[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15

I could actually get the taco as soon as it comes out, both my Compy g2 and tarbo have exceeded level 15 lol


I’ve got plenty of tarbo and compy gen 2 dna left. I think i can get taco to level 20 when he’s released


Every update comes on Tuesday

@Idelephoenix @Altithorax_Perotorum im just preparing for taco, and I hope rng will be nice for u when fusing


@Somedinoguy. :thinking: Let me check with our team on this.


i’d like to ask you to check with developer team if this is really being fixed (or still listed as something to fix), or is actually a mistake, and they just forgot to remove it from this list before send notes details to you. it’s been here for about 2 years… something may be wrong.

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with what I said on post 218 I feel the vast majority of new alert moves have weird secure and threatened choices unless they have accidentally switched them around

But the stats are remaining the same? @E.D
You mentioned the stats as the problem, which is why I ask the question.
Also shielded alert strike becomes a priority when Trodoboa is threatened and almost everything else with a priority attack seems to be faster than Trodoboa speed anyway through typical boost set ups. So I am really hoping for those stat increases, otherwise I am not sure if this is that much of an improvement. It seems like Trodoboa is still going to be dead before it overcomes that 2 turn delay to do its Rampage. Maybe you can also reduce Group cunning rampage 2 turn delay to 1, without turning Fukuimimus, which is the only other creature with the move, into a bigger beast?


Ok. Thank you

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I have over 1700 compg2 and 25k tarbo, should be enough for it


I have 2 questions for you guys
1 which is better, alloraptor or its new unique hybrid? in my opinion alloraptor
2 now that troboa was buffed with the new move do you think you will be investing? I will reasherch it and see how far it gets if it’s a good investment I may take the time to level it (after I create it :laughing: )

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honestly the fact that Allodrigues is a flock makes it more likely to be better by default, especially if it has 100% decel resistance like Alloraptor, but we’ll have to wait for the update to see the stats to make a definitive decision

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The problem with flock in arena are refre, mortem and ankylux. They are everywhere especially since AlloD doesnt have priority to protect it from SD and roar

That’s true, but Alloraptor doesn’t have priority either, so I’m not sure how that applies to my comment, which was a response to someone asking if AlloD was better than Alloraptor

all true i like the snake its fun and it eats albert in the raid :stuck_out_tongue: but this change is nothing special at all

But it does have a first turn Rending Takedown…

There’s a maintenance notice in your in-game mailbox.

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I agree with you completely

I know aquatics are gonna be the only handful when you are fully decided to do them but I just wanted to ask since you have the Swarm/flocks do you think this will mean we will get some carbon different animals like meganeura swarm,Mazothairosswarm and arthroplura heck even Eogyrinus . Wouldn’t this be the next step since you’d the permian


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