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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.6

I got all but stegoceras. Using the sanctuary for the ones not in america. I still need to find another stegoceras

Next real update is update 2.7 [release notes]:

New Creatures:

Без названия (7)
Без названия (9)

Без названия (8)
Без названия (6)

Без названия (5)
Без названия (2)

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Без названия (10)

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And shouldn’t stegoceras be a wild card it has cunning strike which makes it cunning it has a critical impact which also makes it a fierce and its instant charge is a resilient but ludia classify it as a cunning fierce but it is not true because it has all the class ability’s it just like they forgot the instant charge and made it a cunning fierce

I think ludia seems to consider stun to be class neutral, which makes sense given how it’s resistances are all over the place. Many stun immune dinos are cunning, which wouldn’t make sense if it really was resilient.

I personally consider Stegoceras to be pure cunning. Crit chance increases are definitely fierce, but they aren’t that fierce, not like something like defense shattering or bleed. That’s especially true for critical impact, which only does a guaranteed critical hit on a single turn (basically just a 1.875x damage attack). So given that cunning strike is the most class-associated move it has, and given it’s immunity to Distraction, I think that pure cunning fits it best.


heyyyyyyyyy its my drawing! pls credit if u use it for something like that


Yeah crit chance is a very minor fierce atribute

Like oviraptorids are more like 95% cunning and 5% fierce cause of the crit chance, the exact same aplies to stegoceras(but only to a slightly lesser extent)

Same with tsintao, in my opinion a ferocity move that basicly gives u an impact and 1 boosted attack is not enough to make it fierce resilient or wildcard

But i guess cleansing would be class neutral so it’s wildcard status may come from that?

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I feel like for Tsintaosaurus Fierce-Resilient works. Cleansing probably is class neutral, so those don’t really count. That leaves Ferocity and healing. Ferocity is a minor fierce ability, and a bit more significant than critical impact since it lasts multiple turns (and affects your whole team). Since cunning attacks remove attack and crit chance increases (only those that last multiple turns), it’s definitely still fierce though. Healing has been stated by Ludia in tips to be resilient, but it’s probably a minor resilient trait since many non-resilient dinos have healing abilities. So it has one minor fierce ability, one minor resilient ability, and no cunning abilities. That makes it a sort of mini Fierce-Resilient.


instant charge can be found on every type of creature. Thoradolasaur for a fierce, utarinex for a cunning and then stygimoloch for a resilient. So instant charge doesnt belong to just 1 class of creature so cunning fierce makes since because instant charge is a wildcard/nuetral move.

I like the idea but its very simalr to the legendary tyrostonix but thats ok. This version can be used in pvp or raids. I like creatures that are like that, but you would need a postometrodon gen 2 using dimeterodon gen 2 and postosuchus gen 2.