[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15

all true i like the snake its fun and it eats albert in the raid :stuck_out_tongue: but this change is nothing special at all

But it does have a first turn Rending Takedown…

There’s a maintenance notice in your in-game mailbox.

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I agree with you completely

I know aquatics are gonna be the only handful when you are fully decided to do them but I just wanted to ask since you have the Swarm/flocks do you think this will mean we will get some carbon different animals like meganeura swarm,Mazothairosswarm and arthroplura heck even Eogyrinus . Wouldn’t this be the next step since you’d the permian


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Fingers crossed! Last 4 or so updates have been a disastrous nightmare full of glitches and heartaches :sweat_smile:

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So did you fix it or not?


I honestly think that Thylaconyx will be the best out of all the 2.15 creatures

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Epic fail by Ludia

The last thing we need is vulnerable lasting longer, not to mention there still is a bug where sometimes firce and cleansing abilities don’t cleanse vulnerable

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Wait till it gets an apex

should be fun - the devour move might change the meta up again so should be interesting lol

Would like to see Mortem added as a permanent raid on weekends, still. I am going to be just short of a level 30 after this month is over. I will need about 1 more month to complete her, and there are a lot of others who have not unlocked, yet. Just something on my wish list for future updates or maybe an eventual addition to this one :slight_smile:


This is just out of balance.

Does anyone think its fun?

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new dino

One year ago yes, this would have been a really strong move.
But now with all these ridiculous moves doing up to 7 things in one turn this new move is mediocre at best.
Maybe we should focus on moves like toxic quills, fabled fangs and of course super distraction which are already destroying the pvp experience.


Just got enough to ge my mort to 29. Would love it if mort became a permanent raid, or even a fuseable. Just something other than buying mort incs in the shop.

Hmm… To normalize this kind of moves makes the Arena very toxic.

People can never relax and enjoy.

Do you have problem to keep your team up to date?

Hello DPG Members,
Please note that the Rare Rodrigues Solitaire will be an Event Exclusive.
We’ve edited the Release Notes to reflect this.
Our sincere apologies for this confusion.