[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15

everytime we decided to trust in Ludia it always dissapoint us, must be a talent like fr this was the worst decision u guys took


Well it makes an apex so that’s alright I guess

When I said apex I meant vasilas, which would be arctacles going into it

Go ahead would love to see the response :joy:

Go ahead.

Its high time ludia stops adding event exclusives every update. They only add one or two new basic creatues. When they are event exusive it kills moral since its yet another thing to wait on. I want to go out and hunt creatures again. 5+ new basic creatures released into the wild to keep me entertained and wanting to go out and play for hours rather than sitting at home and hopping on every few hours to FIP for a minute. The hunting aspect of the game is boring and most people dont want to wait weeks for an event to dart maybe 10 of a new creature.


I always say the truth, but no one seems to care? Posted a few days ago:



The players hear: PAYWALL EXCLUSIVE

Change my mind!!!


Don’t need to because it’s the truth lol


At least put it in this weeks events then


Judging by how things are going, am sure we will see a premium incubator in the shop for the new rare flocks in another 1-2 days, before we get them via any event.

I bet we’ll see it in the shop once the update hits :roll_eyes:.

Honestly, this is a disgrace Ludia. To say we’ll have a new creature to hunt and then to announce it’ll be exclusive is really a joke and it seems like you are laughing in the player’s faces. I suggest you read through these comments and really reconsider this decision.


200 rare flock dna for only 99.99


So who do I write about getting back the coins I just spent leveling creatures to make alloraptor, in preparation for its new hybrid? You people really are the worst. In all these years you’re just as bad as ever… I would NOT have done it had you actually had a little quality control, did a good proof reading of the notes, and TOLD US UP FRONT it would be an exclusive. Now I’m out coins that could be used to create things that actually remain in the spirit of the game - HUNTING! Not the bottom line of Ludia - selling exclusive DNA…

Just wondering how quickly Rodrigues incubators will be in the shop?


Your sincere apologies? You mean like how you said there would be more boost resets, and then chose to not do so? Or how you said that every “other” update would have new creatures instead of new “must have” creatures every update? Or that you said you would work on balancing creatures better, yet every new creature is vastly superior to past creatures. So we don’t know if and when a creature will get nerfed, or surpassed, making it a useless investment all too quickly.

The fact that the vast majority of new power creeped creatures are better than everything that is already available is frustrating enough. It is a needle that breaks the camels back, that almost all of them have exclusive DNA. To make matters worse, there is no guarantee or stability, that anything that may be bought by the players will hold value. This is because the massive imbalance in creatures seems intentionally designed to make money and prey on the people who must have the newest and latest.
Goal posts are constantly being moved so fast, we can’t keep up. Whatever we are working on we can’t even enjoy, because once it hits 30 it becomes obsolete. Games are supposed to be enjoyable and not just constant work. The work life compromise is broken.
How can we trust you, with so many broken promises without any form of adequate compensation or real apologies.
This constantly seems deliberate. This constantly feels like bait and switch.


This is really bad decision. New update and zero new creatures on the map! No reason to hunt anymore and that has always been the most fun apsect of the game for me.


pterovexus is a wildcard without any healing or resiliant qualities, some things don’t make sense

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Yeah there really hasnt been much to do in game the past few months besides regular pvp and wednesday raids. disappointing last couple updates with every new dino having event exclusive dna. Then the ones that arent like phorurex get nerfed as soon as everyone starts using them. I understand pho was overpowered but they didnt balance him, they made him useless in my opinion. Shouldve removed swap counter, left in swap in rend, and added a cooldown to evasive move. That wouldve been a better balance than what they did. Oh well, maybe one day they will actually balance dinos instead of introducing new ones every update

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Ludia and its things.

In two days we will see the new unique at level 30 in Youtube and then wait for the next exclusive in May.

Ludia, you can ban me again.

We are so excited.


Community: “This is a bad idea”
“Why are you guys making everything worse”
“This isn’t fun anymore”
“No one wants more exclusives you guys”

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