[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15

Yea they seriously thought mid maintenance that they could fleece their players instead of spawning a needed creature…

and on top of Rodrigues Solitaire being in the shop, it is always extremely overpriced
not only just for a mobile game but in general

this game was originally made for you to go out and dart now all it wants is for you to pay tons and if you don’t those who have to get treated well So Ludia I AM Begging you to please listen to the community.

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If you think the $48 is bad…
I present to you Australian pricing :pensive:. I mean I never buy these things anyway because they’re way overpriced but still, you can buy Elden Ring or something for that.


Looks great for the top 100 players!

Golden incubator

50 of each FIP

3 FIP x 54(?) DNA x 50 = 2700 DNA

2500 Rare DNA

Blue x 1 incubator

500 Rare DNA

Blue x 3 incubator

1500 Rare DNA

Totaly ~ 7200 DNA

Lets see how fast things goes this time…

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That poster has been used before

You think that yours is expensive mines $100

Eee phoruRex decel resistance is always 50 %, they never change it.


I Think We Will Have This
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Без названия - 2022-04-20T152934.889


I don’t know if these have been resolved, but here are some glitches from the last update that are weird to me:

  1. Opponent loses a turn in battles sometimes in Campaign battles

  2. If you go on a losing streak of 3 - 5 battles the next battle will be commons at levels 1 - 5 ???


Maiming wound has a cooldown, what’s it’s strike?


That was my point:

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If you’re referring to spino 3, then Sidestep counts. It’s the same on a creature like Ankylodactylus.

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Nope I’m taking about indoraptor gen 3


Maybe I’m remembering incorrctly? I could have swore it was 75% but it’s very possible I am confused :rofl:

Pls no more.



has no one talked about Low Tide on Ankylodactylus does not give the 10% speed up, I know it may seem pretty insignificant but I use it on my actual team and it would actually make the biggest of differences in some battles

I reported it back when it came out - no acknowledgement from Ludia :cry:


Still no response from them? :frowning: hopefully they’ll see it now