In Head Butt
  • Basic Damage increase from 1300 to 1500

Beautiful balancing


  • added * Medium Nullifying Counter*
  • Revenge Nullifying Rampage changed to Revenge Cunning Rampage

I’m not sure that’s a problem with Trebax


  • Alert Counter Distraction changed to Venomous Counter
  • added Cautious Swap In

Yayy a Refrenantem buff!

Hydra Boa

  • Creatures Class from Cunning changed to Wildcard

Well done


Didnt see it was Spino gen 2.

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These are amazing

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A fanmade update idea. The triassic update
New creatures :

Crocodiles :
Phytosaurus (common)
Rutiodon (rare)
Leptosuchus (Epic)

Pterosaurs dimorphodon type :
Peteinosaurus (common)
Eudimorphodon (rare)
Caelestiventus (epic)

Land crocodiles :
Ticinosuchus (common)
Prestosuchus (rare)
Arizonasaurus (epic)
Saurosuchus (epic)

Theropods (dilophosaurus type) :
Coelophysis (epic)
Tawa (rare)
Saurikosaurus (common)

Prosauruspods (new rig) :
Mussaurus (common)
Riojasaurus (rare)
Plateosaurus (epic)

Ancient theropods (new rig) :
Zupaysaurus (common)
Herrerasaurus (rare)
Liliensternus (epic)

New apex : giganopteryx (dimorphodon apex )
Saurovenator (postosuchus apex)


Hat’s off once again!
I don’t think Archaeopteryx needs 100% distract resist. Maybe 50%. Love the new creatures and changes!


Không Có Tiêu Đề10_20210919015943

Where do they get these images from?


Why would they need a new rig?

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Shouldn’t this belong on an aquatics thread?

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I make it :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to change it’s Camouflage to Restricted Ambush.

All the stat display here is level 26 :wink:

I make Mortem more powerful, that’s why i make Roar have Pinning and Cleanse Vulnerable, that’s my point.

Welp it’s literally a pure Resilient now… and it’s a apex right? Mortem’ can Lockdown and end up this Hadrosaur Instantly

Thanks for reading at all :wink::+1:

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Ok the buyable apexes definitely not. Imagine someone who has the mobey buys an apex and starts shreding through the lower arenas. This would cause the game to become ublanced.

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Well as in the note say: the offer only available once the last day of month and you can only buy one per that day.
Fight a raid is take average 20 dna per a win, 20 x 15(time you win) = 300, 7(week)x15= 105 day, so buy a bundle mean you just save about 10 day of raiding, so it’s not that unbalance


Yeah would be better there

I thought they should be different since herrerasaurus has different animations from dilophosaurus in jwe so why not here as well . Of course liliensternus and zupaysaurus are similar to dilophosaurus but i also include theropods like cryolophosaurus and gojirasaurus in this rig wich like herrerasaurus would be different from dilophosaurus

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Overall like these creatures. Sinosauropteryx and carcharadontosaurus are my favorite. I also thought ceratosaurus could have a gen 2 version having the green camp cretaceous skin


Thanks! What do you think about the new creatures moveset and new ability? Like the Savage Alert Strike! Is it Op or balance?

They’re ok for me. Maybe new tournament rules should be nice like herbivores only, no swap in creatures, hybrid components only


Some fierce flock creature ideas

Small reptiles :
Anatosuchus (epic)
Eupakeria (rare)
Araripesuchus (common)

Early mammals :
Cynognathus (epic)
Lycaneops (rare)
Thrinaxodon (common)

New abilities
Allert carnage strike : bypass shield and doge, dot 1 turn, damage increase

Allert crush : increase damage, bypass armor, removes shield, vulnerability 2 turns

Primal allert : revive 1 member, increases speed and crit chance


**No offense but HELL NO.!. **
Giving anyone the ability to actually buy dna for an APEX considering the fact that almost 99.9% of players have already unlocked the apexes anyway that and cost price is far too exorbitant ( too costly ) for anyone to get let alone be able to afford such astronomical prices such as those above. if by some chance LUDIA do implement this or at the very least try and implement some of this into the game one would hope they restrict the purchasing of this item to once or twice per year reserving it as a special tournament or event with some of the apex dna as part of the rewards for winning but 100 apex dna being able to be purchased so readily well that is definitely not going to happen as it would completely destroy the game from within with lower ranked players suddenly fielding a team of apex dinos en masse when before they were still trying to build them piece by piece each week in the raids we are already getting like everyone else has been doing.

Some of the other ideas you mentioned appear sound but are they really ? you have taken some of the better dinosaurs in the game and turned them into last weeks washing ( of little or no worth at all ) nerfing some of the top level dinos people / players have fought hard and long to acquire by slowly leveling them up or boosting them over a period of time.

Doing this would inevitably open the flood gates to the ** whales of the game ** = mega rich players who just casually reach into daddy’s wallet for a couple of thousand dollars or more to splash out on the game as though it was chump change ( small coins / outlay minimal cost ) to acquire. This is something most players can only dream of yet these mega whales do this every day blowing a veritable fortune of daddy’s money on a game because they simply feel like it. ( P.S. ) this is not an insult nor is it intended to be to the richer players of the game some of you are honest and limit your spending on the game and for this i commend you for your restraint in this matter. Also V2.12 is a long way off yet and may not appear before the Christmas holidays because we are still waiting on V 2.11 and guessing which new dinosaurs / abilities / items etc are being released in that upgrade first before we have even had a chance to think about the upgrade release coming after that one ( V 2.12 ) :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Simply sublime!
I love this thread! Creatures are awesome!
I have a request, can you do Ankylognathus (Bumpy + Compy gen 2) in the next thread?

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