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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.6

Its about time we got new creatures. Im just worried Andrew is gonna be better than its hybrid


Not sure how I feel about continental creatures, but we’ll have to see.

I appreciate them kinda addressing the crit reduction bug, but the bug was in how the reduction was calculated, not the dinos’ resistance level itself. A proper fix would have involved fixing the calculation itself, not setting every critical reduction resistance to either 0% or 100%.


Yeah I am being somewhat sarcastic, but overall a pretty good update


This update, to be completely honest, is actually decent (except for no monolometrodon nerf) and has some good things to it. Lots of changes and the new dinos seem interesting enough. I do feel like the regional spawns isn’t a great idea.


Ready to set my alarm clock for every 6 hours.


I think the extra health, armour, and vulnerability on Andrewtodon will make it a very potent epic hybrid, especially in epic tournaments. The low speed may be an issue though


Really hope those continental creatures rotate cause being stuck with Struthi out of those 3 really sucks.


Not a fan of how Ludia has been adding to geolocation lately. Continental spawns are not great but at least they are not the garbage mechanic that is short range spawning.


The requests things are awesome. New creatures seem cool. Creature updates, still very lame. But what I reaaally want to know about is boost reset


I feel like if they’re going to give us continent-exclusive epic dinos, they should let us donate epic DNA every day.


Everything is good for once but two controversies here
1.i feel that continental spawns are a bit unfair havent fixed the crit reduction Bug.i see it like this:
,because we couldnt fix the crit reduction Bug that has been here since 2.0 we decided to take off the crit resistance from some creatures”lazy
Other than that i can be finally proud of

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Alliances where the majority are based in the US are going to be an experience and a half next week too what with epic requests and sancs.


Interesting, I’m a bit iffy on a new raid boss, but that might be fun.

Epic requests, FINALLY. Also kind of odd that they nodded the request limit.

Sanc changes are a bit weird.

Distraction change because why?

I like the new counter attacks

SR changes is good, but don’t get why it’s still a worse RR

Antarco is weird, I can’t tell if it was buffed or nerfed

A lot of Crit Reduction resistance stuff, idk why

Poukan looks nice, and Lania looks like a beast

The continent exclusives are nice, but kind of odd that their all cunning creatures

Tsin looks like it’ll be awesome in lower raids, excited for it’s eventual hybrid

Andrew hybrid kind of weird, can’t tell if it’s good or bad, tho why no speed control?

Glad that some bug fixes were done, but any news on alliance chat? Unless you didn’t highlight that

Edit: Also nothing on Rixis, Rhino, Magnus,
Mono or the state of the arena? Just wondering what’s up?



Listening…well if you’re still unaware of the game actual stand, the top priority is the revamp of arena that has been asked since 2.0 dropped basically as it was a complete failure.

Second, you have received an incredible amount of negative feedbacks regarding the short-range dinos introduction and you’re actually adding new creatures now locked behind a continent. We understand that it is to spread the spawns and is indeed for the longer term. Nevertheless, the point is that it’s once again not the time in a global pandemic nor the priority to add such new content. In addition, you’re again gifting those to spoofers as we are still witnessing known spoofers dodging any consequences for breaking your TOS.

Again, the game doesn’t need new content right now. It needs you to start working on all the bugs, quality of life updates, the arena revamp and rebalancing coming along a boost reshuffle. This is what is affecting our daily gameplay !
Many dedicated players are running out of patience and it’s about time you realize it before you loose your paying customers !


2 player raids will be interesting as well as the alerts, continental creatures idk about, seems like a rather odd idea to me since I can see no way of unlocking creatures on other continents unless they’re in weekly events or if someone places it in a sanctuary but we’ll see. Epic DNA sundays, I can already see people spamming diplo and other epics so that’ll be something. I like the new creatures, and a few of the nerfs were odd and buffs were good, missing metrodon rixis and some sort of swapper nerf, as well as arena fix. Looking forward to this, hoped for more since the last updates were kinda dull but we’ll see. Just hope this doesn’t take 5+ hours and our compensation reward is a title again


Mostly good news but still waiting on fix for friends list not loading, not showing friends’ trophy score, several raid lobby/invite bugs, and chat messages are not sorted by recent sometimes.

Also waiting on yearly free stat refund.


A lot of good stuff here! Great update! I always wanted to see rares included as raid bosses for casual fun. I would love to see Tuojiango as one of those bosses. I’m pretty excited about being able to request epic dna!


The request system rework is super good, it’ll help massively with my grind for testa and eremoceros.


Tuesday is gonna be super busy

While I always love new creatures we have yet another epic cunning thats immune to distraction but horrible against any slowing move