[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Wish Update 2.11 [Fan-Made]

The Cretaceous Update!

Update 2.11 brings many interesting Creatures from the wonderful Cretaceous Period back to Jurassic World Alive ! This update also brings new creatures, abilities, bosses, and other improvements to the game!

What’s New:

  • New Daily Logins!
  • New Creatures
  • Creatures Update
  • New Ability
  • Ability Update
  • New Raid Boss
  • Special Event
  • New Achievement
  • Boost Resets

Go to “Market” you’ll see the “Daily Logins” icon Button, click on it so it will pass you to Daily Logins Lobby.

Daily Login Reward
  • Day 1 to 6:
    100 coins + 10 Cash
  • Day 7:
    300 coins + 20 Cash
  • Day 8 to 13:
    100 coins + 1 random Sanctuary items + 10 Cash
  • Day 14:
    1 Common Incubator (contain 500 coins + 30 Cash)
  • Day 14 to 20:
    200 coins + 2 random Sanctuary items + 10 Cash
  • Day 21:
    1 Rare Incubator (contains 1000 coins, 40 Cash, 3 random Sanctuary items, 200 Common DNA, 50 Rare DNA)
  • Day 22 to 27:
    300 coins + 3 Random Sanctuary items
  • Day 28:
    1 Rare Incubator (contains 1000 coins, 50 Cash, 3 random Sanctuary items, 500 Common DNA, 50 Rare DNA)
  • Day 29:
    1 Common Incubator (contain 500 coins, 30 Cash, 50 Common DNA)
    *Day 30:
    1 Epic Incubator (contain 2000 coins, 100 Cash, 10 random Sanctuary Items, 1000 Common DNA, 200 Rare DNA, 50 Epic DNA)

Reward Note

  • VIP will get 50% more of the Reward.
  • Double the month 1 Reward in month 3
  • Double the month 3 Reward in month 6
  • Double the month 6 Reward in month 12
  • Every reward Double will back to Zero after 1 years even 365 Day in a row.


Microceratus - Common

health3600 damage1250 speed127 armor0% crit15%

The tiny Microceratus belonged to the Ceratopsian, a group of herbivorous dinosaurs with the Iconic Parrot-like beaks which thrived in North America and Asia during the Cretaceous Period.

  • Microceratus is a Flock of Cunning&Resilient.
  • use Microceratus’ Determined Strike to deal a Precise vulnerable damage, it’s Impact can also deal a slowing damage to against Cunning creatures.

Determined Strike
C__8cGqjr0xDsTuAb4neNiayzUhha71hazRdMV35H4G8AYj_DLJ6PZyDpSRzsu6X8MK3Oim-sIPVbzW7ilVmNXQrLLA14sMoFSDpDevLPmGrmmeN55_dYK0it3oPuCKQbSwCUPuy Superiority Impact

Dodge_Reinforce_Heal Icon_Thresholdswap-in Alert The Flock



health4500 damage1500 speed104 armor0% crit40%

Daspletosaurus is one of the Tyrannosaurus family where them all are on Top of the food chains. Following DPG Article, the Daspletosaurus hunt in a large herd just like Wolf! and they have a smart strategy to ambush a giant prey.

  • Daspletosaurus is a Fierce Cretaceous predators.
  • swap to Daspletosaurus to trigger it’s Ferocity buff so you can make the priority Killer Instinct deal even more damage!

fierce_strike Fierce Strike
defense_shattering_impactpriority Killer Instinct
ferocityswap-in Swap In Ferocity


Citipati - Rare

health2500 damage1400 speed131 armor0% crit15%

This Tiny sweethearts lived in Asia during the Late Cretaceous Period, about 75 million to 71 million years ago. It is mainly known from the Ukhaa Tolgod locality at the Djadokhta, where the first remains were collected during the 1990s

  • Citipati is a Cunning, Heavy Hit and Runner.
  • Use Citipati’ Critical Sidestep to outlast Fierce opponents and also guaranteed a Critical hit on next turn.

devious_strike Devious Strike
critical_sidesteppriority Critical Sidestep
impact_and_run Impact And Run

Không Có Tiêu Đề8_20210916162508

Parasaurolophus Gen 2 - Rare

health4750 damage1100 speed104 armor5% crit5%

Parasaurolophus is known from three certain species, Walkeri, Tubicen, and Cyrtocristatus and All of them can be distinguished from each other, and have many difference.

  • Parasaurolophus Gen 2 is a Resilient cleaners
  • use Parasaurolophus Gen 2’ Total Cleansing Strike can against crafty Flock creatures without the affect of Distraction, use the Alert Heal and Cleansing Rampage at the right time can reverse the table!

group_cleansing_strike Total Cleansing Strike
Untitled13_20210913081406-1priority Group Alert Heal
cleansing_rampage Cleansing Rampage

Không Có Tiêu Đề22_20210917015609

Corythosaurus - Epic

health4300 damage1350 speed112 armor0% crit5%

The most likely function of the crest is thought to be vocalization. As in a trombone, sound waves would travel through many chambers in the crest, and then get amplified when Corythosaurus exhaled.

