[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15

the people who spend a lot of money in this game

I Mean - Before Dominion Dinosaurs

Probably not. Considering dominion is very close. Also they said in a community update that we will probably not get aquatics this year


What the…you mean you didn’t fix any bugs?

New creature, new mechanics bring us not the amazing gaming experience, that is more BUGS. You have hundreds of known bugs and you only fixed few of them, and with more and more frequent updates that comes with more bugs, you are ruining the gaming experience of the players.

Raid matchmaking…auto-fill option can help those who can’t find raiding partners. And what about those who can find their raiding partners??? Removing the Public / Private button is a serious mistake that allows some stranger that enter our raid lobby, if we can’t stop him re-enter the lobby after kicked him, the raid is meaningless to start with.
@E.D @Ned Can you inform this to the team for a improvement?


I wouldn’t have minded if the new Alloraptor hybrid had a raptor rig


Answer is simple:


Along with auto join/fill, there should be a chat option or at least the ability to suggest dinos to the unknown player. This is long overdue anyway. The auto functions are primarily to help new players or players without an alliance, but without agreement options, the players are probably kicked out of the raid again.

Why aren’t the known bugs in the raids fixed first before a new feature (with potentially new bugs) is introduced?
Just because players have become accustomed to constantly restarting the app?
Please think about how much time/money the players invest in the game. Almost every bug costs players time and that’s not the only thing that frustrates players. In addition, there are the ingame mechanisms that urgently need to be improved, such as the abundantly discussed problems in chat or PvP.

Conclusion about this update: Not fun.

More exclusive DNA

Why hunt?

I will soon de-boost everything and play level 20-21 team with fun dinos.

Hate trying to get level 30 dinos to see them become useles or power creept!

Its not fun see hard effort become usless every update.

Players have NO CONTROL about the game!



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Where’s the new exclusive DNA? Rodrigues is gonna be on the map.


Coming Tuesday

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Where? Did you check the new creatures at least?


when you don’t count alberto and allo g 2 exculsive :


You do know they’re not new in the game, hence there’s no more exclusive DNA in reality since they were already here?

fact : that means we should collect more albertosaurus dna cause two good unique fierce hybrids


Okay but why does entelos group shattering revenge have a 2 turn cooldown? its a worse version of this new move…


Not really how it works, I mean bumpy makes 2 amazing hybrids but its still gonna be exclusive.

Why do you talk like memes?

I Mean Next Year

This move is for raids,right?