[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.3

it will not be scentable. only stuff in long range classification will be scentable from here on out. you really need to be out and about to find Para Lux.

Ludia makes herself more ridiculous with every new update🤦🏼‍♂️


Now Tryo and Indo is kinda useless against new apex couse of removeing passives so idk how this new apex raid will go

The 21 dezember

monolo is fine.

I’ve done it Ideas on how to make Poukandactylus actually viable

Hopefully it doesn’t get merged.


Wen the update

Well thats kinda uhm su*k since we are still in quarantine couse of this pandemic and thouse who dont have car are pretty much gonna not get it. So for me it would make sense if they would add it at least in a scent. Just so its rare to get but at least add it couse this is too bad.


Mmm no. you are very very very wrong


IKR!? Did It even need a nerf in the first place? Come on…
Honestly i didn’t see anything in the creature updates getting a good change, they were all bad or at the very least meh. Most were nerfs on already weak creatures or unnecessary nerfs on good creatures like Orion and nemys. Really disappointing.


I created a thread that suggested how to improve to smilonemys but they just passed it where they least fell

I think it was specifically added to get people to go out and hunt. I can understand that, but I’m also worried about the short vs long range in general. Which existing creatures might become short-range exclusives, and how much lower will the long-range epic spawn rates be? I don’t want them to use this as an excuse to make some dinos harder to obtain. They’ve already shown that their “harder to obtain = better” rule is meaningless with Poukandactylus.


We know it’s dropping before December 9th for the Erlikogamma boss. How much sooner, we don’t know.

i think the long vs short can work for these special creatures like Para Lux. anything else is a no go as a short exclusive.

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ludia allows epic dinos donations, please

Only people who want to complete the dino dex will hunt it. It has qn exclusive component and its not even worth using in pvp. Raids maybe, but not pvp

I agree. I like the idea of having to go and track down rare dinosaurs. It reminds me of shiny hunting in pokemon go. But I don’t want my bread and butter epics to get the same treatment.

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Pteravexus and Stgydaryx exist too

said bird, not flying reptile

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Ya but they are more tactical. Poukie isnt