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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.7

Ты забыл сказать что дротики они у нас отобрали! Теперь больше нормы не набрать, купить за баксы это жирно. Так что в скором времени мы будем едва ли делать ежедневные задания, а задачи альянса будут сверхъестественными

Translated from Russian

You forgot to say that they took the darts from us! Now you can’t get more than the norm, buying for bucks is bold. So soon we will hardly be doing daily tasks, and the tasks of the alliance will be supernatural

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Look, from what I saw from the update (2.7) I don’t regret having uninstalled the game. To this day, Spinotasuchus and others in the family have not received the buff they deserve, it is still poorly optimized, and, according to my brother, it is still full of bugs. Disappointed Ludia, again.

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Having recently unlocked spinotasuchus I can see where you’re coming from.

I think I know you. Are you from dino tyme world alliance ?

Yep. That’s me. Although it’s Dino Time World now lol. Good to see you gaming raptor

When does 2.8 come out?

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Thank you verso much