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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.8

For update 2.9 there should be new creatures and hybrids

Introducing Early Cretaceous sauropods



Sauroposeidon + Sauropelta

Nigernuqsaurus - legendary
Nigersaurus + Nanuqsaurus

Edmontochenia -legendary
Edmontosaurus + Rinchenia

Brachioseidon - Unique

Poseidopelta + Brachiosaurus

The gigantic Giraffatitan boss raid will arrive as a Thursday Boss.


Hey @User239 why did you like that post it was flagged and it had foul language you should have like that post when I said

They added many creatures I wanted and they made scorpions rex and the first gen 3 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :wolf:

Ludia should be add Ceratosaurus

I actually kinda like this. Would buff health to 4200 and damage to 1100. Also it should be a cunning resilient. But overall I like this concept.

Why is it a cunning and not a resilient

It doesn’t have to be a resilient if that’s what your getting at, the way the user designed this cerato is in the cunning aspect, I’d imagine itd be a fierce

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Same here with fierce

I agree that it should be based on how the user designed it, and they can design it to be anything. But shields typically designate the resilient class (see Tupandactylus), so it should be Cunning-Resilient.


Agreed, I just sometimes keep in mind how weird ludia is with classes in general and gives something like a resilient a fierce move and still making it only resilient.


True. If they can’t be consistent with themselves, why should we?

Could we please get a clarification on whether the friend requests reset after time or whether they are limited to just 3? Thank you.

Why does it say haast maximus is resilient when it’s clear that its cunning?

Where does it say it is resilient?

On Saturday when you look at its stats the badge is the resilient one unless its just a glitch wich it’s most likely to be that