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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.5


It’s update time! In this version we focused on bringing you new features such as an updated Achievement system and a more personalized Jurassic World Alive experience. If you’re as hyped as we are, read on for more details!

What’s new in Update 2.5:

  • Achievements 2.0
  • Tutorial 2.0
  • Badges and Profile Pictures
  • Player Titles
  • Improved Profiles
  • Known Issues


The achievements system has been rebuilt from the ground up. But don’t worry as the original achievements that were there in the 1.0 Achievements system are all still functional, just like before.

The new system comes with 300+ new in-game achievements for players to discover and complete. These achievements are not tied to your Google Play/Game Center login.With new achievements come new rewards for a fresh experience.

The Achievements Tab has been moved to the far left in the DPG Icon interface. You can access it by selecting the Icon in the top right corner of the main HUB.

Achievements are separated into 5 categories indicating what part of the game they can be found in. A filter system can be used to view one or more categories of achievements at the same time.


For new players the tutorial has been re-coded completely with a smoother flow and revamped order.
Claire and Owen are still the stars of this show and they continue to do their utmost at helping new DPG members get their bearings and get Jurassic.


Profiles have been made over! Enjoy a sleek new layout, designed to showcase DPG progress and team creatures:

  • Keep track of the Badges you collect by tapping on your profile picture edit button, or access the Recently Collected Badges section to see your latest accomplishments.
    • Want a Badge your friend has? Tap the Badges displayed in the Recently Collected Badges section of their profile to find out how it can be collected.
  • You may also track the Titles you collect by tapping on your Title edit button. Show off your DPG experience by personalizing your profile!


Show off your DPG accomplishments with Badges! Collect a variety of Badges by completing certain Events and Achievements. Once a Badge is collected it can even be used as your profile picture.

Not to worry nostalgic DPG members! Previous Icons can still be used as profile pictures.


What kind of DPG member are you? Let the others know by assigning yourself one of the Titles you have collected! Collect a variety of Titles by completing certain Events and Achievements. Once a Title is collected it can be added to your profile. Access your profile and select 1 Title to represent you.


Please note no creature balancing will occur for this update in preparation for planned rebalancing that will take place in the next future upcoming updates.

Stay tuned!


Known Issues

Don’t worry, these issues are still being investigated to be fixed!

  • Apple device players may receive offline / push notifications while online.
  • Raid boss disappears if the player darts a creature within its radius.
  • All creatures appear too dark in the Radar map on older Apple model devices.
  • Users may not be able to place creatures in Sanctuaries after using them in other contexts.
  • Icons and buttons are all displayed on screen after a drone session or opening incubators on a 1 gig Apple device.
  • Expired DNA Donation Requests Remain in Alliance Chat.
  • Android users will have to manually turn on Location settings if they reinstall the game.
  • Android location permission is not asked when installing the game then logging into an account that completed the tutorial.

A note on data collecting
We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in our numerous surveys and providing us with constructive feedback on our forums and social channels. We believe in player feedback and although changes rarely occur immediately, the very tangible data we collect, especially from our surveys, help guide us on our roadmaps and future optimizations.


As much as this doesn’t have any new creatures, this looks like an awesome update that maybe will revive parts of the game a little bit.

But where’s my Monolometrodon nerf :sob:


its so small


What about Corythosaurus and Ceratosaurus?


Oh look. Monolophosaurus can now be level 2


This is quite disappointing for an update overall :disappointed:


I mean, the stuff that they did add sounds great, but I guess I was expecting a lot more


Good additions, just no bug fixes


Oh come on no new creatures? Is this an April fools joke?


quite a small update. but 300+ new achievements that give more rewards is cool.
and it looks like the interface got a bit of a revamp. new profile images and titles.
not quite a QoL update, but it’s something. a bit of personal customization


This isn’t even a update. Couldn’t you added this like blood?


Well then, kinda bummed out about no creatures, but other stuff like the new achievements and profile things seems nice, but really hoped for more since the last update was so small


Wow…what a disappointing update.
Most of us expected massive creature balancing, but instead everything remains the same.
Only good thing is the tons of new achievements we’ll be getting.


Great… that’s exactly everything nobody asked for…



Yes it does

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Eh, kind of small, but I guess it could be worse

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Consider that last update as supposedly small but they gave at least some new creatures; this basically a worse update :joy:

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So there’s nothing bad about this update, but there doesn’t seem to be much impacting the game this update either. I guess this isn’t the update where we get “bigger and more exciting things”.

Honestly, couldn’t Ludia have just combined this into the 2.4 update? Two small updates in a row isn’t very exciting.