[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.12

What a nerf for argenteryx… Nice :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That’s the only good thing out of this update, don’t get your hopes up

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fusable apex
what was the point?
was there a point?
i can’t see this ending well


Now Do you mind giving struthio a hybrid and also nerfing the determined strike because that move is actually straight unfair and people who knew how much of a menace indo gen 2 was back in the day they would probably agree

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Oh my, more known issues that they know about and will be purposely adding to the game

That aside, this is just about the most worthless update I’ve ever seen. There are plenty of other outperforming creatures… where are nerfs for those? Also, Will this new campaign continue to give us 1000 coins like the original one? It’s pointless if we don’t get anything actually worthwhile. Can’t wait to fight flocks in campaign too-

Not to mention we’re getting bears and more deer! How exciting :roll_eyes: You know there are actual DINOSAURS that you can add right? These Cenozoic creatures are taking over a dinosaur game. I’m perfectly fine with Cenozoic creatures but they’re basically the only creatures coming out now- can we get the dinosaurs people have been asking for? Please?

Should probably mention this Fuseable apex. While the apex’s needed to become Fuseable, the old apex’s should have become Fuseable and their raids should be replaced. And aha, a Bear-Deer. Has to be the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen :neutral_face: It’s also- a Super-Superhybrid, we don’t need this


superficially looking at the new apex, I am too dominant, we will see his statistics, he looks very broken in my opinion with the naked eye


Does this mean legendary and epic s hybrids could be fuseable as well ?
And here are some ideas for fuseable apexes
Mammoceros = tsintaomoth + mammolania
Dracodeus = dracoceratosaurus +dsungaia
Indominus rex gen 3 = trykosaurus + alloraptor
Alangomoloch = alankylosaurus + stiggydiaryx


Apex creatures are unlocked at 26 so that is not possible


What concerns me is that the last update still hasn’t given us what we were supposed to get with Mortem.

Yet here we are with another update that will arrive and what we should have got we will probably never get. Another one of those ‘pesky bugs’ that never get fixed.

How can this be right?
Not even a mention of it any longer ….


I’m glad this thing is getting nerfed as well.

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Isn’t Cenzoic Smack just a Heavy Strike that remove dodge&shields?

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I am happy that we are getting more tournament variation. I am tired of facing the same creatures in every tournament. I can not imagine a tournament without flocks(which willl probably happen)

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Where is the ‘defensive’ part? Its group version has the defense.

Name does not mention shield.


Happy with the Teryx change, makes mirror matches less annoying.
New tourneys sound interesting, hoping to see a no flock or swap in tourney. I hope you’re also considering changing up the formats aswell, would love to see rares and epics back and having common only tourneys aswell, could really use a break from legendaries and uniques.
But… where’s the boost reset? :neutral_face:


This update isn’t even bad it’s just worthless


Why does the icon show a defense shattering impact instead of strike?


Basically this game is becoming Cenozoic World Alive


As usual, a few confusing names. Not too bad this time though.

I feel like the Shield is more important to highlight than the taunt in this case. So I would name it Shielding Resilient Group Impact.

This move’s name should emphasize the shield break. I would expect “Swap In deceleration” to slow the opponent… and nothing else. And what will the developers do when they create a move that DOES only slow the opponent? So something like “Swap In shattering deceleration” would be better.

Somehow, I think this move needs an entirely different name with all it’s effects: its far more than a long-lasting shield.


What do you mean? This seems like one of the best updates we have had in a while.

Cenozoic are canon now. Also the game and park builder had them