  • Corythosaurus is a Resilient Group supporter.
  • the useful Counter of Corythosaurus can help you keep attack your opponents while you Heal and Buff attack which deal no damages.

group_cleansing_strike Group Cleansing Strike
Untitled13_20210913081406-1priority Group Alert Heal
group_takedownpriority Group Ferocity
definite_vulner_counter Medium Resilient Counter-Attack


Toro - Epic

health 4250 damage1350 speed107 armor0% crit20%

Toro is very persistent while hunting, and would stop only if it’s actually impossible for him to kill his prey.

  • Toro is a Wildcard, Deadly Counter-Attackers.
  • use Toro’ Ferocious Strike first to increase your attack, If the Victim hit you, their will loose 50% of their Max hp!

Determined Strike
Khong_Co_Tieu_e10_20210914022154 Bully Impact
group_ferocity_strike Ferocious Strike
rending_counter_attack Greater Rending Counter


Daspletruthios - Legendary
Hybrid components: Daspletosaurus + Struthiomimus

The innocence look of this Hybrid causes other creatures to mistake it for the Struthiomimus. this Tricky, Smart and Fierce hybrid uses its disguise to move unnoticed amongst its prey and will Ambush when the time is comes…

  • Daspletruthios is a Cunning&Fierce predators.
  • use Daspletruthios’ multiple Dodge and Distraction to against Fierce opponents, use the Killer Instinct at the right time can sweetly finish off your opponents.

health4050 damage1600 speed109 armor0% crit25%

a7b353a536e26947f0fd0fcfbb4e865cd428e332-1 Daring Strike
defense_shattering_impactpriority Killer Instinct
evasive_rampage Evasive Rampage
D8A02C85-C8D0-4D1F-A767-8B76B5894AB5priority Group Distraction
dodgeswap-in Swap In Dodge
crit_strike Collision


Phoenipradas - Unique
Hybrid components: Alankylosaurus + Albertosaurus

health3750 damage1400 speed125 armor0% crit25%

“Phoenix praedae” roughly mean “Phoenix of Prey” in Greek, Telling the Fierce behaviour It get from it’s Tyrannosaurid component the Albertosaurus.

  • Phoenipradas is a Fierce&Resilient Tank, Fatal Killers of the Skies.
  • use Phoenipradas’ Heavy Strike first to deal a Armor Piercing Damage while also make your opponents become vulnerable which make your Fierce Alert even more Powerful. swap to Phoenipradas will trigger it’s Invincibility which can avoid all direct damage!

heavystrike Heavy Strike
long_invincibility Long Invincibility
fiercealertIcon_Threshold Fierce Alert
resilient_rampage Resilient Rampage
definite_vulner_counter Medium Resilient Counter-Attack
invincibilityswap-in Swap In Invincibility



  • Cunning Strike changed to Daring Strike
  • Armor Piercing Rampage changed to Defense Shattering Rampage
  • Evasive Stance changed to Restricted Ambush


  • Remove Counter Power Heal
  • Cleansing Decelerating Impact changed to Superior Impact


  • Greater Rending Counter changed to Rending Counter
  • Added 25% Reduced Damage Resistance.
  • Animation Set from “Indoraptor Basic” changed to “Spinosaurus Basic”.


  • Spawn Schedule will changed from “Friday - Everywhere” to “Everytime - Everywhere” as a player pleasure.


  • Instant Group Distraction Impact changed to Group Distraction Impact (Restricted Group Distraction)
  • Basic Health from 5850 reduced to 5650


  • Swap In Stunning Strike changed to Swap In Head Butt

Parasaurolophus Lux

  • Group Cleansing Strike changed to Total Cleansing Strike
  • Lesser Group Heal changed to Group Alert Heal
  • Basic Health from 4950 reduced to 4800


  • Alert Rending Lockdown changed to Priorities Rend And Stun
  • Stunning Obstruction changed to No Escape

group_cleansing_strike Total Cleansing Strike

  • Team: Cleanse.
    All opponents: Attack 1x.

fiercealertIcon_Threshold Fierce Alert

  • While Secure:
    Self: Cleanse Vulnerability
    Highest HP: Break Shield, Attack x2 as Armor Piercing Damage.
    Cooldown: 1 - Delay: 1
    While Threatened:
    Self: Cleanse Vulnerability
    Highest HP: Break Shield, Attack 1.5x as Armor Piercing Damage.
    Cooldown: 1 - Priority

camouflagepriority Restricted Ambush

  • Self: 75.0% chance to Dodge By 67% for 2 turn, 4 attack. Increase Speed By 20% for 2 turn.
    Highest Damage: Reduce Damage By 50.0% for 1 turn, 2 attack.
    Cooldown: 2 - Priority

heavystrike Heavy Strike

  • Self: Cleanse Reduced Damage and Vulnerability.
    Lowest HP: Remove Taunt and Speed Increase. Attack x1 as Armor Piercing Damage. Become Vulnerable for 1 attack, lasting 2 turn.

