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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.2

That sonosaurus hybrid is gonns take forever to make

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It should have it because it used to have it and it helped, and a lot of creatures I have been seeing use cunning and distraction moves

When did it have distraction immunity? Cunning and Distractors are the natural counter

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Idk when specifically but t-loph had distraction immunity when thyla had stun immunity

Monomimius and Gemini i think had some hate. Monomimus was kinda winning a lot in the legends tourney. Gemini was potentially going to be the Ardent-freak of 2.1 so Ludia pre-emptive struck it a bit.

Tuoramoloch was too helpful in Raids so that has to be nerfed. Cant have players winning Raids on the first try via skill no?

No, it never had it, and it shouldn’t. It’s 1800 attack on a creature with DSR. The only thing worse than that is 1.14 moth


Please tell me the date and time when you mentanace severs… Many time I miss many game because I don’t known the time just only the date… Your game is cover around the world players…

It never had that. Dilo G2 did, so some people suggested that it should, but it didn’t actually.

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T-loph did have distraction immunity. I only say to bring it back because of the nerfs it has been receiving

And I see too many cunning creatures in the arena being used and it has become a little difficult to use Allosinosarus, Tyrannolophosaurus, Thorodolosaurus, etc. I know it had the immunity because I came up against one a bit back, and it destroyed my proceratomimus because of the immunity and how boosted it was, and I threw my phone on the floor in frustration and broke my phone.

When will the update happen

im a little sad that ludia put no effort into making andrewsarchus unique… but it makes sense because it isnt a dog, it isnt even a hyaenodont

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Monday (Today) or Tuesday

I agree with you…
But all those nerf were uneeded.
This update destroy the baby i lvl to 30 :brontotherium…
I think he was nerfed because too efficient in raids aswell.

Kinda feel happy about the Vexus health nerf. That thing should not have more health than Daryx. (Though I still think they could have done it another way and given Daryx it’s 4500 health back instead)

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Dude, it’s never has distraction immunity, I just checked the notes

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If your having issues with cunning creatures I kinda think your from some alternate reality.

But just pick some resilient Dino’s to deal with cunning… it’s what their made for.


When is the 2.2 update coming ?.

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If I had to guess, October 27th as they usually update on tuesdays (in america at least), and the Indoraptor boss comes out the next day