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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.12 [Fan-Made]

Here’s my take at Arctodus, what do you think?

(like Cervalces, it’s rarity wasn’t Datamined, so I decided to make it a rare.)


my version is Fierce Strike, Mutual Fury, Killer Instinct and No Escape… I think will research a little more about Bear to see what Ability can fit this Short Face Bear… your version is good! but I just feel it something not right which I don’t know how to figure it out… :teddy_bear::+1:


Yeah, looks good! I think an attack buff to 1300 or 1350 would be nice. Maybe 1500+, that way it will be an interesting option over Andrewsarchus

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My version of rexy :
Rarity : legendary
Health :4500
Attack : 1500
Speed : 104
Abilities : roar, intimidating impact, rending takedown, definite rampage

My fanmade bio for rexy :
this female t rex was among first creatures to been created for jurassic park. Dpg members have nicknamed her rexy although she is also sometimes referred as Roberta. Her scars are relics of the many battles with isla nublars other dominant predators including the indominus rex

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fix all the bug issues

ok, arrowhead, this is one of the worst fanmade updates ive seen. selling apex dna is horrible. you also made inostherium op.

Thats an ouchie

oh really its him who was the one made this topic ?

yes. its arrowhead. the same guy that made 20 alts to invade a server, lied to the whole community, and did something im not even allowed to talk about here (its illegal).

oh yeah he has a lot of alt account

but everyone say Inos “useless”? or my rework actually OP? I would like to hear to how to fix it :wink:


  • Rexy is a Legendary Fierce

  • Ability
    Roar (Remaked)
    Fierce Impact
    Intinidating Impact
    Adrenaline Purse
    No Escape

this is my version of Rexy!

(Remake Roar is:

  • Self Cleanse Vulnerability.
  • All opponents: Remove Shield, Taunt. Bypass armor. Attack 1x. Lockdown in 1 turn)

I think it’s too weak. Fierce Impact to Fierce rampage would be nice

I planned to give it 2000 basic damage… so no Rampage :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Jurassic World Alive.

What about this? The jpb update
Dinosaurs :
Tapejara (common)
Pachyrhinosaurus (epic)
Camarasaurus (rare)
Brontosaurus (rare)
Yutyrannus (epic)
Dryosaurus (epic)

Cenozoics :
Indricotherium (epic)
Peltephillus (epic)
Aepycamelus (common)
Machrauchenia (rare)
Gigantophitecus (epic)
Megalania (epic)
Procoptodon (epic)
Daeodon (epic)
Gastornis (common )
Diprotodon (rare)
Castoroides (epic)

i don’t include dreadnoghtus and giga because of dominion. I also think since brontosaurus is a valid genus again he should deserve a return. Although Machrauchenia has the same animation as megaloceros in jpb but i think he should be placed in a rig with Aepycamelus. Peltephillus could be a resilient flock


So when will fanmade 2.13 drop

Is it just me or does anyone think that paralankyux silhouette looks like a pterodactyl


I can kinda see it as well, a Pterodactyl with a Bumpy beak and crest. Lol


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