Khong_Co_Tieu_e10_20210914022154 Bully Impact

  • Self: Increase Critical Hit chance to 100% on this and next Attack.
    Lowest HP: Attack 1.5x.
    Cooldown: 1 - Delay: 1

Untitled13_20210913081406-1priority Group Alert Heal

  • While Secure:
    Team: Cleanse. Heal 1x.
    Cooldown: 2 - Priority
    While Threatened:
    Team: Cleanse. Heal 1.5x.
    Cooldown: 2 - Priority

Không Có Tiêu Đề29_20210917012018swap-in Priorities Rend and Stun

  • highest HP: remove Shields. 75% chance to Stun, lasting 1 turn. Inflict 0.4x of target’s max HP.
    Self: Unable to Swap, lasting 2 turns.

Daring Strike
Added “Remove Attack Increase”

Cautious Cunning Rampage
renamed to Instant Debuff Rampage.

Pesky Alert

“Self: 75% chance to Dodge 67% of damage, lasting 1 turn. 2.5x damage on next attack while Threatened”
Changed to
“Self: 100% chance to Dodge 67% of damage, lasting 2 turn. 2x damage on next attack while Threatened”

Restricted Group Distraction
Renamed to Group Distraction Impact

Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage
Renamed to Deadly Revenge Distracting Rampage

Added “Self: Cleanse Vulnerability”

  • the Trickys Daspletruthios will replace the Indominus Rex as a Monday raid boss.

  • the Wonderful Phoenipradas will replace the Stygidaryx as a Tuesdays raid boss.

  • the Arrowhead Compsocaulus will join the Raid Schedule on Friday.

  • the Classic Brachiosaurus will join the Raid Schedule on Friday.

  • the Venomous Spinoconstrictors will join the Raid Schedule on Saturday.

  • the Legendary Indominus Rex will join the Raid Schedule on Saturday.

  • the Persistent Toro will join the Raid Schedule on Sunday.

  • the Stealthy Indotaurus will join the Raid Schedule on Sunday.



  • Monday & Thursday
    Stegoceras: 5 Attempt a Day
    Stegoceras Strike Advanced.

  • Tuesday & Saturday
    Rinchenia: 5 Attempt a Day
    Rinchenia Strike Advanced.

  • Wednesday & Saturday
    Struthiomimus: 5 Attempt a Day
    Struthiomimus Strike Advanced.

  • Sunday
    Glyptoceras, Rinchicyon, Daspletruthios: 3 Attempt a Day
    Continental Strike Expert.
    Coin chase!!



  • have Toro in your Collection
  • Reward: TORO Playertitle.


  • have Phoenipradas in your Collection
  • Reward: BLOODTHIRSTY JET Playertitle and 180 Cash.


  • have these Creatures in your Collection: Albertosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Lythronax, Tarbosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Reward: TYRANT COLLECTOR Playertitle and 100 Cash.


  • use Interaction 100 times with these Creature in Sanctuary:
    Blue, Charlie, Delta, Echo.
  • Reward: SKILLED LIKE OWEN Playertitle and 400 Coins.

All applied boost will be reset in 7 days after the 2.11 update! Enjoy your Nitro Creatures before they turn back to Zero.

Visitor: @Mudkipz @Ned @Altithorax_Perotorum
Project Start: 14/9/2021
Project Complete: 16/9/2021
Thanks all reading! Please drop a feedback :wink::ok_hand:


Nice Clickbait.
What I need in 2.11 are Aquatic Creatures and Daily Login Calendar.


This should be in the next update :smiley:


No more hybrids lolll, boost shuffle, and balancing

Or boost reset?

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This is really overpowered and weird…


There is already a trex gen 2 and y is the health in 3 k???


Thats what i meant sorry

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I’m working on the idea! All the boost will be reset in 7 days after the update, so player can still have time to enjoy their nitro Creature

I need a reset so i can start on nitro thor

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Very cool hybrid for alloraptor and surprisingly balanced, good job

@JeffTheDodo @darkshadow the complete version is dropped! Let’s check it out :wink::ok_hand:

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2.11 is out?

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I mean the my fanmade note lol

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Please let me know how is these feature! Thanks for reading and feedback :blush::ok_hand:

Have to say, great job! I absolutely love this. Love the daily logins, an incentive for getting VIP. Only thing is Indotaurus is already a raid boss, just hasn’t debuted yet


I love the idea of Phoenipradas, I really want a cool Alankylo hybrid and sadly the Alankyloceratops we’ll get in the future it’s only an normal Alankylo with a Triceratops head (at least it’s a superhybrid but a really boring one)
All the hybrids, new dinos from cretaceous, new attacks, new raids and the daily rewards are so awesome ideas
Your fanmade idea with a bug fix would be the best update ever, I wish u work with Ludia
for a moment I think this was real until I read the title, amazing work doing this bro
A dream to be honest


also the balance changes are really good too, at least in my opinion, this with ur idea of a boost reset would bring new variety to the arena, something that we really need, arena is so boring rn
I’m ur fan bro, I wish this was real


Niceee, wish this were true, indoraptor really needs a buff