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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.8

kinda like Ardontosaurus but with a flatter mouth! :rofl:


Cool looking update loving the new abilities and the dart thing. Is it retroactive? Also Where is my Ceratosaurus? :sadface

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Im kinda hoping some of the new dinos change the meta

Crazy how relatively dead the discussion can be when there’s no creature updates.


Im ok with weekend raids, gives people like me who dont do tournaments as much something to do. I would like them to make it so weekends can be a “make up day” for ones you missed during the week due to time zone issues and work. dont add too many NEW raids. maybe just the apex

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So wen the update happen

I think Tuesday


I wonder what the Scorpius Rex’s might look like?


I always was kind of relieved to have 3 days off from raiding, but now they start filling Fri-Sun as well to force people to play literally every day to grind apex dna. I’d rather like more raids from Mon-Thu and not raid 365 days a year


Totally agree with this

There are so many people who work and have a family so raiding weekdays is so much harder for them than taking 15 minutes out of a Saturday and a Sunday to do a raid.

Everything with a game like this is down to each person to do what they are comfortable with though. If people don’t want to raid, simple… don’t raid! Don’t want to dart, or do tourneys, or do pvp again, don’t then! No one is forcing anyone to do any more than they want to do.

If it’s not worth spending 15 minutes to do a raid at the weekend then that’s absolutely fine. But please don’t complain that the raid shouldn’t be there in the first place. That makes no sense at all.


I actually want to first say “Why?”
Since it’s “revamping” Bajadasaurus and the Bajatondon line is underwhelming, bordering on paperweight status, when compared to other creatures that fits it’s role. Does this mean it will be improved or is the dev team making this a raid mob, because they think it is under utilized due to the fact not that not too many have its DNA, because it is not that easy to shoot?
I really don’t see people wanting to do this raid creature for any particular reason. I have never seen anybody in my alliance requests it’s DNA since it was “revamped”
I am hoping this guy does not have a huge range like the soon to be retired Megalosuchu

Mabey Apex Bajadasaurus will come with a better group heal and even a group emergency heal.

I tried using Bajadasaurus for a healer but it was getting picked on because of its higher hit points and would die over using Diloranosaurus.

wake me up, because after 2 years and a hundred posts i can’t believe i read this. :scream: :scream: :scream:


this update i will avoid complaining about old bug fixes because of this change in matchmaker. this is jwa collecting a reward from me, lol.


I may be a bit dumb by asking but what does that exactly mean?

So we are going back to trophy based matchmaking. That’s fine with me.

This is going to be RAWRSOMELY EPIC!!!

now i have to change to another request…
let me quote myself:

All Allies & Self: Gain Shield 50% for 4 attacks for this turn. Gain 20% Critical Chance for 2 turns. Gain 25% Damage increase for 2 turns.
Highest Speed Opponent: Reduce Speed 50% for 2 turns.
Cooldown: 3.

dino’s info now can have a whole book of information to check (ludia already gave us a scroll to that panel). and since we now have a billion dinos able to face in battles, no way to memorize enough to not having troubles with checking things and planning next move in 15 seconds.

What does quill impact do


Got around to doing the new creature-sketch-prediction things for update 2.8!
These are gonna be based on all I could get from their cards and in-game creatures, and I would color but don’t have my coloring tools atm

Mammoth thing, all I could get for sure was that it was basically a mammoth with a dorito stuck in its head. Other than that, I’d assume its very colorful and has more dino skin on its feet instead of fur.

From what I could tell this thing uses the buff lizard model, and was just the buff lizard with a dog face and I would guess it has fur.

This looks horrifying, I am so sorry, but this is what the card I think is meant to look like. Seems to be the dog model, and so I just gave it the head based off what i see in the card, I’d assume it has some patches of hair here and there as seen on the card, and it may have a short tail. I think it uses the dog animation which I think means it can use that tail, idk

And then there’s this thing, which I assume has the dog model and is basically what the andrew+doedicurus is

The rodan bird has been leaked so I don’t really see the point in drawing it, but I did do the snek!
Looking at its card, one of its fangs are definately visible, and by looking at its back I think I see large scale looking things, and so I’d assume it has similar scales all over its body(except the head and underbellie), and I think they would be larger near the face as the description does say the scales near the head grow larger after each shed