[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15

Thanks Chrono and Somedinoguy! The team has been informed.


i bought elden ring played 5 minutesw fell asleep did my benchmarkign and now its on a shelf :stuck_out_tongue: but yes the whole thing is overpriced

Still no shame at all.


It’s cheap when you compare the price in Europe where it is sold 114,99 € ($124.40)!


the price isnt really my issue. its the fact that the rare was supposed to be a wild spawn, but ludia changed it last minute during maintenance, then proceeded to sell it and they hybrid in the shop before any events. no shame and blatant greed.


Did you really expect an update without a new event-exclusive creature? Ludia has been doing the same thing at every update. I was surprised when I saw that Rodrigues would be spawning in the wild but things soon returned to normal :rofl:

@Ned can we please have some information about this new rare, atm i feel like the community is just getting ignored.
Do the game developers understand how people are feeling about this bait and switch idea.
For a couple of days people have been talking about this and yet 0 response.
Not hating just want to know if the information has been sent to the team.


165 aussie to buy into the op flock game so i guess the rich folk will be blasting us with ittime to look for even more counters whens enough enough…Dith the bear and throw the blue flock out i say.

Hey MattCrad01, my apologies for the late response. It’s definitely not our intention to make our DPG members feel like they’re being ignored.

I understand the community’s feeling towards the change of Rodrigues Solitaire being an Event Exclusive, and the feedback we’ve gathered has been forwarded to our team.


Thank you for replying and passsing on the message to the team :pray:
I would say that your response was decently quick though :joy: posted the comment on Saturday and you replied in 1 working day.


The game doesn’t work very well! The map freezes a lot (and the game too). Catching dinosaurs has become impossible. A few updates ago the game worked much better. There were no such glitches. Please fix a major bug in a game focused on CATCHING dinosaurs. Thank you.


Exactly. “Fix the good bugs Ludia! That’s what we all want!”:roll_eyes:


No that is normal i just assume for the commons they are a dropper and in campaign it is a free turn

so take advantage of that


Its not a dropper…its a bot. How I know ? Because it acts like a bot.

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