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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.6

Whys everyone complaining about monolo and her needing a nerf? It’s pretty easy to counter it to begin with.


Rare raid boss is ok, don’t really care. Continental Creatures is an interesting idea, i wonder how much epic DNA we can trade. The other changes for DNA reqeusting are great. Sanctuary changes are only interesting for beginners. Buffs for the weaker uniques are great. New dinos are cool, hope to get them soon through donations. Sadly not that many bug fixes


Wow. 4 epics at once? That never happened. Still no ceratosaurus though but otherwise this update is awesome

Quickly read through, continent execlusives are gonna be intresting…, to say the least.

It has a bit too much attack and health but other than that its good

Epic DNA requests! LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!! :grin:

Yey dracoceratops was left alone :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
(I love dracoceratops don’t judge me)
The rest is fine :smiley:


You can see why mono is in need of a nerf by checking out the many mono nerf threads mainly pointing out how she’s a bit overpowered for her rarity and ancestry and needs a minor nerf to be more counterable


Monolometrodon is seriously overpowered especially when you take a look at rarity and hybrid components

What does this mean?

Absolutely hate continental creatures… Many alliances pride themselves in being from the same country… I guess it’s time to brush up our foreign languages…


It means the creature will only spawn on those continents excluding events.

So i can’t get rinchenia unless someone from my alliance who lives there puts him in a sanctuary?

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Yep, that or they end up in weekly events, so I am gonna have to keep checking sanctuaries for the other ovi or struthiomimus all the time

That, donations on sunday and events. Its basically an exclusive creature if you dont live there.

Patience folks, we may be getting our Monolometerodon, Rhino, etc. changes farther down the line. I’m just glad they buffed Antarctovenator, Entelolania, and Poukandactylus.


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Yeah that got me too, it’s basically fierce. It’s only resilient ability is vulnerability, which just let’s it do more damage. It doesn’t even have a ton of armor, only 15%?


They buffed monolorhino but didn’t buffed monolometrodon and wolly rino

no need for them to buff those 2 though

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