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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.5

It’s not really luck, you just have to figure out what fulfills each achievement through trial and error. For puzzle achievements, they give you the name of the achievements as a hint, and you have to figure out how to complete them. For the mystery achievements, you get nothing, so those are a bit more luck based, but they still happen for specific reasons. I’d kind of like to know how to get them though. It seems like the mystery achieved are all “map” type achievements, so you’ll probably get them automatically just by darting dinos and spinning stops.

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I love, love, love this Game. Only been playing about 3 weeks. Can’t get enough of it. Thanks for all the extra achievement awards.


hi guys I’m new

I must admit, doing these achievement missions are more fun than expected. Even if the rewards aren’t to great, I still enjoy trying to complete them all. Hope there are some challenging ones that don’t take me 10 minutes to complete though lol

There is a puzzle achivment but I figured it out. You have to _____________________________________ amount of DNA

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There are some longer achivments

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win a season pvp battle with ankylosaurus as your last creature.

These Achivments are actually pretty interesting.

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they will be added eventually, just be patient, i think universal studios are in charge of telling ludia what creatures are added and when

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ludia also has to get the approval from universal studios for any and all creatures they want to add to the game as well as approval for any and all hybrid designs and names that ludia comes up with

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ludia has to get permission from universal studios to add any kind of creatures into jurassic world alive no matter what, even if universal studios already gave permission and green lit creatures, hybrid designs and names to be added to jurassic world the game

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So I think… I think you’re trying to tell us that Ludia has to get permission from Universal Studios before they add creatures… but I may be way off here.


ludia DOES have to get permission for any and all prehistoric creatures before adding the jwa and the same goes for all hybrids because they have to show universal studios the hybrids and the hybrids names for approval before they can make them, also, I’m sure universal studios are the ones who chooses what creatures get added every time new creatures get added

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I’m not sure Universal cares enough to insist on every creature that gets added to the game (like “you guys MUST add Amphicyon in the next update!”). That said, I’m sure they influence some of the movie and TV show tie-in dinos. I could see Ludia having to clear their descisions with Universal first, but I don’t think Universal is putting much effort into micro-managing this game.


I think it’s just if it’s canon, otherwise they don’t care


For my team the raid problem doesn’t fix … again we have to restart the app all the time … and you?

The update doesn’t fix any raids problem for us …

According to the Ludia blog Universal is an active partner in the development of this game. They even go to mention the Universal event that got all the flack on here as a joint effort. But also mention it’s more of a collaboration then a lot of their other titles.

Thats good to see, though I still think it’s unrealistic for them to micromanage all the little aspects of the game. Like they say there, it’s about trust, and a production company has to trust their game developers to deliver a quality product without constant oversight.

Given Universal’s horrid creature design in canon JW. I doubt they ever put any say (and they never should) to the creatures that Ludia added.

I actually quit PoGo because the game was horribly boring. Spent money but didn’t get the sense of getting my money’s worth.

Maybe the cosmetic stuff was a turnoff. Extra raid passes were being given like free.candy so didn’t feel I needed to spend.

I dunno how PoGo makes money since you actually dun have so spend to play the game and money has 0 value in the long run. You dun need to buy to hit the plateau and that comes very early.