[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.14

So I guess iguanodon and ourano should be classless as they don’t have anything particularly resilient.

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And andrewtodon should be only fierce as it doesn’t have any of the things you mentioned that would make it part resilient.

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andrewtodon would be the exception in this case, same as the Hadrosaurus you mentioned.

See how Andrewtops is a wildcard but has almost the same moves as andrewtodon lol and the Hadrosaurus seem to be resilient because they heal, but diloracherius ignores heals and is labeled as cunning.


Can someone explain how this ability works?
Because why would you say that it attacks 1.5x 2 times when you can just say that it attacks 3x 1 time.
Ive read on gamepress that creatures with counter attack would benefit from this, but they dont.
Attacking a dino with a counter 2 times should mean that the dino will counter attack 2 times, but thats not how it works in game.
So whats the deal with this?


I need to transfer leadership of the alliance I am in as I am leaving the game for awhile, but it doesn’t work. Help.

Hello thecasualty. The team is currently aware of issues relating to that and are working on a solution:

Thank you for your patience.

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Basically the creature that has this ability will attack 1.5x damage (twice) so technically this move is really just a devasation (3x attack) but with 30% speed up and rally heal.


I think the main difference is that creatures that use counter attacks should activate them twice.
Could be wrong because I didn’t play after the update.

I hope I’ll still be able to do mortem rex raid cause I’m very close to unlocking it

I really want to know what dinos have those new abilities, there are about 10 new abilities that aren’t actually in the game yet? Some look like apex level abilities

Yeah. Next level of power creep and Owerpowred dinos.

@Ned on those notes there is no mention about Mortem stun immunity but in game it has it.


It’s because the game will count it as 2 attacks so if you are distracted for 1 attack the 1.5x will be distracted but the 2x attack won’t. It’s 1 move that attacks twice. Let’s say a Dino used instant invincibility and you use frenzy the 1.5x attack will remove the shield allowing the 2x attack to bypass it

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Don’t say anything! They’ll change it back to 75%, and I like that Mortem is now completely immune to Stun!


I will be happy to have stun reduced from 100 to 50% & adding reduced damage to 50%.After the removal of Cleansing impact, mortem is totally useless against cunning creatures now.

Isn’t that a good thing? Fierce should lose to cunning


Sometimes resilient lose to cunning tho

Hey Overkill_999, I’ll check with our team on this! Thanks. :smiley:

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Welp, too late, ludia replied to his comment

Expect a fix next update :frowning:

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They don’t need an update to change the stats. This happens on the server side. They did it for albertospinos.

I hope that they won’t fix it before the serious bugs added in 2.14.